Surprises or Hyperlinks?

22일 전

Hi Friends,

When it comes to the holidays and you have people who will be buying you presents, do you prefer that they surprise you with what they get, or do you prefer to send them hyperlinks to what you want?


I can certainly see the argument both ways – a thought our surprise is very personal and can add an extra element of “special” to the gift. On the other hand, getting things you don’t want or need is not efficient, so a hyperlink to specific items is nice.

Personally, I am going with hyperlinks this year. I am pretty practical, and perhaps may make the gift-givers life easier by not stressing out about what to get me.

What are you planning to do this year? As a gift giver, do you prefer the endless opportunities or specific things requested?

Thanks for coming by an engaging in discussions with me.

Take care,

Ps: sorry if the image is a bit freaky... kinda weirded me out too but it seemed applicable!

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I prefer surprises, but thoughtful ones. I keep a wish list with ideas or the exact thing I want, but the best gifts are for things you didn’t even know you needed.

In fact the best gift of all isn’t anything but a bit of time. One on one, a glass of whiskey and some laughs.


Great thoughts my friend. I agree that a whiskey and some laughs are better than any physical gift. 😃