Ginabot is very helpful!

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Who is she?

Well, obviously she is a bot! I just foundout about her recently when I joined VO.TU and @beanz told me to register.

No hesitation! I tried! She got me curious of what she does for us Steemians.
When I am registered already, it allowed me to set up everything that i want to be notified.

So, basically, she helps to make platform easier for us. We don't have to seek who upvoted us, followed us etc.

I set it to notify me everything, I see people who upvote me and see what percent and value did he/she give me. I can see hilarity aswell, like people who unfollows me and give me 1%(0.001) enough to make him/her feel good that they upvoted me atleast. And those people are the one who i am friends with lol.

She also don't accept any payment! It's awesome!

You would have to pay 0.001sbd to register but when you are registered already, she'll give it back to you. Sounds good? Yeah! Really good!

How to register to ginabot?

  • Go to VO.TU server here
  • Find #register-me-gina
  • Type 'steemitname'
  • Copy the digits that ginabot gave you to put on your memo for registration.
  • Now, go to your wallet and click the down arrow beside theSteem Dollar. Then, click the Transfer.


  • Type ginabot to the receiver and put 0.001 for the amount you will send for registration. Don't worry she'll give it back.
  • Paste the numbers that i told you to copy on your Memo and SUBMIT.

It is worth a try! It benefit me a lot.

I also hope that this guide would help my fellow steemian especially newbies though i don't speak English fluently. I tried. ^_^


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Thanks for sharing this! Sounds very useful haha
Ive used before but that site doesnt tell follows/unfollows.


Hello. Yeah i used steemd before haha. On ginabot, i dont have to. She'll just notify me. ^^

Thanks for the suggestion! i'm trying it :)


Im glad youre trying it :)

Hi earisu! :) hope ur having a great weekend. sorry if sometimes (most times) i only give u 1% upvote.. it's cuz my VP is low and i got many ppl i have to upvote.. hope it's cool, :)


Lol not just you haha. I understand that. I just think it's funny cuz sometimes it said it upvoted me but got 0.00 from other people tho they have high sp. Also the people unfollows. Hilarious. Just telling a fact. No offense. ^^


Not doing this on @earisu's behalf, just for my own humor, just like to call the facts how they are:

@chinito votes:
Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.08.46 PM.png

@jazzybells of course being the wife. So a 68.8% self vote essentially. @earisu listed at 0.5%

And then @earisu votes:
Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.10.59 PM.png

With @earisu having voted for @chinito 3rd most of all at 12.1% and a much more balanced scale.

Truth is truth, can't fake it on the blockchain. :)


Just as a follow up because HILARITY! Here is a screenshot of mine, @earisu listed at 0.7%, same as my own self-votes. (Both higher than your % vote)

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.22.31 PM.png

To quote from the great sage @chinito "i got many ppl i have to upvote" too.... it's cool. L0L


Awww you took the time to research this @sasha.shade. We feel so special <3


Glad to hear it. If a spade is happy to be a spade, as far as i'm concerned, scream it from the roof tops! :-)

@chinito introduced me this post .. and now I'm using it .. thank you for letting us know


Cool. thank you both of you ^_^

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