POETRY CONTEST - What do you love about Gina?

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100% of the rewards for this post are going to @neander-squirrel for the creation of @ginabot.

I wanted to bring to your attention

A girl you might know or might not
Somebody who deserves a mention
Not really a girl but more of a bot

You'll find sweet messages in the morning
To say somebody wants to talk
She even gives witnesses a warning
To say you've missed a block

So if Gina is your discord honey
And you can't live without her
Upvoting this will send the money
So that you can thank her maker


First of all here are the rules to participate in this contest.

Here's a post to show you how to give your post rewards away

The challenge is to write a poem about Ginabot, or steem or steemit.

To learn more about her, visit her blog @ginabot

The prize for the best 3 poems is 10 STEEM each

Winners will be selected after the payout of this post

Even if you're not very good at poetry, consider giving it a shot just to send some love to the creator of GinaBot that you use free of charge.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Why? :D


That's just the curation reward. Post rewards went to @neander-squirrel


ahh okies :)

Thanks for clearing that up!

Gina is a faithful, sincere girl. She is accurate and never lies... I would like to join the poetry contest.


I look forward to your entry. I hope for it to be a fun way to help pay the creator Gina as he currently lets us use her for free.


How do you mean 100@% post reward? @beanz


I mean all the money from the post.
100% = all
post reward

@beanz, Pls I don't understand the first rule.

YOU MUST POST USING https://steemwhales.com/post/


Thanks @abh12345..... Understood now.

wow this is going to be really exciting...anticipate my entry to this contest real soon...


Excellent. Don't forget, you are given the post rewards to the creator of @ginabot to say thank you for making her. And you still have the chance to win 10 STEEM.

i passed my day by read poem and story or watching sports... so your progress is interesting for me... thanks for sharing this valuable post... best of luck...


The point of this challenge is to say thank you for Gina, because I think she has been under appreciated by the steem network. All our post rewards could be used to pay the creator of Ginabot, and there will be 3 winners who get 10 steem each. I will be checking steemd to make sure the beneficiary was listed before upvoting or entering them into the contest.

Gina has added colour to my steemit journey since I met her two weeks ago. Getting to read your posts early enough is all part of her efforts. Now I cant go a day without Gina

I really like the ginabot helpful once to play steemit

Ginabot is even more loyal than most nations' military system. This contest is a very welcomed development.

this is a great contest.
I will try it

Gina steemit user is very helpful, because he always tell all the activity on the account steemit,
I myself have long used the services of ginabot

I am a road of broken dreams!
Its a boulevard that I am searching for!

These stars re all so dull...
Its the moon that I am searching for ...

Happiness is so angry at me..
Its life that I am searching for ..

There is a crowd around me at all times.
Its a friend that I am searching for ..

My life is just like a path...
Its a destination that I am searching for ..

Don't know what is it that I 've lost..
May be its 'Gina' that I am searching for !!


It's a good poem but this entry is not accepted. You must enter by following the rules listed in the post.

This very good question.I know about them they are soft mind

how to enter this contest.
and how to pay how ... ??

I've tried to get in, but why can not ,?


You've tried to get in to what?

I'm just a mannequin... but I love Gina @ginabot!
Plastic hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

P.S. Sorry but I can write poems in italian ;-)


There is no rule that the poem has to be in English. I can always use a translator :)

@beanz you're a poet
and you don't know it.

I love ginabot and going to do this for her.

I surely have to take part in this contest soon..thanks for the opportunity @beanz

ahí le dejo mi humilde voto amiga, GINAbot es una gran ayuda para nosotros...

yo amo a @ginabot es mi mejor amiga

Good job

Posts that attract friends, Gina girl faithful and good, She never lie, I love this contest

hola amiga @beanz mi conexión me estaba haciendo difícil publicar e incluso tuve que empezar nuevamente hasta que pude hacerlo. solo que se modifico el tag del concurso. bueno lo hice con la mejor intención de agradecer a GINAbot.

clic mi entrada


Como hiciste amigo @daryjean para participar? a mi me da error a traves de https://steemwhales.com/post/ , me dice error en el permilink, no se a que se refiere, estoy tratando de publicar desde ayer y persiste el error.

Hi @beanz
I am deeply appreciated by those of you voting on my self-introduction post, if you are occasionally please visit my blog, there I discuss about the latest games, :)

Do the limericks
"There once was a bot from Nantucket..."
Translate well overseas?


LOL are you for real?

Sure County Limerick is in IRELAND, that's where limericks were born! :P


I know something I could rhyme with Nantucket :D


That's EXACTLY what this limerick is for.


nice! :D :D

Hi there. This comment is to let you know that your contest has been included in @moneyinfant's Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #11. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest list I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

Have a Steemy Day!

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

mi participación y espero mi poesía le otorgue muchas recompensas a @GINAbot, entreda

@beanz, we hope you be successful, the poetry is one of the way to apply your hobby and heart.

these contest are excellent, give free rein to my imagination ... create and write

hi dear @beanz this is my entry


I could not make the publication through https://steemwhales.com/post/ because of an error in the page but all rewards of this post will be transferred to @ neander-squirrel


como hiciste amigo para participar? a mi me da error a traves de https://steemwhales.com/post/ , me dice error en el permilink, no se a que se refiere, estoy tratando de publicar desde ayer.

Participare... gina es una chica fiel... siempre me tiene millones de mensajes cada mañana. :) jejejeje

Hi @beanz, Please check my entry, my post already 20 Hours, thanks.


Giving this a shot, and yes willingly giving my love to Gina and her creator. This contest rocks! Thanks @beans for this opportunity to show my appreciation. Here’s my entry:


@beanz I'm having a problem on discord I can not open discord anymore what I have to do I can not join in votu anymore.Screenshot_2018-02-08-22-21-48-050_com.discord.png

Beanz is the best

Interesante propuesta @beanz
Acabo de enterarme... voy a echar a volar mi imaginación de la mano de mi corazón agradecido.

Please have someone explain to me which permilink should be used on the page to load the poems? I have it ready and he won't let me post it on https://steemwhales.com/post/, he says there is a mistake and I don't understand. @beanz please explain it to me!! I don't want to stay out of the contest.

Hello @beanz this is my my contribution to the poetry contest

Genial, linda y esbelta; cibernética
Imagen, creada con infinito talento.
Nena de rojos cabellos.
Amigable Gina Bot, en ti, los nuevos steemianos, buscan acertados consejos.
Beneficios que se traducen en Seetm y Seetm Power, quienes
Observan tu desinteresada devoción, pues guiar es tu misión para eso fuiste creada.
Tenue es tu sonrisa, vivaces ojos marrones, ocultos tras los cristales de unas gafas seductoras.

Este es mi poema para Gina sin embargo no he podido subirlo a https://steemwhales.com/post porque ingreso y me da error no se que sucede.


al fin logre publicar fue tedioso lidiar con el error sin embargo agradezco a @daryjean y a@dcardozo las sugerencias para superar el error la dificultad para subir el poema, saludos @beanz , gracias por este reto que deja muchos aprendizajes significativos... unir palabras en un poema alabar la labor de GinaBot. espero que les guste mi creación.

Gina is beautiful and faithful. Actually she never lies ... I will try to join as soon as possible. Thanks for the info @beanz <3 Beautiful.

Hey :) that is quite a challenge. Great Contest :) I wish everyone ;) good luck. Surely have to make something about that lovely Gina ():) . Thank you @beanz for this nice opportunity :)


I know I can expect greatness from your entry ;)


For sure :) But I am nervous now as you set the bar so high as greatness :) I got to do my homework... :) Also I have shared your lovely contest to out group of poets we are 70+ now so expect some heat here and prepare for a lot of reading :) God Bless. Love and Peace.


Oh excellent!! Thank you for sharing it


Well No Problems I just hope no one beats me :) From my group haha that will be a shame lolz :)


@beanz here is my entry :) I have finally made it lol :) Hope you like it. God Bless. Thanks for this lovely opportunity was fun writing for a bot. :) As I do that already lolz with @cleansingpoetry hah Well Anyways :) Here we go : https://steemit.com/poetry/@angelveselinov/to-be-a-ginabot-it-is-so-hot

@beanz I would like to ask when this announcement was made

Hello @beanz,,greeting from me ☺

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