What is your Favorite or Most Creative use for GINAbot?

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Everyone loves the ability to know instantly when someone comments on your post, or mentions you in a post or a comment. Everyone loves the various features that Gina has to offer.

@ginabot makes instant notification possible, for almost any activity which happens on the Steem Block-Chain.

What are your favorites?

I would love to hear, straight from the users, what the BEST part of having Gina is.

Maybe you've found a purpose for Gina that no one else has thought of?

Maybe you've come across something incredible that you never would have without her.

Are there ways that she has expanded your use of Steem that wouldn't be possible without her?

If you've come up with a novel way to use one of her features, or anything 'off label' let us know that too.

Thank You For Participating!

For a full set of features, as well as instructions on how to get started receiving notifications, please check out this post:

Please remember that, while Gina is free to use, maintaining the servers costs money, as well as a hefty time investment to continually progress on her development. Upvotes and donations to @neander-squirrel are greatly appreciated!

What else would you like to see from GinaBot?

I have plans to release Mobile Apps for Gina in the future. Besides that, are there any features you'd like to see from her? What would it take for her to become indispensable for every memeber of the Steem Community?

Looking forward to finding out from the community what your favorite and most creative uses for Ginabot are!

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There is nothing not to love @ginabot. She's perfect!

I cannot imagine my Steemit life without her. To be honest, I've tried few notification apps just to see what are the differences. And I can tell you this. None of it can beat GINAbot.

So now, I'm trying to spread the words about GINAbot in every meetups I've been. Simply because I am proud of her. Good job @neander-squirrel


agree - she is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING. i have NO idea how I functioned in Steemit without her!!!!!

Where can I find the Gina bot? She sounds like a great help!


Sweet Gina is one of the sweetest recent discoveries I made, thanks to my mentor @maryfavour. This is the post I made about how much I have enjoyed ginabot

I like how he keeps me informed of my boyfriend's account, lol... now I can see where he's mentioned.


haha, that's one way of using her :D


this is classic!!!!! hahahahaha i love it!!!!


what is use of ginabot

You know what, a tool like Gina is something that you think would be put into steemit but it isn't so I support this. As well, I like a lot of her features and I mean of all of the steem apps I have seen... You have the best customer service for if things go wrong.

11/10, wold recommend.

The best service of Ginabot is to let you know when someone writes a sentence. This helps to meet people with the same interests. For example, I told him to let me know when someone writes "Thoroughbred race horse" so when someone writes about it, he will let me know and I can make a quality comment because it is an area that I like.

El mejor servicio de Ginabot es la de avisarte cuando alguien escribe una frase. Esto ayuda a conocer gente con los mismos intereses. Por ejemplo yo le dije que me avise cuando alguien escriba "Caballo pura sangre de carrera" entonces cuando alguien escriba acerca eso me avisara y yo podre hacer un comentario de calidad porque es un area que me gusta.


Just what I'm saying just arrived. I say the truth hahahahaha.

Justamente me acaba de llegar lo que estoy diciendo. Digo la verdad jajajajajaja.



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so clever!!!!!!

The most important feature for me is the notification when someone replies to something I have said. In my opinion the replies are too deeply hidden within the esteem app. So Ginabot helps me to keep track of discussions I have with people.

Honestly don't know how I kept up without Gina. Ginabot is one of the best options out there for not only creating work groups but keeping teams informed. There were no options for that before Gina, no way to plan or strategize on any subject without posting endless comments on posts that all too soon disappear down the feed. You are a shining light in the darkness.

I tell you the worst thing...

I had a message pop up yesterday saying someone had muted me. I didn't mind that, but a few weeks ago, I muted someone and then unmuted them several times in one day (it's a long story), and the thought that Ginabot kept telling them that I was having several brainfarts was somewhat embarrassing...

Ginabot is great though. She's pretty foxy, too.


😂 I've not got that part activated for my ginabot (didn't know it existed until now actually) so you never know, your brainfarts may have gone unnoticed!


lol, sorry to hear that! @ginabot designed to notify about almost everything so she was just doing her job :)


Yeah, it was my bad entirely. I have to remember: Gina is always watching!

Ginabot is amazing and I don't know what I'd do without he'd on steemit.

I'm not sure if anyone brought this up yet, but I think Ginabots best feature is her added security. @therosepatch managed to prevent a full hijacking of her account thanks to ginabot. All the notifications set off a red flag in roses mind and she acted before her account could be fully hijacked.

More security related improvements would be incredible to see in the future. Keep up the good work!


wow!!!!! i love reading all these uses for her! i already love her - but i REALLY love her now ;)

I love ginabot. It’s totally changed my steemit experience for the better. Now I can easily find the posts I’m interested in seeing.

Features I’d like to see are:

  • the ability to set a notification interval (like every 20 minutes or instant). Actually, does this feature already exist? I’ll check my settings after I post this
  • muting specific user’s follow notification. I had to not use that feature because the same bots were following and unfollowing constantly.

Thank you for the suggestions, you can blacklist people and it will get rid of those accounts follows too amongst notify about other activities...


Ahh thank you so much. I’m going to turn follow notification back on now.


I use @ginabot to stalk all my favourite authors and whales, love been among the top commenter. Also I love checking those who mentioned me, @ginabot is so much fun.

We love Gina 🙂

wow!!!Ginabot is a life saver. Honestly it keeps me in the know about what goes on with my account. Some are funny, some are risky. For example can have somebody follow you now and just a few minutes later, he unfollows you. This happens a lot of time but you wouldn't know if ginabot is not around. So ginabot is really helpful. I just want one thing more to be added and that is to be able to know people who viewed your post. Thanks, I love ginabot! I Will donate 1 sbd to keep ginabot running


ah, sorry, but views are not registered on the chain so GINA can not notify about that :|
i'm happy you like the rest except those stupid follow bots :)


The same thing happens to me with the follow, unfollow thing I thought I was the only one!


No, I guess everyone has it.

my @ginabot stopped working for me a month ago :(


That's probably because you left the Minnow-Power server. If she can't see you, she can not send messages to you... :)
If you need help, head to #help channel.


alright. she told me this:
I know you! :wink: You've already registered with me!
Your account is now verified on this server!


no wonder! do I need to register myself again? I've just rejoined the server.

I use Ginabot to boost my score playing Whack-A-Donkey!

Whack A Donkey.jpg


Love the score, good one!

Job well-done @ginabot. I love your service. Thank you for the real-time notifications. Checking ginabot has become part of my routine. Before opening my steemit account, I do open Ginabot first to check the notifications. But sometimes I'm confused with your multiple notifications. With one activity you're most of the time sending me 2-3 notifications with same content.

It keeps me updated on posts of people i love on steemit and also i enjoy that aspect of specific word or sentence notification and also did a post to help newbies on the need and use of Ginabot and how it has really helped me

What more can I say about Ginabot? She's perfect and absolutely incredible, I can't ask for more. Instant notifications is a great tool to know when my favourite author published there post or when they are being mentioned. And to be notified when someone upvoted my post that includes the upvoter's details and weightage of their upvotes is simply marvellous. @neander-squirrel, I can't thank you enough. The only way I can thank you is by upvoting and resteeming this post. You have done a great job.

@neander-squirrel. thanks for Ginabot. Amazing what you can do! I’ve not been on the platform long and It has made my experience on Steemit so much easier and enjoyable.

I am still super new here so haven't gotten "outside of the box" yet... but o love how she helps me keep engaged with my followers! I love haveing the notification that someone commented so that I can respond instantly (assuming I am online that moment). I feel this adds to the experience of the community. Thank you 😘

Yay! Steemit loves @ginabot!

Autovoter is a good way to reward your engagers and believe in the quality of their work but with so many awesome authors that I follow sometimes I lose track.

Enter GINABOT and the notification whenever they post something new! No more worries of missing out content and still leaving great comments.

I am great in engagement and one of my most favorite is when there are any posts that mentions me I am there and giving my comment!

I LOVE Gina (maybe to much?) She is my favorite person ever!

Feature Request: I'm wondering if it would be possible to get a digest at the ends of the day based on discord server participants filtered by tags. For instance, if I wanted a list of all the posts made by someone registered on the PAL server (or another server) with the tag "health, fitness or life" so I could then curate that list. That would help me filter posts to those of interest but only with a certain discords participants.

Gina is THE BEST! Thanks a million!

Just signed up! Am looking forward to using the service. Thanks!

@ginabot is the best bot ever with@banjo...

I like being notified when someone I haven't heard from in a long time pops into my blog and leaves a comment that I might not ordinarily see. Ginabot helps me stay in contact with people!

It’s not very novel, but getting notified of mentions is just incredibly important to responding to people that I want to stay connected with. On a weirder, stalkier vein, I like to look at the blogs of people who unfollow me, and then I make a little alter in my basement and sick voodoo on them wish them a happy future :)

i just love it when gina pop up in my dischord :D

Gina is the bomb-bot! The instant notifications of reward deposits, refunds, etc. are invaluable. I'm not sure what I would do without her at this point. Makes my life so much easier (well, my Steemit life anyway).

@neander-squirrel you are doing a great job with Gina.
One of the things that became clearer to me after starting to use it was how much my upvotes were worth. It doesn't always show on the post because the post only shows to the nearest 2 decimal places. But looking at it from Gina's side I can see that I actually contributed..although less than 1 cent at times but still I can see my contribution.

Thank you for this.

We love @ginabot so much...

Ive been on steemit for three months and ive not used ginabot 😣😣

Someone please guide me thru

I want to beneit from the bot too


You should check out this post for more info on how to use and register for @ginabot services ;)


I've written to the #registration channel.

Gina isn't responding tho



Thanks a lot.

@ginabot really helps me in informing of any new post and comments. You are amazing..

What I love the most from Gina is the reply notification. This one notification really help me yesterday when the phishing account commented on one of my post. It made me quick to take action and flag it down.

Love Gina to death! Can't do steem without Gina. I'm a plankton now, so I can't support a lot. But after I grow, Gina & Neander-Squirrel will be the first one to get my powered SP love. :)

Congrats @ginabot! You're a really useful bot! You're the best! I'm in love with you! 😊😘

Going on Steemit when you don't have free wifi such as when I'm on holiday can suck up a lot of my data usage. Thanks to Gina, it's great that I can still know whats happening with my account when I'm in the go.

Would be exciting...

Word watch filter:

  • Everything
  • Comments
  • Posts

Thanks for everything!

  ·  3년 전

Thank you very much @ginabot, you have helped me a LOT!

It would be useful if user can change settings of notification sounds - an option related to noticification type - one sound for upvote, second for follow, third for new post or even new post from specific user etc.

You know what, a tool like Gina is something that you think would be put into steemit but it isn't so I support this. As well, I like a lot of her features and I mean of all of the steem apps I have seen... You have the best customer service for if things go wrong.

Thank you gina! You are helpful!! I as minnow settled better in steemit because of you!! Thanks!!

I think most people would agree that @ginabot's best feature is 'stress/anxiety' relief :D No longer do you have to worry about missing a reply, comment or mention, which means you can actually start enjoying using Steemit!

I wonder how @ginabot might be used to suggest posts that you should check out? Because that way I can also stop looking through my feeds and spend more time with @ginabot :)

I love you gina, you've really been of immense help to my steemit experience.

The ability to receive notification on mentions. So sweet. Makes me feel like a bot.

  1. I still love the old Gina because of its appearance. I love red color.
  2. Gina brings to me the amazing things to experience Steemit. I think without Gina I would find quite complicated to stick to Steemit. I would get my noti sunk in this platform.
  3. Sometime Gina still gets some trouble like sending double or 3 messages at the same time, slow in catching the messages....

However Gina is the best feature of Steemit to me. I would upvote and charity as a way to help improving Gina.

Made it easier to doze off when waiting for new posts from the steemians I love...

I use @ginabot to track other users' interaction with my own bot @trufflepig who searches for undervalued content and upvotes it.

Thanks a lot @neander-squirrel , ginabot is great piece of software!

  ·  3년 전

For a newbie like me;chevking my vote power is quite sonething wiv her

gracias a @ginabot mi experiencia en steemit se a hecho mas optima, ella me notifica todo lo que respecto a mis publicaciones, me dice quien me vota, el aporte de voto, el % del curador y cuanto lleva mi publicación; también los resteem y flag con sus respectivos interpretes.
sin olvidar que puedes registra cualquier usuario para que gina mande el enlace de sus publicaciones en tiempo real.
@ginabot te falta decirme cuando me nombran dentro de las publicaciones ya que no hay forma de saberlo.


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I'm learning new things she can do reading through the comments.

I'd like to do a post about ginabot for new user info and as a little fundraiser to show my appreciation. Would I be able to use one of her pics for that?

I love GinaBot! I dont know how I did this without her! I cant imagine how much I missed before! Thank you Gina!

I always ask people
Do you use Ginabot? Because ever since I activated Ginabot.. it's been amazing. Always complained at the fact that steemit doesn't have an app yet so it's difficult knowing what's going on in tyr community... Atleast this was how I felt till I met my baby... Ginabot. She's the full package. I'll soon make a post on her for those of us that's still not aware of her presence and usefulness so they'll upgrade too like I have with my baby .. Ginabot. You're bae Gina

She is the support I have ever had

I have just registered for gina and i am already in love.. i can see everything in slow motion (ahem indian bollywood centiment dont mind it) she has made everything so easy and awesome..

Knowing when votes and follows come in are great. Useful features not native on the platform.

off topic question: is there a long wait for ginabot to send the DM/instructions? I've been waiting awhile.


  ·  3년 전

You are doing amazing work keep it up Ginabot

Ginabot es increible, me parece fascinante recibir sus notificaciones, sencillamente me encanta.. nada seria igual sin ti @GINAbot ..

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a delay in @Ginabot notifications coming through to Discord today?

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