10 Signs you will Never GET RICH

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> Would you like to have a lot of money and no financial difficulties?

Then this 10 signs can help you figure out if you are doomed to never make a fortune!


We all have the opportunity and the means to be rich. However, everything that happens throughout our life can interfere with this opportunity.

Of course you can win the lottery or have a billion dollar idea that sets you for life, but ...

Since the chances of this happening are very low, I decided to put together a list of signs that might tell you will never get rich.

10 Signs you will Never GET RICH:

1- Not Risking enough

Life is full of opportunities and challenges. If we are afraid to take a risk, we run the risk of always staying in the same place and stagnating.

2- Focusing too much on SAVING

There are so many people trying so hard to save money, but they don't worry about earning more. Think on the bright side: if you start earning more, the expense that seems exorbitant to you today may turn out to be trifle.


There is no excuse for not investing, but making investments can be winding ground. In fact, not everyone can do it successfully, but it is possible.

Do your research and surround yourself of people that are smarter than you are. It is important to stay informed so that you understand the movements of the market and the economy.

4- Working Too Much

"Work Smarter, not Harder" is a very well know saying. There are those who work too hard and completely forget that there is a world and a society around.

Remember that sometimes the best opportunities are outside of our workplace. Build a network of experiences...

5- Not having DREAMS

There are people who are able to turn dreams into goals. And to achieve something, firstly that needs to be your goal. That's where all the willpower is born to do better and earn more.

You will never lack motivation to dedicate yourself to pursue your dream.

6- Other people's Dreams

Stop chasing others' dreams and start focusing more on yours. Get to Know yourself. How far can I go? What can I achieve?

7- Living ABOVE your Means

Are you constantly buying things you can hardly afford? Or will use very few times?

This is one of the strongest signs that you will never get rich. No one is able to get rich when they spend almost everything that's earned unnecessarily.

8- Financial Plan

Having a plan for how to grow your money in the medium to long term is something that can help you for the future.

You don't have one? It may be one more sign that you will never get rich.

9- "It is not for me"!

If this is a thought that you ever had, remove it from your life, this is crippling you. Words and thoughts become reality the harder you believe in them.

“Forget it, it will never happen” or “Rich? Me? Let me laugh", this are frequent thoughts and signs that you will never get rich. If you never try, you can never get there. If you try, you'll soon find out!

10- Surrounding yourself with the "Wrong" people

Surrounding yourself with family and friends is very comfortable, but most of the times those friends and family hold you back and don´t let you reach your full potential.

You should always seek to get to know inspiring people. People who already got what you want and follow their footsteps and guidance. You will be surprised to know that they want you to succeed as well and the majority will "teach" you with pleasure.

Do you identify with any of this signs?

Thanks for your time!

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