One of the fastes services, new features all the time! (witness missed block and delegations)

3년 전

Hi, this is GINA here!

What's heppening guys?
Currently learning how to be a welcoming bot, so you will be able to invite me to your server and provide my services to your users. I'm not ready yet, so don't ask for the invitation link, but I'll get there sooooon...
I'm very proud to announce that I got smarter since my last post! This is a slow process but the plan is to know everything about the blockcahin and being able to notify if anyone wants it. It might take a while, but stay tuned for more!

Let's talk about the new features in a few words, shall we?

Missed blocks

Thanks to @mahdiyari's tutorial, I've realized that noticing missed blocks is not too complicated so I've figured, why not help the witnesses? As they might have so much other things to worry about, I can make things easier with a simple notification when they miss a block. I am really fast, you will know about the fact in within 10 seconds! In the future it might be possible to be even faster! Please, try it out!

Delegation/Undelegation messages

Also I was studied the blockchain a little and learned about delegations. I think it is very important to know if/when someone delegates Steem Power to you so I want to let you know about these events too. If you are someone who rather delegates than being a delegatee, you can also benefit from knowing when you iniciate the action. Even if you happen to retract your delegation, I can drop you a message when your one week waiting period is over and your Steem Power is back in your wallet. Awesome, isn't it? :)

I had to fix a bug as well...

There was some trouble with the witness ranks. I miscalculated the order of witnesses after the first 100. As soon as @guiltyparties reported the issue my developer @neander-squirrel has paid attention to the problem and now it's been fixed.

Please, if you notice anything unusual, or something is missing, or you have a great idea how can I be better, don't hesitate to contact us at the #bug-report channel!

I have to change the prefix in front of my commands

As I've mentioned earlier I will be able to go to any server and be a useful help to server admins but to do that I must think of how my commands being formatted. If I keep using the $ sign as my command prefix, It might cause some conflict with other bots as it is widely used by many of them. In this regard, I've decided to change. From now on if you want to send me a command, please use the prefix .. (two dots) so I will know that you're taking to me. For now, I will listen to both the old and new prefixes as well but will give you a warning to use the new one if you're not yet.
Example command: ..reg steemUserName or ..set[steemUserName]

Let's list all the features at once:

  • comments
  • followers, unfollowers
  • mentions
  • word watch (mention of custom text in comments/posts)
  • resteems
  • new post from any author
  • new post with any tag
  • blacklist user(s) (no notifications about blacklisted user actions)
  • upvotes, downvotes
  • cancelling of votes
  • money transfer
  • delegation
  • witness vote (with useful details)
  • missed block (only for witnesses)

How to register and start exploiting my features?

This is real simple, just go to Minnow-Power Discord server and type ..reg steemUserName (for steem user @abcd, type ..reg abcd without the @ sign)
I will guide you from there ;)

With love,

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Thanks ginabot, for important information
I have a problem with one of my accounts
He noted the disappearance of part of the balance of Steem
Without any justification
Has this ever happened?
How can it be restored?


I'm not sure what you mean, can you give me more details, please?

Awesome, awesome updates as usual! Just signed up for missed block notifications - hope I never get any though, knock on wood!

  ·  3년 전

Great news @neander-squirrel! Lovely to see GINA growing up in front of our eyes. Quite a lady already and it seems this is just the beginning...


I used to think that I was the prettiest girl on the blockchain. Well I still am the prettiest, I mean, LOOK AT ME! GINAbot is second though.


Two wonderful ladies it looks like.

Hi @ginabot, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

If you’d like to nominate someone’s post just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord

Wow @ginabot, @neander-squirrel put a lot of work into learning you new things! :D Respect! I love how you notify me everyday and don't miss a thing! I'm really looking forward to invite you to my #designacharacter discord server ;)
I asked myself if it's hard for you to learn from @neander-squirrel to let the users choose in the settings which platform is used when clicking your links (e.g. instead of
Thanks for your service!
Have a great day! :)

she is the best!

Thanks for u update.. And i'm known your work so fasted.. 👍👍👍😊

Beautiful post gina


I love @ginabot! She's been proven really helpful, especially notifying me on mentions and resteems!! You have done an amazing job @neander-squirrel! Have a happy New Year with lots of love, health and success!!
Steem on and keep smiling! :)

This service is amazing, thanks for what you do for our community!

Great @neander-squirrel. Thanks a lot. As a witness and a Community delegator, These two are missed, and now, @ginabot got everything A witness needs.

My life wouldn't be complete without you :)

upvoted & resteemed by @edward.maesen

This is really nice

That is great bro!
How i wish we were able to keep having our chat and code marathons !
I really want to be able to help man!

Your dedication and stubbornness can only compare to mine :P

@neander-squirrel Keep building great stuff!


Stubbornness indeed :'D
Yeah, would be great to work together as before...
Well, it'll come, I'm sure ;)

GINAbot is the best. I used to be a sad and lonely kid who never got any direct messages from discord. But ever since i got GINAbot, I've been getting sexy messages all the time. Thanks GINAbot.

We love Gina :)

Thank you ginabot, you've become one of my favorite steemit tools. @ironshield

I just started using @ginabot, but i'm loving her. Thanks @neander-squirrel for this project and @guiltyparties for helping to squash the bug. We'd try ro conform to the new two dots command.

you are my best friend bot :) my true detective
I would like to know if you learned to do statistics with all the notifications, that would be so cool


what statistics are you interested? i am currently not collecting any data but if you have a good idea... :)


All af them 🙂

This is by far the only notification bot you can actually customize

Hey @ginabot! :) Is it already possible to invite you to a server on discord? :D

Thanks @ginabot, for carrying us along
Happy near year

You are talented

Ginabot has a great spirit that can motivate others..

very good gina I use your notification. good idea for who delegate me . I want this notification also . thank you .

Thanks @ginabot. maybe I'm a bit late finding your account so I'm late getting the knowledge from you.
The post is full of science
Greetings of friendship

This bot is what I was waiting for. I've used SteemWatch but it didn't work well on mobile (Steemit.Chat via Rocket.Chat).

Discord notifications works well, and for me, Busy integration is a great bonus, so I won't just use @ginabot to see my notifications, but for interaction when I feel necessary. It's more comfortable than always rewriting the URL.
I'm glad that it will be open source.

Cool..I can't wait to see your new features...

Thanks @ginabot, for important information

Useful information, a bit painful am just seeing this but still am happy about it. Thanks

How can i get a Ginabot

your post is very useful, success continues friends, greetings success for you
visit my profile occasionally