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ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

I am Participating and Thank You for this Amazing Contest @themarkymark... Here is my Entry...

This, right here — this is why you’re one of my favorite witnesses. You’re not only attempting, always, to improve the platform but also to better the lives of those who populate it — in ways both humorous and meaningful. ⭐️🙌🏼⭐️


True dat!

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Making big healthy changes. Here is my entry. This type of thing is what I am all about.

Great contest! I will definitely participate. I have something very specific and exciting in mind.


Yup! Gonna do mine as well...tomorrow...


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Tomorrow, the deadliest word to productivity.


So this is about taking action ^now*? 😁 Thank you for the challenge, inspiration and prodding, @themarkymark.

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He’s onto you. Now you have to. 😜

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This contest came too late xD Already made my life-changing decision some weeks ago... I was studying to become a veterinary ( 6 years and only had progress in the last 2 years), changing degree now to computer science, to program and code, in a blockchain or not! This is probably the biggest decision one can do, it will change my whole life... I'm still scared of the decision, but I've been thinking about this for 3 years now! Even before I came to cryptos! It came to a point where I said! "NO MORE", going to restarts from scratch in 6 months more or less, I'm 24 almost 25 now, I'll finish it by 30... but screw it, better late than never!

Oh and i decided to come back to Steem xD I hadn't posted in 6 months, came back today...

A few motivational phrases for people that are afraid to go ahead and change their life: "If you don't move forward you are moving backward!" "If you are afraid of doing something it's probably because it's worth it!"


one of my faves is 'i cant do it... YET!'

At the beginning of this year, I decided I would spend more time learning python. I started working on a simple discord bot that would message posts upvoted by Archdruid Gaming. The bot uses beem. After some trial and error, I managed to set up the bot and eventually it started working. However, then it stopped. It stops after running for a few hours. It seems python doesn't play well with the discord event loop. Then I kinda gave up and stopped looking for a solution. If I figure out how to get it to work and run 24/7, I might be able to continue learning.


not sure if this helps ( didnt actually read it, just searched )

Great initiative and contest! I look forward to participating.

Love this challenge! Just the motivation I needed today! Here's my post now time to #getshitdone

I found the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen very helpful.. When looking to complete a task, always ask yourself, "What is the NEXT STEP?"

Great contest idea! #getshitdone

Thanks, @themarkymark!!!

Ugh! Fine!

Count me in. This is just the motivation I need right now (to do the things I should really do anyway!)

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Well I love these alot am in

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Yeah! That's a fantastic initiative. Getting shit done can be very rewarding in any case - but having the opportunity to win some Steem on top is surely extra motivating.

Thanks for the inspiration @themarkymark :-)

@enjar, maybe this is the motivation we need?


Indeed, heck I love the idea of more people using the #getshitdone tag as well. Not enough people doing on this platform.

Well let me get shit done before and create my submission post


And I got it done in only 15 mins -

can I be stopped? No I doubt it!

I'm participating, just need to upload my entry video and discribe it.

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Yeah this always happens with me.In life I have been so busy doing a fixed schedule of things that I always have to compromise on the me time. The time I need to develop myself may be read a book or go out for an early morning run.
Hopefully this will act as motivation and next 7 days I will be fully charged.👍✌️

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Best contest idea I have seen in forever, very nicely done. <3

I will participate this for sure

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Good luck to all the winners/winner
Grats on the 100 steem in advance!

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This is so cool! I do my best to post something interesting. I look forward to reading all the other submissions! ☺️

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Excellent stuff! I'm on it and ideas are running through my head right now which I'll be getting down into a post for my entry. This totally fits in to what this new year has bought about for me. Thanks for the initiative to #getthingsdone !

I just came up with the perfect idea! Although the end result does fall under 'plan to do in the future' the first big step can be accomplished right now.

Everything else about this initial task seems to fulfill the contest requirements. I can represent a solid commitment and show screenshots of what has been set in motion.

I have put this damn thing off for about eight years and suddenly it just hit me. It feels like the only #getshitdone type of accomplishment that makes sense right now..and will eventually ensure future wellbeing and success.

The result will not be will take months of hard work. I would just be writing about the first step. For the purposes of this contest...I am not sure it will be a good fit. But I have been inspired to go ahead with it anyway! :)

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The procrastination doesn't exist, guys! I know what I am saying - I'm very experienced procrastinator (for an about 15 years). Now about one year I work without a problems.

And... what I want to say? That there is no procrastination - there are only bad habits which makes that we are not working. Difficult to change... but possible.

Estoy participando!

Hola amigos! Esta es Mi participación

El tema de este concurso me parece muy altruista y muy lindo. Espero que mucha más usuarios se unan.

Ok I'm in. My "get shit done " task is quitting smoking. Will make a post soon. Thanks for the awesome contest and the push to stop procrastinating.

Edit - here is my entry post, disguised as a humble Actifit post -


Just wanted to withdraw my entry as I didn't get shit done. 🙄.

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I feel I am doing things all the time but I have to identify the big blockyblock now. Not easy identifying it in the first place. Alright. I'm in.

Awesome. Definitely count me in. I am happy to share this topic of yours. Thanks @markymark

This is awesome @markymark! I'm still voting you for witness and I will try to enter soon. For now upped and resteemed for more views and entries!😊👍

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I am intending to participate and here is my post. I've been wanting to start a blog again for a while now and this has been a great motivation to get it started. While it's not 100% what I want it's a means to get me where I want to be in the future.

Hopefully no one just took pictures of them taking a poop in the toilet then flushes. Literally get shit done.

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My entry:

Been a fun week of getting shit done a little each day.

I am participating in your intriguing contest, and here is my entry:

Im getting my fucking Abitur (very high grade in germany) done..
And that's also why I sadly have no time to write an entry for this contest.. :/

Well, finally ending this oppressing school is price enough. I guess.

Good luck everyone else :)

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This is my link
with entry to your contest.
Also I made small timelapse video but unfortunately can't upload it to dtube. But if it's needed I can send it via discord.

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Going to be starting mine tonight. Hoping to have it completed but it might be posted tomorrow. Great initiative!!!

Finished with only 22 hours to spare!?!
Thank you for the little boot to nudge me in the right direction.

Definitely will do. Tomorrow.


Contest is just about over. There is no tomorrow.

Okay! I pushed the post button for my "Get Shit Done Contest" and here is my entry at: