Krabi town: The place to stay in Krabi

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So if you are ever deciding to come to Thailand for a vacation, by default Krabi will be on your radar. I know that Phuket and Pattaya are far more popular destinations and Phuket in my mind is better than any beaches that exist elsewhere in Thailand. So if you can handle the crowds I say, go there.

Pattaya sucks. The only reason to go to Pattaya is because you are interested in sex-tourism and if you are, I'm not judging - go for it. If that is what floats your boat well, there is likely no place better than Pattaya for go-go bars anywhere in the world. However, if for whatever reason you end up with your sites set on Krabi you should consider Krabi-town instead of the beach areas.


If you are choosing to stay in Krabi, the places you are booking will likely show you pictures like the one above to pique your interest. While that photo is technically in Krabi (province) it is on a national park island and you can't stay there the same as everyone else. You CAN pay money to go there during the day and this is possible from the beach areas as well as the main town. If you are a frugal traveler, your money will go much further if you stay in the town.

Most people who visit here decide to stay at the beach. They have these dreams of beachfront bungalows where they wake up in the morning, awakened by the sounds of the sea to casually stroll down to their private slice of paradise. ahhhh yeah.

Snap out of it! These places for the most part do not exist and I am pretty certain that on the Krabi mainland (the places you are likely to encounter as a Krabi visitor) they don't exist at all. You will be staying in a high-rise that is 700 meters from the beach and even though it is nice you will not have your own private beach. Therefore, hear me out about staying in Krabitown.

Krabitown is about 17km from the beach areas but has the same access to the same things that you will have access to if you stay at the beach. It also has the wonderful aspect of costing about 25% as much to stay in it. There are ultra cheap guesthouses as low as 200B a night and also full service resorts that cost 3000+ per night. I would shoot for mid range. For say, $20 a night you can get an air-con double with balcony easily. You will NOT be able to accomplish this at the beach.

In Krabitown they have genuine Thai stuff like markets and a real city where the restaruant's popularity is based on the quality of their food rather than how close they are to the beach.

this restaurant is a relatively famous one on the riverside where you can eat what might be the most amazing seafood you have had in your life for $10 a person

You also will have much easier and cheaper access to jungle stuff, the temples, as well as reduced prices on taxis to wherever you want to go. If you stay at the beach, you pay tourist beach prices. If you stay in town, you pay well.... half that much. The food is much better and there is also a magnificent riverside park complete with food for as low as 50 cents.


Plus if you are lucky enough to have your doge with you there is so much sniffing that can take place before she decides to pee.

Basically, if you find yourself traveling to Krabi in the future and you are at all price sensitive, skip the beach and stay in the town. You will see the same stuff and spend half the amount of money.

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Krabi Town is actually on my list. It is certainly a stunning area in Thailand. With alluring coastline dotted with gorgeous tropical islands, coral reefs and beaches with palm trees, Krabi town to me is a perfect location for relaxation. Also interior with a jungle, waterfalls, mysterious caves, hidden lagoons and strange rock formation, Krabi is also a nice place for tourists in Thailand to have lots of fun. It is a great place for rock climbing well as scuba diving. I love to swim so.. the first thing I will do when I hit Krabi is obviously Scuba diving.

very good description of tourist places in thailand, very good guide, I wish I had the opportunity to travel because they are amazing places that fill you with good energy only see these splendid images. Phuket and Pattaya call me a lot of attention, i love the sea, thanks for sharing, greetings from venezuela.

Very beautiful places and beautiful beaches.

This is amazing, you always get us the alternative to the expensive living in Thailand.

If I can get everything I want in the town with less money, why do I need to border myself going to the beach?

I will like to come to Krabi town especially for the seafood, I love it so well... Lol

Hi gooddream. Full of fantastic information. Like having an experienced travel agent at hand. Prices seem very reasonable.I tend to dodge all the tourist hot spots as it is not only over crowded but the prices are normally a lot higher. thanks for these tips and will lean on you when I travel that way.

It's noted. Anytime I visit Thailand, I will sure visit krabi town

Great guide to enjoy Krabi in its full potential and without being drained by tourists prices. If you move out of Thailand, what are you going to miss the most?

I have been to Thailand but don't remember the places by their name and it was long back with my family @gooddream, it's very beautiful place to visit i love their beaches specially the cleanliness part as one can easily see inside the water here in my country its not like that, I still remember Thailand was the one where I had fish for the first time as i dont like fish that much, still i eat that and it was delicious. Leaving my part behind great post love the way you mentioned it and if next time I'll visit Thailand i go to your said beaches. I respect you sir. Keep it up

I have always said and I think your post rectifies it, the Asian countries have a special beauty in them, Krabi has been the inspiration of great writers who discovered there the ideal of beauty as far as beaches are concerned.

I have backpacker friends who once told me about Krabi, the little town of Krabi, with its tuk-tuks, its many bars and restaurants and its lively night market

This is a big tour guide and advice which one might not get anywhere but all for free from @gooddream via steemit. Krabi looks beautiful but the best tour is spending less for a beautiful adventure

This ulog really inspired me to visit Krabi and thanks for sharing it to the community

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beautiful place! There is for everyone even for your dog!

Cool, you get to have the same kind of experience as you would have on the beach, you get to enjoy from a good restaurant and you get to limit your spending, it reminds me of a town in Ghana, Akosombo, it doesn't have access to the beach but rather the largest man made lake in West Africa, staying in the town and spending the day cruising gives you the same sensation as staying on the island and you also get to cut down on cost in terms of boat travel everyday, accomodation and foods. I will be sure to stay in Krabi whenever i come visit😊

Hello, beautiful Thailand I really like oriental culture

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