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Hello Steemians!

We are now in the 17th round of the SP DELEGATION & UPVOTES GIVEAWAY. On the 16th round there is only 1 entry.

Winner was announced last Saturday. You can check the announcement of winners HERE.

Everyone can join in this giveaway. Even the previous winners can still join. Please share this giveaway to newcomers as well.

As you can see on the title of this post "SP DELEGATION & UPVOTES GIVEAWAY". Well I don't have a lot of SP on my account but @blocktrades' "blocktrades.us" offers a Lease of SP Delegation service. So I will use that service to sponsor SP Delegation.

Auto-upvote will be removed in this giveaway, instead SBI Share will be given away. As of the moment only one share per week will be given away, but I will try to do some ways to increase that.☺️

I will use the Randomizer App or Decision Roulette to choose for Winners.

How to join?

  • Share a link of an intro post of a new Steemian(not older than 3 days) in the comment section.

  • Each entry must be different.

  • Only 1 entry per Steemian

  • Tag 2 Steemians(optional)


  • SP Delegation for 90 Days worth 2 STEEMs (1 Winner)

  • SBI share (1 winner)

  • Upvote on all valid entries(comments).


  • Friday 11:59 PM (Philippine Time, GMT+8)


  • There will be updates on the rules if necessary.
  • Announcement of winners will be on Sunday.
  • SP Delegation & SBI Share will be sent on Monday.
  • As of the time writing 2 STEEM = 18.537 SP Delegation(90 Days) on https://blocktrades.us/
  • I'm open for suggestions, just DM me on Discord - atongis#5341.

Thanks a lot & have a nice day ahead!

@atongis ASAR


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Steem Ninja has that service. You can also make some widgets and add them into your website. Visit https://account.steem.ninja.


Want to earn some Sweatcoins? Check it Here


A big thanks to @surpassinggoogle, @good-karma & @bobbylee for all the support




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Round 17 is now closed



Salamat ulit boss! 😁


hahaha always present boss, baka nakalimutan nang iba kasi nag pause ka saglit. Pero ako hindi pwede, kahit maliit lumalaki to, lumaki na power ko dahil sa delegation. hehe

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Yeah kaya ipon lng ng ipon😁


Abtik kaayo ka ba.

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ahaha ana n paras ekonomiya.haha

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I want to enter this intro.post but i think its almost 4days old.



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It's okay madam, accepted.
Thanks a lot for joining!😊


Thanks for joining!


Hello sir, thanks a lot for joining!

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Keep it up Sir @atongis

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Thanks Nay! 😊



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Thank you so much! 😊