GINAbot Development Updates

3년 전

If you want notifications about what's happening on steem (and who doesn't?) you should try @ginabot's services, they're free! :)

@ginabot is a smart, detailed, and instant notification service for the STEEM blockchain. For a complete set of features, as well as instructions on how to get started, check out the last post:

Image by @kemane

Behind the Scenes

GINA is going to be a microservice app very soon which will allow for easy scalability as well as a smoother development of new features, and keeping existing ones up to date. This will reduce the stress on the RPC nodes I am connected to as GINA makes around a million calls every day to provide you with all the detailed notifications which you make use of.

I am currently learning RabbitMQ and Docker in order to make this happen. It is exciting to learn new things, especially since they will have big impact on how GINA works.

Moving forward, one step at a time.

Issues with notification

I have received a few complaints from active users that some notifications were missed recently. I want to assure everyone that I am aware and investigating the cause of this, and will fix the issue ASAP. I believe that moving to a microservices structure will fix this problem as well, so I can only ask you to be patient.

A Horror Story with a Happy Ending

Many users ask me, "why should I care for self-notifications?"" (When you upvote, comment, etc.) I always say that having options is better than not having them. Just because you don't need something, doesn't mean that someone else won't have a use for it.

My theory was confirmed a few days ago when @therosepatch's account got hacked and she started receiving unexpected comment and vote notifications for her account. Luckily, she was able to change her keys before the scammer did! If it weren't for GINA, it could have been worse!

Read the Full Story: HERE


If you wish to receive notifications you must stay on the Minnow-Power Discord server and you must enable DM from server memebers! If you don't know what that is, don't worry, because it is turned on by default. Just make sure that you don't turn it off or GINA won't be able to message you anymore.

GINA is a free service but it still costs money to run the server, and a LOT of time to develop everything. In fact, I stopped working overtime so I can dedicate myself more to the project. If you feel that GINA is a valuable service and would like to make a donation, feel free to send some Steem or Sbd to @neander-squirrel.

Any Donation Big or Small is Appreciated!

Thank You!!!

Thank you very much to the following users who have made donations since the last post:
@beekerst, @therealwolf, @helpie, @leebaong, @ddrfr33k, @katierinaramm

Thank You for the following users who made donations since this post is live (the list is not updated automatically so there might be more):
@pennsif, @cryptosludge, @steemitri, @didutza, @incubot, @jeff-dawn, @beatitudes8, @lynncoyle1, @bashadow, @telasius, @crazybgadventure, @sumayyahsaidso, @indigoocean, @basicstoliving, @apanamamama, @madevi, @shawnamawna, @mitneb, @seablue, @mariannewest

Finally a Big Thank You to @inquiringtimes and @geekorner for helping with the Discord server, editing these posts, and everything else!

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GINA is awesome! Couldn't imagine being on Steem without it :)

Gina is an excellent service buddy. It makes curation so very easy. Super stuff. Regards Nainaz.


Yes, @nainaztengra ginabot excellent service and fastest notification among other notifications apps. Do superb. Rid on gina

@ginabot is the essential Steemit tool, bravo mr @neander-squirrel!


I totally second that.

It would be so much more difficult to operate on steem/steemit without GINAbot now...

It is a time and efficiency multiplier of the first order.


It is a time and efficiency multiplier of the first order.

Absolutely. The mentions 'ping' is really useful - I've found new content and connections that way, which is what it's all about!

Thanks again @neander-squirrel! Great work!


@ginabot is really useful!

Great, I hope transition to microservice architecture will go smoothly for you. What programming language do you use, by the way? How much hardware do you need to follow the steem blockchain?

Thanks for the service, I find it very useful. Saves me the trouble of writing my own bot :)


Hi @laxam,
Yes, I hope too but it takes some time to figure out things and than apply them :)

GINA is written in javascript. To get the blocks is very simple, doesn't require anything really. At the beginning I provided the services from an android phone ':D

What is more expensive is to check the operations against users preferences. :/
Microservice architecture will enable me for example to spin up more workers if needed.

Keep up the good work, I cannot wait to use this.

If every dev worked so hard on their Steemit related project Steem would be on the moon already. Gina is amazing! Thank you for your contribution to the platform. My vote is worth little so i hope you accept a sincire thank you, as my small donation. 😁❤

@ginabot If you need any help with Docker hit me up. I've been dockering applications full-time for work for the last 4 months or so.


Hi there,
Thanks for your offer, I would have a few questions :)
You're not registered with GINA so I couldn't found your Discord. Are you on?

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Fourth. I know you don't care. I care. Every time I see it, my soul cringes, pees a little, and vomits a little bit into my spiritual mouth. Would it kill you to fix it? One letter?

I get it. It's a typo. I make one in every comment, probably. Thing is, I don't copy/paste those comments, so the visible life and impact of my typos is limited to that one conversation. This one... this gift keeps on giving. It's like the herpes.

You don't wanna give the herpes do you?

I couldn't imagine steemit without GINA anymore!

So many Kudos!

Ginebot is life. Thank you for this. 100% thank you.


Hmmm.. If Ginebot is life, does that mean we're all part of the ginecology?

Also, does that make @neander-squirrel a ginecologist?

I always wanted to be one when I grew up.


LOL! awesome valued-customer!

I like the bot, also love the instant notifications when someone makes the comments, as it gives better speed at replying to the comments!

Gina or is amazing! I feel like I have my own personal Steemit secretary when she’s around. It’s nice to have any replies show up as a notification on discord. After what happened with @therosepatch I can see it’s value in keeping your account safe too.


This continues to be an utterly essential service. Thank you for working to make it even better.

Thank you so much for your GinaBot service. I had sent a small donation to your @neander-squirrel account.

First thing first I would like to thank for Gina Bot notification, It is AWESOME. I use it to monitor friends who unfollow me :D and also several things like steem delegation notification. And the second, I just know that there is a way to hack someone's account. I read the full story, I hope I don't face that kind of situation.

Once again, thank you @neander-squirrel ^_^

Thnk u @ginabot... For making it a lot easier...

I am absolutely excited for @ginabot. Thank you for creating it. You helped a lot of Steemians :)

Only new to gina bot but a great tool, very handy indeed. Well done.

Wow! Thanks 😊

Thank you!!!!

So many of us have come to rely on Ginabot, I feel these reminders that you and a team of kind hard working folks are providing this service for us for free are important. Its easy to roll it in as a Steemit service in our understanding.

I am standing and clapping loudly in appreciation... Thanks again.

Thanks for all the work you do on the bot. I only use the notifications part but I'd be lost without it! 😊

its indeed a great service love that amazing bot @ginabot
hope u ll get more progress

  ·  3년 전

Good updates,upvoted

Wow... i loved to see @ginabot working.

Thank you , @ginabot! I find it very useful!

@Ginabot is the best tool I've found since I'm at Steemit. It's great! Thank you.

I knew from the beginning GINAbot will never let me down. Supporting GINA all the way. Good job @neander-squirrel and kudos to GINAbot.

I'm happy to support @ginabot and Upvote in thanks of all you do for Discord :) Steemit tools are important to us all...

GINA is probably the most helpful bot on Steemit EVER! Without it we would be totally blind and missing out on what's happening with our accounts. A huge THANK YOU to you!

@ginabot is the best for notification service..

Good news. Congratulations @ginabot

I wish it were more, but for now - tip!

Brilliant bot is @ginabot so glad to have found and now support this.

Every time I get a notification from @ginabot, I thank the bot and developers. You are doing a wonderful service. I believe this should be officially recognized by steemit as an essential tool. Life in steemit is lot more easier after I started using @ginabot. Thanks for all your help.

  ·  3년 전

Thanks, full upvote for you.

just using ginabot for two weeks and i can't imagine my steem experience without her. thanks so much!!

Ginabot is bae

Thank you, Ginabot team. You guys make for a wholesome steemit experience.

I love Gina.

Top product! Always recommended to all new users to Steemit!

Thank you so much.... Gina bot makes my life a lot easier...

GinaBot is really great tool...Thank you so much...
Actually I made a post about GinaBot as I was saying that it is the best Steemit Notifier.

Pls.see my post:

"why should I care for self-notifications?"

I sell my (unused) votes. I have found a lot of interesting posts this way, more then when using new, hot or trending Steemit links, at some days the vote selling is more interesting then even my feed ;)

Exellent tool. Followed, resteemed, upvoted, donated:))

Thanks @ginabot! Wish I had more juice to drop on you for the fine work @neander-squirrel.

Thank you so much for the time and energy you spend(t) for Gina!

Hey @neander-squirrel! Thank you so much for all you're doing...I couldn't live with your my friends here, she's known as my new girlfriend;)

When I started here, I knew there had to be something available that would notify me if my name was mentioned anywhere. With a little searching, I of course found her, and since then I've written about her benefits and also tell anyone who'll listen!

After reading your post I've decided to add another blog to my to-do list with a link to this post in the hopes of you receiving more support. I don't have much to give, but check your wallet because I'm sending a little your way for all you do :)

Thanks again! Cheers!

Wow, that @ginabot saved that person's account from losing it forever to a hacker.

I'll look into how ginabot works... I find it hard to see if people have commented on my posts, so it should be worth it :)

@ginabot, I love your service so much! You've helped me and become an indispensable asset to my Steemit tool shed. Thanks for all you do to keep up with us, so we can thrive in this community! Much love!💘

excellent continues improving and perfecting you to give wonderful results

Thanks so much for your work on GINAbot. She's great! I used to check my blog and comments all the time but now GINA does it for me and lets me know what's new!

I don't think I could handle steemit without my @ginabot!

Gina is by far my favorite woman on the steemit platform :) Thank you so much for the continued work and making our lives so much easier by providing this service, especially for free! Once I have accrued more SBD a donation will definitely be heading your way :) Cheers!

I really like Gina she makes life so much easier. Every one I do not want to miss messages from I put On my list, so I get warned when they post something. I only always lose my way on discord, it keeps on beeping to me and I do not know where it comes from :--) but then I turn the volume button. I only have a problem. When I want to add someone to my list I do not know where my settings are, so each time I have to scrolll up to the first message. Not easy :-) but it works, and I am shure there is an other way to get to my settings ?

this is a very helpful tools to anyone who really monitors every movement in their account! thank you! cheers!

I have really enjoyed using ginabot.
Sometimes, I do not even need to open my steemit account, from my sweet gina, I see everything.

I wish I had a big Steem Power, I'd have given this post an 100% vote or even love for gina.

Thank you Gina!! You are useful!!! Love you!!

@Ginabot is like my best friend.

I log into discord (too) many times a day and feel so happy when she has DM-ed me.

I go to sleep at night excited for my morning coffee with @Ginabot.

I think my relationship with her may be getting out of hand. I love her so!

A million thanks @neander-squirrel ♥️

Truly appreciate the work done that is benefiting us all.

Bravo! Thanks for the info.

Thank you for Ginabot, she is amaze as are you. Taking the time to learn new stuff to maker her even better. Your work and efforts are greatly appreciated.

You have created the most useful tool I found to date. Based on your post it is clear that Ginabot will continue to evolve and hold that title.

I appreciate the services of @ginabot, and will make a donation as a user of your free service with gratitude! Thanks for this update. Looks like things are going in a good direction.

I've upvoted and resteemed this article as one of my daily post promotions for the @mitneb Curation Trail Project. It will be featured in the @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Report for 06 MAR 2018.


@ginabot Hello greetings from me. i just newbie, and i need your support.


Hello, If you join the server, and go to #help channel, you will get any support you need to get started ;)

Thank you for this wonderful tool!!

An impressive story behind the "Self-Notification"-Option.
I never knew it could be this useful! :D

Keep up the good work.

Excellent tool, excellent performance and above all excellent community that GINA has in discord, incredibly ordered everything, very grateful to know them.

Love the service, keep up the good work!

GINA is working wonders! I love how she has helped in making me understand how people interact with my posts.

Soar high, @neander-squirrel!


@neander-squirrel This is amazing thank you so much. One question though, I tested the notification for transfer SBD or STEEM notification and I realise it doesn't seem to include paid for steem/sbd in the market? For example I have a orders in the market and would like to receive notification when the orders get fill. Is this something to be added in the future? Thank you!


hi @thisisethanlau, thank you for the feedback! yes, fill orders are on the todo list, hold on ;)