Week #34 Winners Of The Homestead Photography Contest + New Theme

2년 전

Hello, everyone! I hope your weeks are getting off to a great start. Well, it is that time of the week were we close out this week’s theme and get the new theme for next week. A big thanks goes out to those who have participated and created entries this week.

Homesteading Photography Contest - Winners.png

Now, onward to the lucky winners. As a reminder, the theme this week was Homestead Meals. With this theme contestants were asked to show a meal that they made or ate and had to incorporate at least one item that they grew/raised. This week, we had a total of 2 entries. So on to the winners.

First place for Week #34 goes to @walkerland. They will receive 0.1 STEEM for their entry and you can view the original posting here.

Second place goes to @jennswall. They will receive 0.05 STEEM and you can see their post located here.

Thank you again to everyone who participated and supported the contest. I appreciate the support and participation. Now, to the new theme. The new theme for Week #35 of The Homestead Photography Contest will be Favorite Homestead Tasks. We all know that living on a homestead comes with its fair share of tasks and duties that we must accomplish to keep everything running smoothly. So, I would like to hear what your favorite task to do on the homestead is and why. I think this one could be a lot of fun and I cannot wait to hear what you all come up with.

As with the other contests, 50% of the liquid sbd generated from this post will be given to the winner and 25% will go to the person who places second.

The rules are:

  1. One entry per person
  2. Upvote this post to increase the rewards for the winners (a resteem, while not required, would be greatly appreciated)
  3. Please use #homesteadphotography as one of your tags and leave a link in the comments below to make sure I do not miss your post
  4. You will have until this post pays out to get in your entries
  5. Your entry can either be made into a post or your photo can be left in the comments below

I am cannot wait to see your submissions!

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Mmmm the steem on @walkerland's photo made me hungry...I could dive right in! Congrats! And thanks to @knowledge-seeker for a great contest.

STEEM winnings have been sent. Thanks everyone!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


Thank you @ssg-community for your support every day!

Wow! @walkerland.....even caught that beautiful steam. Well done. I love this contest.


Thank you @ghscollective! @walkerland takes some amazing photos for sure and it was a well deserved win. Thanks for stopping by!


I love this contest too!thank you...that was just lucky - we are always in such a hurry for me to take the photos so we can dig in. I never quite know what I've captured until I upload the photos later.

Thank you @knowledge-seeker! It was a fun theme this week. I really enjoy your contests!

What yummy dishes! Well done winners. These are fun challenges @knowledge-seeker.