Innovation has a cost. So does lack of innovation.

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Every strength has a potential weakness
Every weakness has a potential strength

With movie theaters closed, the most epic dramatic narrative you can get swept up in is Ghost of Tsushima.

Three things stand out

  1. The beauty of the scenery of Japan. The falling leaves and misty wind give it a feeling I have not seen before.

  2. The mongols are innovative. A big plot twist comes because the protagonist Jin uses a big innovation at the end of the second act, which the mongols adopt and then scale up massively, causing huge outrage at the original innovator.

  3. The samurai traditions are both useful and oppressive. The rich landowners have the money to buy or make the best swords and armor, and the leisure time to practice their techniques, giving them the power of life and death over everyone else. They are rigidly hierarchical, causing them to be predictable.

To defeat the mongols requires a samurai to be innovative and the unpredictable, but being innovative and unpredictable makes a samurai lose the qualities that make him a samurai.

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