Area of Focus #2 - Learning to use GitHub

3년 전

In my quest to learn blockchain development, I've hit another hurdle (setting up projects in GitHub). This seems to be the key platform that most open source developers are working with. I feel like it is definitely important to master this platform before moving forward. Hopefully this is easy to learn. I really want to get into the fun stuff (smart contracts, etc) soon.

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I want to learn about this also..
Are there any tutorials for this


Yes - I'm running through the following series. Seems to be very helpful.


Thank you ..
I'm gonna check this out

Good for you,learn more and one day you will be my mentor.

I’m glad you’re excited about this space. I am too. But you’ll probably find it’s unclear where to begin. Blockchain is moving at breakneck speed, but there’s no clear onramp to learning this stuff.
Wish you luck for your journey.