15 fear facts you never knew about ghosts

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Once our heart stopsbeating, past few minutes we are considered dead. Person who passed away gets cremated or burnt - according to rules of their religion. However it is to be noted that only body dies- spirit flies out of the body.Most of our sacred books support :Body gets destroyed but the soul remains above all the pain.

It gets a new body in heaven like we change our tore dresses, and takes birth again.But few of the soul don't take the Arial route to afterlife due to many reasons and stick on this earth. Once a living encounter such paranormal entity, he is said to have seen a ghost. So, fellows out there, do not panic. Hold your breath as you go down with it.

1.Ghosts are not sleeping, they are always roaming around especially if they want justice for their death

2.In animals, only cats can see a ghost. If your cat is staring in the air they are usually staring at a ghost.

3.Ghosts are not always harmful, they won’t/can’t hurt you they just want to be noticed by individual.

4.People who die in an accident or crimes without justice their ghost appear in a scary form of image.

5.Ghosts are those people who don’t want to leave the earth.


6.Ghosts are cold, that’s why if the room have ghost you can feel cool or measure cold spots.

7.Ghosts can see your future, sometimes they want to tell us through our dreams.

8.Good ghosts are not scary, Bad ghost or evil spirits are scary, revengeful and can harm anybody without a proper reason.

9.Ghosts do not stay at their remains or cemeteries. Usually they are staying at the church or some of them may haunt a house.

10.More ghosts are at church than to the cemetery and haunted places.

11.Ghosts have feelings but do not have senses.

12.Ghosts may appear to a person that are close to them or to the person who is responsible for their bad.

13.Ghosts can’t kill you, but they can use you to kill yourself.

14.Ghosts can touch the ground using their feet but not their hands and any part of their body. That’s why you can hear footstep sometimes.

15.Ghosts has only 12 nights to stay in their house after they die.

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