I just donated 10 steempower, to power up @giftgiver a great project by @rishi556 with CAPTCHA technology @dtube creator to allow users to pay for their own delegation with a few clicks.

28일 전


https://giftgiver.me/ is a site by @rishi556 that gives 30SP for 7 days after solving a captcha using technology by @dtube creator @heimindanger who created https://task.steemwhales.com and CAPTCHA https://captcha.steemwhales.com


I donated 50% of this posts rewards to @giftgiver using @steempeak beneficiary rewards


Please PLEASE consider donating some Steempower by powering up @giftgiver so they can give more 30SP for 7 days to new accounts!

If we scale this up wityh @steemit @steemit.marketing @steemitblog and @andrarchy and his Steempower Delegation donation project to give delegation to important projects, well i think THIS could be included with every new signup so all new users can gets some initial delegation and pay for it by solving captchas. We should have little cute animations to explain steempower and how its filling up heir account with every captcha untill they have enough to transact, God it would be amazing to have the marketing of something like BlockSmash which seems sketchy but has amazing addictive game to "pay" people in Bitcoin, which you have tpo withdraw so i hate that but steem based stuff can pay people immediately like CAPTCHA which pays you fairly for every captcha in steem engine CAPTCHA tokens. Sure they need a market maker but that can all happen when dtube is done with their ICO and creator can hire someone to work on captcha and TASK full time. Giftgiver can be built into a Faucet to help onboard new users using https://invite.steem.ninja I have over 2000 Invite links I NEED a way to give them out!

I would LOVE to onboard 1000 Local steem users who live in San Diego or Southern California for https://SteemSanDiego.com

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