International Women´s Day giveaway: special “flower photo contest” for 30 SBD!

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Hi everyone,

Today is the International Women´s Day so let me first congratulate all of our amazing female Steemians on this very special day of theirs. I wanted to come up with something unique today to pay tribute to the “gentler gender” and realized it is the perfect occasion for another special photo contest.

Undoubtedly, flowers are the symbol of the International Women´s Day as they are the most common gift that men give women on this day. Therefore, I decided to pick FLOWERS as the theme of the contest.

Source: Pixabay (Creative Commons)

You can start submitting your photos of flowers in the comments below but please make sure to follow these rules:

  1. Submit only your own photos. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

  2. Only one photo per person.

  3. Add some background information about the photo with at least 50 words.

  4. Upvote and resteem this post so that more people can participate in it.

The contest will be open for 7 days (until next Thursday). Then, I will go through all of your submissions and choose 3 winners who will receive 15 SBD (first place), 10 SBD (second place) and 5 SBD (third place) from me as the prize.

I am looking forward to your entries. Good luck to all participants! :)

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Happy Women's day to all the lovely ladies here (including me :D). I wish I could participate in this contest, but sadly, I don't have any picture right now.

The amount of entries is overwhelming! There are some really beautiful flower images out there. However, some great entries are not following the guidelines set in the post. Kindly go through it again to make sure your entry is in compliance. One of the common issues with some of the entries is a missing 50 word description. Have a great night everyone! Tomas


I noticed many do not include the description and I really enjoy the stories. I hope your reminder will prompt more words. Thank you for hosting this awesome contest. I've finally decided which of my flower photographs to share and I'll make sure to write at least 50 words. Following you for more great ideas!


You are going to have a lot of entries at the end of the week to go through. Prepare for a long day. I am guessing there will be around 300-400.


LOL, yeah, a lot to choose from with some amazing ones! I am dreading it already:)

Really a great way to honor women on women's day. keep it up @czechglobalhosts

This my today's photo for a competition and a congratulation of all women on the international Women's Day. The choice of this photo is connected with weather which was in Moscow today. The first days of spring this year were very cold and snow, but today at last there was the sun. And though on the street all the same for the present a frost, sunshine have added festive mood. And all city has been filled up with snow, ice and flowers today!)


For this special day, I have chosen a flower I've taken of a friend's special day - a flower of a wedding cake. In my opinion, everything in a wedding the bride will always remember as they have most likely would have put all their thoughts and energy to make this special day memorable for themselves and the rest of the guest. Then, the bride will start a new journey with her dream partner and live happily ever after :). Happy International Women's Day!


Thanks for holding such a meaningful contest. Here is my entry for it. Women's Day stands for equal rights and equal opportunities. On Women's Day, I had half a day off. So, I together with my colleagues went to the nearby park to enjoy the beauty of nature. Have you noticed the bee staying on a white flower? Hope you like it. : )

Camera used: iPhone 7 plus


Very nice photograph! It's fun to find insects on flowers and get a close look. Happy to hear you had time off work to enjoy nature. I almost entered a photo I took in my sister's yard, with a bee on a flower, for this contest. Instead I chose a tulip photograph this time :)


Wow,it's cool!We took photo of the similar sight. Hope you can win this prize!😊

Photo of the Queen of the night. These flower only bloom at night and last one night. For this reason it is difficult to photograph them from the technical point of view. I took this photo back lighted and using a tripod. This flower is from my garden.


Neat! Thanks for sharing the information. This is an interesting species and excellent photograph!


Thank you for your nice comment.

Thanks for the info.

These flowers grow in my dacha. Every spring they bloom in purple. They are especially beautiful after the rain early in the morning. For this photo, I woke up around 6 o'clock in the morning just after a little rain.


Beautiful Roses
Taken from my Samsung Galaxy Note8
Feb. 14, 2018

Women love flowers. My main favorite are roses. Red roses have a special effect on me. That's why every Valentine's day, my dear husband don't forget to give me red roses just as a reminder of his love for me. This photo was taken on the recent Valentine's day this year and I displayed it in our dining room. And in life, you gotta smell the roses sometimes, there is truth on this saying.

@czechglobalhosts Gratitude for hosting this contest i.e. for recognizing and commemorating the value of women in our society.

For this particular contest, I chose a macrophoto of a special flower: the Sedum rubrotinctum flower. Although very small and delicate, its beauty, when carefully appreciated, is truly stunning!
With this photo I want to show that, sometimes, true beauty is not at first sight, but instead when we pay attention to the small details that pass us by on most days :)

Camera: Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

Exif: 1/800s | ƒ/4 | ISO125 | 9 mm


Thanks for sharing the lovely photo and meaningful words. I agree with your thoughts and enjoy taking a close look at nature:

With this photo I want to show that, sometimes, true beauty is not at first sight, but instead when we pay attention to the small details that pass us by on most days :)


This "Mimosa" was given to me today by my girlfriend on March 8. In our country, if you see small twigs with yellow beads everywhere in the flower shop, then March 8 is just around the corner. Just a few twigs of mimosa are waiting for the lady in the spring festival. Tulips, of course, also did not cancel, but mimosa - it's so tender and warm ... and there is not much warmth after winter. resstem

We took this picture during one of our trips to Epcot during the Festival of the Arts. This festival is right before the Flower and Garden Festival so you get to see all the wonderful flower/topiary displays throughout each country. This one, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is in Germany. Naturally since Snow White was from Germany. The Seven Dwarfs are lined up behind her and it's a bit hard to see in this picture, but they're there. Everything in Snow White's body is made out of a plant/flower. I thought it was pretty neat.
Click on the picture to see it full size.


I have taken this photograph when, we visited my younger daughter's school for admission in elder daughter's school about one month ago. I saw some beautiful flower laying in the garden of the school. So it didn't stopped me for to take photograph of those flowers. What matters if, I don't know the flower name but it is the beauty of the nature.
And the good thing is that my daughter also got the admission in the school.

The colors look stunning.

Water World does not stay away from the holiday!)
Congratulations on the holiday of spring! Especially beautiful girls and ladies!)
Water lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers growing near water.
water lily
I am with a slight sadness and undisguised pleasure, I recall the details of that trip to this wild lake. An amazing combination of unreal weather and a beautiful company.
The water warmed up so that you could swim there without a wet suit. And if in the afternoon we swam and photographed lilies.
But at night ...
Have you ever swum in a wild lake at night among lilies and with burning candles? Candles like small lights also floated on the water. And on the beach sounded a guitar ... and merging voices? Feeling of something unreal and magical ...

A lot of time has passed since then. But I did not succeed in such a trip. It's not for nothing that they say that you can not enter twice into a single water ..


This is such an awesome perspective of the flowers and I have never seen a picture like this before. This is a really great picture and I would love to see it as one of the contenders as a winner in the contest.

Add some background information about the photo with at least 50 words.

Make sure you add some more info about the picture so that it is eligible to be one of the contenders to win. I wouldn't want to see your image not win because of a small technicality. Great job @narchuk!


Thank you!
I enjoyed recalling the details of that trip. Added them to the post.


Awesome! Good luck!

There are so many words that you can describe a woman, selfless, enchanting, sensual, mesmerizing, nurturing, empowering, forgiving, captivating, gentle, graceful, ravishing, inspirational, intoxicating, devoted, vulnerable and plenty more but there's one word that truly describe a woman like a flower : they are IRREPLACEABLE!!. Happy Women's Day to all the women out there! And especially to my Mom, irreplaceable!


Hey @noriaakip, you writing about my mom, right? Nice!


Absolutely @patlu, to all the moms and women out there!!


I enjoyed your descriptive words and agree: there are so many words that describe women, as there are many species and colors of flowers. The evening scene in your photograph is a nice variation from most of the sunny flower entries :)


My sentiments exactly! A woman never sleeps! @mininthecity


Hey @noriaakip, nice! you writing about my mom, right? ;)


A woman is so unique in every way. Happy International Woman Day to u @noriaakip ;D.


Indeed!! Same to you @esdee !


Women, in the eyes of the beholder
Come in all shapes and sizes
Similar to flowers, beautiful as can be
Come what may, they may cry a bucket
But they will rise to any occassion
Like Wonder Women, never say die
Instinctively women know what to do
Selfless, nurturing and protective as can be
Float like a butterfly or sting like a bee!

Blessed Women's Day
and to single fathers too.


I appreciate your creative poem and the scenery in your photo.


Glad you enjoyed my entry. Appreciate your comment very much. It is an encouragement as I've not written poetry in a long while. :p


Good Luck @patlu. Poetry and u cannot be 'torn apart' ;D


Thanks. I try. Only amateur here. :D


This is a pink rose from me to women as a gift on international women's days around the world.
My thanks to @czechglobalhosts for reminding us of International Women's Day.


Awesome pink rose..
Women always love pink.. @firman


Pink flowers reflect the softness of a woman's heart

Happy International Women’s Day to all women out there! I took a bunch of this flowers and gave it to my mom during this day.

I have found this flower while I was walking around our place. These are very tiny flowers and i had to capture it very closely so you could appreciate its beauty. I really dont know the name of this one for it’s not usually seen on flower festivals but i believe that this is some kind of a wildflower. I hope this gets your attention. I hope you like it as well :) 3BE97E47-77B1-43D2-B00A-31F69142F088.jpeg

This is my entry for this women's day of @czechglobalhosts

Every women is beautiful in there own ways and the flower is the better reflection of women as they are beautiful and they give life just like flowers gives life to the forests...

This is picture of blooming cherry blossoms which i had click last year in mid of march when i visit tulip garden which is located in srinagar kashmir....., you can see beautiful flower and bee on it,
cherry blossom is also national flower


I took this Image at one of our local parks in Edmonton during A heavy thunderstorm. Rain was pouring down and the wind was blowing the petals up and I liked the way the flowers were moving and looking in the storm.


Well done! I love capturing water droplets on flowers and exploring nature in the rain :) I'm heading to your blog to follow you because I appreciate your photography and we have common interests.

I captured these white tulips in Keukenhof, a large flower garden in the Netherlands.
There are over 3000 varieties of tulips, with many different colors too. White tulips are popular as wedding bouquets, as they symbolize purity, innocence and respect.
Tulips 🌷 even created the first economic bubble in history, known as "Tulip Mania". In the 16th century, after the tulips were imported from the Ottoman Empire to the Western Europe, it’s getting more and more popular. Until the mid-seventeenth century, as a result of buying up bulbs, the tulips became so expensive that they were used as money till the market crashed. Sounds familiar? Yep, some people compare the cryptocurrency mania or bitcoin craze to "Tulip Mania". Of course there is also voice against this view. I'm not an expert on this, but time will tell.

May I enter with a mixed media piece?



Your artwork is amazing.

This is my entry of flower photo contest on the special day of international women's day ... hosted by @czechglobalhosts. A woman can be soo strong and fight through all the darkness and hardships just like this one lotus has grown between all those leaves and dark but still shining bright and beautiful. Lotuses are not very rare because of which we sometimes forget to appreciate them but they are really mesmerizing and gorgeous,just like that we forget to appreciate the role,importantance and the beauty women’s brings into our lives. .

mmexport1520514634815.jpg this is a photo of a lotus which i took last year from my brothers dslr camera while having a long walk in a small green forest near my house.

The woman, a mixture of love, passion, strength and sweetness, a display of beauty in all its splendour, the woman is like a beautiful rose that captivates with its softness, aroma and splendor. I received this bouquet as a sign of love and affection, the rose a symbol of affection by nature that acquires various meanings through the colors, red of love, love women above all because they are the beginning of life. Delighted to participate, I hope the translator does a good job.

Translated with


I am submitting this picture I took during the Tulip Festival last year. What i like about this picture is the one yellow tulip. It makes me think about how so many people do everything they can to fit in with the crowd, but it takes courage to be different and rise above everyone else. Don't be afraid to be yourself.



Very nice shot! The yellow tulip is not only a different color, it is standing taller: proud to be different.

It makes me think about how so many people do everything they can to fit in with the crowd, but it takes courage to be different and rise above everyone else.

A wonderful thought to share on International Women's Day. Be proud to be yourself :)


thank you. It's all about not being scared of being who you really are.


Location 🌎 : Lhokseumawe City, Aceh, Indonesia
Taken📷 : @tiazakaria

Happy Women's Day to all the women of the world, especially to the most beautiful woman in the world for me, the wingless angel in my life, the "mother" now your little princess is already a mother, now I know what it feels like to be you, how heavy the burden you carry for my life , not only about my behavior, but also about the economy that occasionally confuses you and tired you in making a living for me, for my food, for my education and for my wishes that sometimes do not suit your condition, your happy mother for all time, happy in the world and Hereafter, I love you, Happy Women's Day, for you my greatest woman.


Beautiful yellow flower..
Wish women like this flower.. @tiazakaria


Thank you so much @janny and I hope like that.

Happy international women's day for all women steemians here. We are very proud of you and we also appreciate your sincerity and sacrifice of women. Because we know how wonderful we are men still born by women. Therefore thank you very much because you have become the most beautiful thing in men life .. keep the spirit and keep fighting .. we love you .. thank you @czechglobalhosts


thank you for our appreciation for us women


Men must thanks for the women..
Because women is a beautiful thing of men life.. @tiazakaria

For this post I have prepared a photo of a bouquet that I gave my girlfriend for the anniversary. I always give her seven roses, but I also want to be always original, so I try diferent colours and decoration. At the same time, we went to one of the best restaurants in Liberec - Black Horse - an Irish restaurant, which I can only recommend.


PS: Small advice to all men: Give women flowers, even if there is not a special opportunity. You will see that they will be pleased.

This is my entry this flower contest,


This a picture of Lotus.It is aquatic plant which is found in tropical climate and it's root and shoot is inside the water except the flower as you can in this picture..I clicked this picture in pond.It is one of my most favorite flower which i really love.It is also called pink Lotus. As everyone knows lotus one of the most beautiful flower and has beautiful colour like pink, purple, white and others too..It is flower which makes everyone smile..
Hope you like it.@czechglobalhosts
And Happy Women day to all..

Hi @czechglobalhosts, Happy women's day.. This beautiful sunflowers were captured during a Sunday outing.. While we were just on the way to some place in Mysore (INDIA), on the road side found a field full of these beautiful yellow sunflowers and were posing as if for me to take a snap of them :)
I thought of posting this photograph for this beautiful occasion as women's are as beautiful as flowers and both are tender,fresh and gentle.

After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.
By Christian Dior

Spring is around the corner. Every year cherry blossoms first in our city.


Now it is still cold and just few of them opened. I took this picture in a cloudy day when I was just under this cherry tree in our neighborhood. I like the lines that the cherry tree branches formed and the bulbs just would be dots in the picture, which are against the a little bit bluish grey sky. I thought it is a good example of point, line and plane. Thanks so much for @czechglobalhosts

Hi dear @czechglobalhost.

hibisco rosa-sinensis


This flower has history and importance in my life, since in the house of my grandmother's mother, there were many bushes of different types of these beautiful flowers, but there was a very special one in the window of her room, yellow and purple center , which she placed on her bedside table next to her bed, she always told us stories that with this flower her deceased husband conquered her. I mean, thanks to that flower, I exist.

I hope you have enjoyed the story.
Cellphone Moto E4.
Have a nice and beautiful day and again thank you for making this contest.
With love, Carla Gonzalez Venezuela.

Esta flor tiene historia e importancia en mi vida, ya que en casa de la madre de mi abuela, habían muchos arbustos de distintos tipos de estas hermosas flores, pero había una muy especial en la ventana de su cuarto, amarilla y con el centro morado, la cual colocaba en su mesa de noche al lado de su cama, siempre nos contaba historias que con esta flor su esposo fallecido la conquisto. Osea gracias a esa flor existo yo.
Espero hayas disfrutado la historia.
Celular Moto E4.
Ten un lindo y hermoso dia y nuevamente gracias por realizar este concurso.

Con amor, Carla Gonzalez Venezuela.

Hi everyone,
Here is my entry to @czechglobalhosts competition. The photo is of a European Honey Bee (Apis melifera) jammed as far as it could get in my old Citrus 'Lots of Lemons' (a dwarf Lemon Tree.) This photo was taken early last spring in my old vege patch. Unfortunately this tree is no longer alive :-( R.I.P my friend you are missed!!
Thanks for checking my shot out and good luck to all who have entered :-)

In this happy International Women's Day, I offer this beautiful flower to you my darling @nanazal.
I love you my honey.



Intrested post..
Wish everyone love the post..
Good luck.. @tika.chibi

"The area of ​​struggle for our women is to embellish with true virtue, with light, knowledge and culture rather than success in the field, shape and disguise that must be won. I have never doubted, and are absolutely sure, that our esteemed ladies will not fall below European women, but will be equipped with the light, knowledge and culture to go out on many directions. " Mustafa Kemal Atatürk



Submit only your own photos. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

This photo is not your own work. Please remove it from the contest. It can be found here on this website:

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 8.17.05 AM.png

  ·  3년 전

Well done




Thanks Wes, apprecited!

Happiness is what we all are looking for, happiness is what we all are fighting for, and Happiness is what we all are struggling for and nowadays we think happiness is in money. Look at these flowers they spread Fragrance, they spread happiness and they don’t want anything in return. Be like Flower and spread Happiness  Free Happiness 

This is a tiare flower, one of my favorite. The smell is hypnotic and if you collect it from the ground and put it in a bowl of water it will become the best air freshener ever.

My pleasure to offer this flower for all the woman reading this post :)

Location: Bali, Indonesia.


Oh nice. I think we call this Kalachuchi. Haha.

Thank you very much for your beautiful words for this day.


This is one of my favorite photos of the poppy, of the two species that I have known, the red poppy is undoubtedly my favorite, for me it represents love. I took this photo in my home country, Venezuela, a day that I was riding by bike with my boyfriend and we managed to see a whole field full of these flowers and I loved everything I saw, I could not help but admire so much beauty together.


Thanks for sharing your story and this wonderful photo. I also enjoy biking and photography. Happy International Women's Day!

First of all I want to thank @czechglobalhosts for this beautiful contest in honor of us women. I congratulate all the participants for beautiful photos!
I, with great humility, bring you this picture of a beautiful flower that lives in the water. She opens her petals when the sun's rays come out and closes them slowly when the sun is setting. I identified myself with this flower as a woman, because I have sincerely remembered the days in which I have faced serious problems, I have felt sad, I have cried... and I have closed my petals... but like this beautiful flower, I have regained my strength and with a new dawn, I have reopened the petals of my soul, to continue radiating love, tenderness, strength and strength every day.

Happy Woman's Day!!
Many thanks to all and God bless you all.



Hello everyone! Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this contest. This flower represents the strength and beauty of nature, which GOD concentrated on women.


Also in keeping with the theme of spring time, this is a photo of some asian cherry blossom trees in Seoul National Cemetary in South Korea. It is nearing the time of year for cherry trees to begin blossoming, which is a national spectacle everytime it happens. millions of people venture out to areas of dense cherry blossom trees wearing cherry blossom themed accessories, to take pictures in front of the trees themselves.




Taken during our last family trip (using Huawei P10 + natural light):
These flowers to me represents ‘sisterhood’
Flocks together like women would
So pretty together that they take your breath away
You can’t help it but appreciate the beauty
They’re pretty to see, but if not handle with care they crumble easily
The thorns were there to keep them safe
If you don’t handle them with great care you could prick yourself
Flowers are indeed one of God’s best creation
That grows in every continent and nations
Whether it’s from the receiver or the giver
They symbolises love, peace and friendships
Happy International Women’s Day to all you lovely ladies on Steemit!
And thank you to @czechglobalhosts for this wonderful opportunity


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Handle me with care
Or I'll prick you!


Thank you for the tribute of " International Women´s Day", Tomas. Here below is my entry for this contest :

1.. botanic garden (20a)-1a.jpg

There's a quote saying " A rose is like a fine woman. Beautiful, exquisite, yet dangerous, if they are held the wrong way ", i think thats quite true :)

This image taken on my last day in Belfast. It's a rainy morning, but i managed to go to the botanical garden and visited this rose flower park. This lovely pink rose flower was one of my favourite. I love how the rain water pouring down to the rose petals and gives a freshness looks.


Lovely. My flower photograph was also taken on a rainy day. I like capturing the water drops on the flower petals. It looks fresh, as you said. Happy International Women's Day!

This is from one of my recent posts.
A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest # 15: The Purity of Lotus | 清净无染莲花

After some research, I found this about the significance of the Lotus Flower:
In Buddhist symbolism the lotus is symbolic of purity of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. It is also symbolic of detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals. ... It is also to be noted that many Asian deities are depicted seated on a lotus flower. According to legend, Gautama Buddha was born with the ability to walk and everywhere he stepped, lotus flowers bloomed.

Hi, last year I went with my family to saw the cherry blossoms in Japan in Hirosaki near the island of Hokkaido.


Woww here is the original appearance of the PURPLE JUNGLE FLOWERS I took or the photo with my own hp camera that is SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 NEO, and it is my own initiative also to advance the platform or blog or web steemit. PURPLE JUNGLE FLOWERS is the name I give special for this type of flower, because I think this type of flower has not been touched or detected by the crew researchers and online search website in this world.

Firstly, I wanna say many thanks for your meaningful contest!
Here is my entry - A couple of lotus in the magic sunlight


Lotus is our country flower - it is symbol of the tranquil and beauty.
A couple of lotus also express for the love, a small bee flying is something the taste of love. In the weak sunlight of a summer day, it seem be a perfect shot that I have taken!

For all, I hope that all of women in the world will be always beautiful and bright as the pink of lotus...
Happy International Women's Day

White lilies are my favourite! and their smell is so beautiful. This lily was grown by my LOVELY mom in our cottage where we have a small garden with various species of flowers. It´s a really pretty flower and I wish I´ll have them on my wedding day as my wedding bouquet 😊


Love lilies. Nice pic

Trying to find nice flowers to photograph for this contest I found this one... the moment I saw it a lot of memories came to me. Almost every day of my childhood my father picked me up at school, and then we walked to his workplace, and almost every day he picked up this flower in a park nearby and gave it to me, always with a nice word about the nature and the womanhood. He always encourage me to be whatever I wanted, and he taught me that I could be anything I wanted.

I made a separated post for this picture

wow, this is so cool @czechglobalhosts, i love this contest. Because I really like the beauty of flowers. I have some flowers in my house. I will share about the Dandelion Flower. In my opinion, Dandelion Flower is very beautiful and unique. Hopefully dandelion flowers are liked by many people. Thank you for sharing and hopefully you will be more successful to work ... :)



Spotted this bunch of lovely purple flowers among the greens up in the hills of Langkawi. Small, bright and sprightly looking, the flowers reminded me of the many women whom I have met in my lives. Not only is purple a lovely colour and one of my favourites, the colour purple is the official colour for International Women's Day as it symbolizes women and is the colour to signify justice and equality.
"Purple is historically associated with efforts to achieve gender equality. Now widely associated with contemporary feminism, the colour purple symbolizes achievements gained and achievements yet to come" says IWD organization.
To all women near and far, "Happy International Women's Day".

Portrait of yellow dahlia flower, this flower belongs to the type of Asteracae. This dahlia flower is known for its beautiful shape and charming color. In addition to beautiful, this dahlia flowers also contain ingredients in this tuber, which can be used for body health. One of them is low-calorie tubers that can be used to diet or lose weight, prevent cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and boost immunity, and there are several other efficacious properties for health. | Photograph by @zikmaulana



Really great! love the symmetry and colors.


This is a great photo, but to be eligible to win you need to have a caption of at least 50 words. I would hate for your beautiful photograph not be eligible to win because of that. Can you please add more information about you picture?

Add some background information about the photo with at least 50 words.


Thank you for the advice @derangedvisions


the lotus flower as it is called it, is synonymous with the myth that this flower is a bewitched princess then turned into a flower that lives on the water, this flower I aimed and dedicated to them strong, pity, beautiful, and unique women all over the world as gifts on international women's days around the world. all have everything to take the world by your step

For a woman who is strong, compassionate, beautiful, and unique may you continue to inspire the people around you

The infinite thanks to @czechglobalhosts who have reminded us of this very historic Day, happy International Women's Day.


WARNING: The use of images that are not your own on which you claim the ownership will be flagged and/or reported to @steemcleaners - HELPING TO STOP PLAGIARISM ON STEEMIT.

This photo is not your own work. Please delete the image. It can be found on multiple sites on the internet including this one:

Thank you for sharing and making this contest @czechglobalhosts
my interest in this photo is the flower Princess,
Shy Daughter of tropical plants are able to distinguish between living beings and inanimate objects, to make decisions about potential dangers.
flowers are my photos in the morning by using macros, actually pretty shy daughter small flowers.


My mom always liked the lilies. That is why today, International Women's Day, I acknowledge you with this beautiful detail. My mother lives in a lily, so I keep them. God eternally bless the female sex, without them we would be nothing, we are born of them and we feed ourselves, in them we procreate and with them we live our last days. Congratulations to all of them. A hug.
  ·  3년 전
I think that a single flower is not enough, that's why I wanted to make a bouquet of three beautiful orchids to celebrate International Women's Day. And it is chosen to the orchid because it is the national flower of my country Venezuela. In addition, the orchid is a flower that faithfully reflects all the beauty and delicacy of the woman, which is the best gift for them.

Captura de pantalla 2018-03-10 a la(s) 8.19.22 a. m..png

I also want to share with you (outside the contest) this image of my wife, who loves flowers ...

Copia de DSC_0549.jpg

Happy international women's day our greeting to all women in the world and specially for women steemians I will award a flower for you guys.

visit my garden my friend handover me his camera for Nikon D5300 just wondering here and there. capturing some photos of trees and flowers. when I am clinking the photo. I have to lay in the Parterre (plant bed). click 5 to 6 photos. when I stand up my clothes full of dust and mud.



Very cheerful photo, thanks for sharing!


thanks for the appreciation ;-)


Beautiful, tender and fragile.


thanks 😍

I took a photo of a flower papricess it using lenovo last evening, and I love it because the drops at the edge ..!! It's very impressive in my opinion.
I tried to follow this contest to try to share the work and participation to enliven the contest.
Hopefully I was elected.

Happy international women's day! A brief story... I used to feel bad about picking flowers until I met my wife. She has very simple taste and would prefer that I not buy flowers as a gift. Instead, if I'm out and about and see something nice, I pluck it and take it home to her.

Maybe I chose for this contest one of the most common flowers The Rose, flower that for me means a lot and makes me travel to my childhood years, when my angel guardianMy Grandmother cultivated these flowers. Towards our home a wonderful place with these aromas that disliked their gardens, when the rain fell it was refreshing to have to be at home, and to have that great combination of aromas that brightened your days.

Thank you for exalting International Women's Day @czechglobalhosts

This is great! Getting my camera ready. Thanks @czechglobalhosts


A floral arrangement is always an excellent gift for any occasion, in my case I am very happy every time they give me one. This photo was taken this Valentine's Day, it was the gift that my boyfriend gave me, nothing better than many roses to decorate and aromatize a place, transmitting peace and love to all around.

A closeup of flowers from a friend's wedding arranged by a family friend. The lily was in full bloom and the pink rose and white baby's breath added a touch of delicate beauty to bring out the bold pink of the big lily. A celebration of love and grace. Happy International Women's Day!


This is photo of a lotus flower from my backyard fish tank which I never knew I had growing until I saw it from my bedroom window. Upon taking a closer look I found the unique beauty it held inside.

I have chosen this photo for the International Women’s Day flower photo contest to represent a couple of the colours associated with International Women’s Day. White represents women’s 'purity' and encased in it is green representing 'hope' they hold inside them.
Hope for a better future.


Beautiful and so fun to find it!


Thanks @sjarvie5. It was very exciting when I peered into this flower and found this hidden gem

This flower I got a few weeks ago when I climbed the mountain. This is a creeping plant. The flowers are very beautiful. anything that looks beautiful then I will capture it with my camera phone. Hope you like it.IMG_20171230_145840.jpg

Its my entry dear .
Happy woman day to all my sisters my daughter my whiefe and my mother. I want to share with you my capture flower the purple flower I really like it. And mostly I give to my wief as a gift . She is also very like it and now iam going to share this flower to all womens from all over the world because today is their own day. Most of womans are suffred from bad peoples . Who tarture them and eat their rights but now I want to give all womens a flower.


nice purple flower with yellow torch.. most women love color purple


@czechglobalhosts Now update my coment dear . Plz check my entry @mininthecity


Great! Sometimes I miss contest rules and have to edit my entries. Good to see your update.


This is a macro shot I took some days ago after the last wave of bad weather that hit Europe. I was walking when I saw this small flower in a clear spot where snow had already melted and I thought it was the first sign that the spring is on it's way. Luckily I have a camera and a macro lens with me :)

International Women´s Day Entry
Click to view full screen


Finding the first signs of Spring feels inspiring. I always look for tulips and fresh green buds on the trees. Thanks for sharing this little blossom :)

Hello dear steemians! March 6th was established as International Women's Day but it took them two days to get ready. So he was transferred for March 8th.
Man's day was also planned, but, as usual, they forgot it.


One of the best gift we can give to anyone is Flowers! I saw many smiles in their faces when they received flowers from someone they love. I took this photo in one of the park we passed in New South Wales Australia.

Flowers for someone closed to our hearts!
Flowers for someone we want to feel well!
Fowers for someone were happy to see their success!
Flowers for someone we want to lift up their spirit!
Flowers for the bride to be on their wedding day!
Flowers for everyone who loves flowers!

This is a rose in my house.


As we know that women are very fond of flowers, especially if the roses are often given as a gift and will give an impression to someone who gave it. Every living thing of course has its own beauty only we have to be able to maintain every beauty that has been owned.
Happy international women's day.

The image is taken using the oppo A83 mobile phone.

Women are privileged ... we are strong as an oak, we capture all eyes, we have the courage of an armed knight and a contagious sweetness ... We are warriors, dreamers, hardworking, beautiful, passionate ...
May we always have the blessing of God, his grace to live, his strength to fight and the desire to share


Because each woman channels a goddess, because each one of us came from a woman... A flower for you, women, life bearers and givers.

pink flower - by Priscilla Hernandez (

I took this photo with my smartphone and an attached macro minilens
I believe all people are equals, a call for change as we should not be defined by gender. An empowering call to my fellow sisters in the world dreamers, mothers, artists, creators. Empowering the gifts you are give so your voice is heard.
Endure the storms, drink its waters and BLOOM. Unfurl!

This photo was taken in one of the massive biomes at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. The site houses the largest indoor rain forest in the world. I know practically nothing about flowers so can't tell you its name. In this world, we are all unique but at the end of the day we are all human beings. How can we stand out among our peers?


I chose to submit this image of a bouquet of the Chrysanthemum White Daisies. They were facing the window. I like the natural light and the innocence of the flowers. I also find a white colour to be the right choice for the International Woman's Day's bouquet!

The bouquet of flowers is usual in my house! I prefer to have a vase on the dining table - it looks good and it feels good!

I was also thinking of submitting colourful tulips, but my little one said - white! So here we are:

ISO 100 | f 5 | 1/25 sec | Sony Alpha A230


Very nice choice! I noticed the water droplets add to the refreshing feeling of these cheerful white blooms :) Good to see you entering this contest!

Trinitarians in my garden...

One of the things that my mother likes the most is flowers and one of her favorites are the Trinitarians. This one that I show you today, is very particular since it is a graft between a pink Trinitarian and an orange Trinitarian. Nature is a gift from our planet, we must appreciate it, admire it and take care of it.

Click on the image to enlarge!

Even if i dont agree on having a "Womens Day", because that keep us apart as specie, i always say and ill keep saying that womens are superior, so much potential, so much that we need to understand about them, their energy, their minds.

Womens, please hurry and take over the world!!

My entry for the flower contest is this.


Look how beautiful these Orchids Flowers blooming in our backyard right now. It's perfect time to see them glowing everyday, with the help of the weather here. Orchids may have the characteristic of being strong plant whatever the weather is. Like us women, we are strong whatever problems we faced. We are still standing and never give up until we have reach our goals.

This is my entry for this "flower photo contest".

This photo was taken in Osaka using my mobile One Plus5T.
When I was walking to the train station and passed by a house, I found these lovely creatures. Japanese are always being attentive to the details of their life and living in such delicate way which I love a lot.

Thank you!

photography flower is very beautiful


"Spring Rain" by @mininthecity
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Shot on: Samsung Galaxy S7 phone

Choosing which of my flower photographs to share for this contest was difficult. I finally decided on this for a few reasons.

  • Women bring new life into the world and tulips are the first flowers to bloom where I live, a sign of new life each Spring.
  • Rain is cleansing, renewing, and refreshing. Females can celebrate International Women's Day by cleansing our negative thoughts about femininity, renewing our commitment to love ourselves first, and beginning each day with a fresh perspective.
  • I took this photograph while walking during a gentle rain shower with a toddler girl. She reminded me to slow down and look closely at the beauty around us. Women are often rushing to do it all. This photograph is a reminder to take time to appreciate our own beauty and all that surrounds us.
Thank you for this opportunity @czechglobalhosts! I'm enjoying the photographs and words people are sharing to celebrate International Women's Day and the beauty of flowers :)

Nice one, I love flowers. And I love presenting flowers to my other half. So I would like to take this opportunity to wish a lovely Int. Women Day to everyone here!

Sadly I don't have any camera gear so I took this picture (like all of them) with my mobile phone. Below you can see the 3 different stages of this flower, which I tried to capture. From right to left: it's still green dormant state, next to that it's start to open up and get a nice color, after that the flower in full-bloom. This was taken in a small park in Taipei, Taiwan.


For this contest, I am sharing a photo I took of a flower produced by my Okra plant. In the photo, the flower was in its peak of blooming. It bloomed because it was bound to produce a nutritious and delicious Okra fruit. Seeing the flower of my Okra plant bloom reminds me of how much beauty women share to the world. Like flowers, women bloom with a greater purpose than ourselves, and that is to give life.

This flower pic is from
Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden
Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden, previously Model Floriculture Center, is a tulip garden in Srinagar, India. It is the largest tulip garden in Asia spread over an area of about 30 hectares It is situated on the foothills of Zabarwan Range with an overview of Dal Lake. The garden was opened in 2007 with the aim to boost floriculture and tourism in Kashmir Valley.
I take this pic on my trip in Tulip Garden.


This pic taken using canon cemara

Happy Women's day :)

my small contribution for all the women

orange colour lily flower.
scientific name : Hemerocallis fulva

we used to call it lily only and one of my favourite flower.The height of this flowers is about 2 feet to 3 feet. This flower need a good Sunlight, more Sunlight means more flowers. The size of flower is like 15cm to 20 cm.A single flower can bloom for about 5 days to 8 days. It does not have a good fragrance but colour and freshness of this flower is amazing..
if you have a garden, please plant this flower too.


I love seeing orange lilies in my neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They're very cheerful. Thank you for sharing this!


thank you for kind words .. the freshness of this flower is eye-catching...

this bouquet of red tulips my sister and her husband bought today in the store and gave to my mother on international women's day. My mom put this bouquet in a vase of water. Vase stands on the kitchen table. Bouquet of tulips cost $ 3, it is cheap beautiful flowers

Very good post, I love this contest, I will try to stop this contest, this is wildflowers
Be like you a beautiful flower is seen, but difficult to pick, Although you will wither tomorrow surely you will bloom again
Back beautiful and fragrant fragrant spread of affection and love. Thanks greetings from @mr-talebIMG-20180308-WA0000.jpg

nice photography

Just like my great love for women, here is a Pacora Anthurium it loves so much its flower (bract) are heart shape. The spadix is really the flower, thats the elongated spike shaped part. This plant is native to south America and can even be found in the Caribbean islands. Happy Womens day!


This is a another species of Nymphaeaceae, or commonly called Water Lilies..

The Story of this flower is when I start breeding and owning Betta Fish as a Pet, this containers is where I place all the betta fries that comes from the breeding place of my fishes. I represent this flower because this is one of the common flowers came here at my home here at the Philippines where the place I lived in.

I compare Waterlilies as a Mother or a Woman, cause waterlilies roots served as a source of food and shelter to the fish baby fries, as a mother of a child, a mother's love shown by taking care of their youngs just like waterlilies do. That's why I admire this kind of plant especially when they bloom a great flower even it looks like a simple beauty but it stands as a banner of their great benefits to the baby fish fries..

I put up my watermark signature as my original taken up photo of this flower. thank you for this kind of contest, I really appreciate this kind of events that really help the steemit community to develop and grow. again thank you and goodluck to all who participate this contest.

I love this idea...
Here's my entry.

Roses are my flower, I love receiving roses, they're so beautiful and their perfume is divine! But... they can cost a lot of money and they never seem to last long. While I appreciate them and they look nice, what I really love is taking photos of them! A photo last forever, you can always look back and re-appreciate them and while we can't smell them, their beauty is enough... Nothing says woman to me more than a stunning red rose.

Portrait of a flower

This beautiful flower was discovered as I was walking through the gardens one lovely April morning near the Smithsonian Castle and the Art and Industries building in Washington, DC. As a portrait photographer I wanted to get a "portrait" of this flower and capture its intrinsic beauty.

Happy International Women's day to all those women that stand tall in their inherent beauty.


flowers blooming, fragrant scent of small garden front of my house. its beauty always radiates from your beautiful shapes and colors. still be beautiful despite the rain still showering. Please stay with me forever.

very nice natural photography. looks very beautiful.


This is the jasmine symbol of the beauty of Indonesian women, often used for various traditional ceremonies in Indonesia, this flower is very fragrant and very famous among nobles and world tourists, this flower shows a woman who is smooth, gentle, and needs to be maintained dignity and, this flower I aim for those great women around the world as gifts on international women's days around the world. The world is becoming a better place because of the presence of many women. No matter what their status, they add to the meaning of our existence, they bring love to our lives.

Thanks to @czechglobalhosts for reminding us of this very important Day, happy International Women's Day.

a macrophoto of a special flower Plumeria. Although very small and delicate, its beauty.

Camera Phone : Oppo f3


When I found out I was pregnant I sat down in a field with almond trees. Looking up at the blue sky, I could see the branches with white and pink flowers. I've lost the baby a few weeks later. But these beautiful flowers always remind me of that wonderful feeling I had.

Hello everyone, hope you have a good day today 😊 and I'd like to thank @czechglobalhosts for this chance, thank you so much sir for being kind to all women, you have a good heart.
My entry was mini rose or tiny 🌹. First, rose is the symbol of women. Maybe because whenever you see rose, you might think about women not men. Then, it is tiny because it symbolize as "me" . No, I'm not dwarf! It just that, for me tiny rose is a simple rose. Maybe some may choose the bigger one and I like it too, but I only have this tiny rose. I plant this in our yard. And definitely, I'm content with this. I'm happy with all the plants I have. 😊

When I visited my friend's house in Banda Aceh Indonesia, I saw the beauty of his garden is quite beautiful, I have never get before. Among the many flower gardens in the yard of my house that I took the picture, this is the photo of flowers that I post on this evening for the contest of an international woman's day who was posted by @czechglobalhosts



That’s just a weed alright. But my little one thought it was a beautiful flower. She picked it, gave it to Dad and asked him to give it Mom. Dad gave the “flower” to Mom, as per instruction. And just like that, little girl beamed her brightest. It was enough of an act that made me feel that I AM A WOMAN.

Thank you so much @czechglobalhosts for this touching contest of remembering us womens for this very important love to join the contest.
I can always takes photo of a more beautiful flower, but I choose this old but very memorable photo that I kept because this very own flower reminds me of one day that my husband shows me how much he love and cares for me, why I said so? Because he is not the type of person who likes giving flowers, chocolates or any material thing a girl/woman would love, in short he is not a showy type of lover, yes I know he loves me so much and we will be celebrating soon next month our 11th year wedding anniversary but I only received such gift once from him which was on our 7th YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY and whoever or whatever the reason is why for the first time he did it I am so grateful until now, so that's the hidden story of this flower for my entry, i just love to share.

I took this picture in the garden of a neighbor.
This is cosmos flower. The cosmos flower is a genus of roughly 20 species in the asteraceae family. These flowers – which can be either perennially or annually blooming. The word Cosmos in Greek means orderly, beautiful, and ornamental. The flower's fragrance and vibrant colors give it the attributes of peacefulness, wholeness, and modesty. The typical meaning of this flower is 'love flower' and that is the message to mens, women are the ones who need to be loved.


Oh hey, perfect! I have the flower pic just for this.


This is absolutely nice one and great photography

Happy Women's Day to all the female steemians we have here. Wishing your day to be as beautiful as you are. This is an amazing post @czechglobalhosts , though I don't have any specific flower picture but I'll look up into my archives and see if I have some and post the best one as I want to participate in this which will be my token of respect and love to all the Lady Steemians out here . Cheers 😊


Wild White Chrysanthemum

I took this photo when we were at the peak of Mt. Timbak Atok Benguet. This beautiful flower are all over the mountain of Benguet since it is grown in the wild. Its abundance makes the mountain colorful and alive.

Did you know that when someone gives you a white chrysanthemum it synbolizes loyalty, devotion and purity. That’s why when I saw this flower in the mountain while we were hiking I picked it, I gave myself a white chrysanthemum ,preserved it and used it as a book mark in my favorite book. Also it served as a remembrance of my memorable hike.

Thankyou @czechglobalhosts for this wonderful contest. Happy International Women’s Day to every woman in the world.


I choose this flower, one of the variety of the orchids family. The yellow flower itself represents joy, happiness and energy of a woman posseses, regardless of her race, religion, beliefs and culture. All women should be treated well with respect.

Without them, what a boring life would it have been. That is why we have this kind of tribute to all the women around the globe. And of course I offer my sincerest tribute to my dearest Mader.

what a beautiful gesture on your part @
czechglobalhosts for us, and as I like flowers I have several at home, so take the camera of my mobile htc and I decided to take some pictures for publication, I share with you and I hope you like it, I decided for the yellow ones, because apart from the fact that they are beautiful, I also had a company, greetings from Venezuela




"A womam is like a flower. If you care for her and love her enough, you'll have the honor of watching her bloom" -Davis Dolezal

This bougainvillea is not that beautiful as you see it right now, but my father did his best to achieve this kind of flower, he trimmed, Watered it everyday. It's like showing your love to your special someone.


ngek kayabe naka pala? haha! eme man sinabi kekami T_T

this corner of my happiness with flowers, cactus.
I keep them very carefully. When they eat they also eat with me, when they smile, they also laugh with me. When I'm sad, I go to them. They make my mind well. I find my peace among them. I would like to share more pictures but it does not mean that it is your rule and I do not.

Good evening. For this I'd love to use this flower for my entry. My husband was never thoughtful even when we was on the stage of courting (I don't know for what reason but I haven't receive flowers or chocolates from him) but it was never a problem or should I say there's no big deal with that his action on doing things already did make me feel special in every way like I feel loved and care


IMG_20180310_224512.jpgabout this entry of mine A red rose given by my husband yesterday I was shocked and puzzled for what reason he gave me that but when I ask him asa ka ani? Nitubag rapud ug naay daghan ana sa trabahoan like he was telling me there we're many rose in his workplace that's why he bring me one.. ha ha ha, better not expect anything romantic with this man (for he told me once this line_ Sorry if im not that thoughtful, I'm not use to it ) but then again I can't see problem about that. Yes we woman (most woman) love's flowers a lot, like it can make our dark days brighter and can even turn rainy days into sunny one, especially Roses for when talking about this flowers first thing that will come out is LOVE (Red roses symbolizes love). My husband dont know what feeling he gave me when receiving this single rose even though the reason of having it is just because they have lots of it in their workplace. I feel so much happiness and surprise and like hoping that there we're many chocolates and flowers in their workplace so that my husband can give me more.. hehehe (just kidding).
I've chosen this flower for it makes me really feel that im special and I know that any woman on my shoes would also feel the same way. It got the power of making you (woman) feel that your being loved and cared for, like you were very special

Hello @czechglobalhosts, thank you for creating this special contest. 🤗 And happy International Women's Day all to amazing ladies! 😍

So, here is my entry... Orange Gerbera

I found this Orange Gerbera in one of my travel last January in Bauan, Batangas. It caught my attention because its so rare for me to see such a lovely flower like this in the garden, the last time I saw this was like 15yrs ago, haha!
This kind of flower has alot of species and colors like red, white, pink, yellow and here in the Philippines, orange is the most common one. It is a tropical plant and also known as "African Daisy".
Orange flower symbolizes growth and warmth as the color is closest to the shade of sun. Also, it show friendship, happiness and joy.

I took the photo from the front side of me women hall.i know these flowers are negligible but the beauty of these flower is speechless.cause its not needed any care.they grow independently like a independent WOMEN.FB_IMG_15185933883053244.jpg


Here's my entry. This is not a traditional flower by any means, but it is a really cool plant that is technically a flowering plant. It is called Dutchman's pipe (Monotropa hypopitys), and you can find it in most places on the northern hemisphere. I bet you have it in the Czech Republic, but it's not all that common to actually see.

What makes this flower so unique is that is gets all its nutrients from a parasitic symbiosis with a mycorrhizal fungi. Having a symbiosis with a mycorrhizal fungi is not uncommon at all, but most plants still get their own energy from photosynthesis, and does not entirely rely on stealing resources from the fungi!

Anyway, what this means is that the plant does not need chlorophyll since it will not have photosynthesis, so for this reason it is one of very few plants that does not have any green on it!

By the way, I have posted the picture on Wikimedia Commons previously. I figured you might be doing a search for the photos to prevent stealing of other people's work, but as you can see on the Wikimedia Commons site, the picture is posted by Biovalth, which is what I used when valth was taken by someone else, and I am of course happy to provide evidence that this is in fact my account/picture if you need it.

The rules of uploading only one picture made this difficult. I choose this because it has a small story, and I also like the look of this flower fighting the elements in a tough environment. This was taken at the Nordhouse dunes which are in the west shore of Lake Michigan. It's windy and sandy here but these little flowers thrive where most other plants do not. I took this picture 2 years ago after discovering this place existed and took a camping trip here. The night before I sat up and watched a thunderstorm roll in across the lake. It's amazing such a place was so close and I only just learned about it.

If anyone reading enjoys my photos follow me as I plan to keep posting in my blog.


This is one of my favourite bouquet of roses. I received it’s on my birthday from the family friend, who visited Canada from Netherlands with his daughter.
I was completely surprise and very happy to see such beautiful flowers. I went to go everywhere with this bouquet to make the best photo as I can. Finally I found the place near the pool, as I like how the color of the water emphasised the colors of the roses.

This close up picture of a sun flower was taken using an old busted up android phone.
It has special significance to me because my name Tawasi translates to Flower Of The Sun in Hopi, it's the name my parents gave me.

I love this picture because it's a clear representation of the fibonacci sequence, which is present throughout time and space, all nature organizes it's self in this order. This natural order is one of the main reasons I love taking pictures of flowers, they have a beauty which is universal.



Bunga ini saya potret di rumah paman saya. Dia mencintai tanaman begitu banyak bunga di rumahnya, salah satu mawar ini.Bunga ini sangat istimewa karena memiliki warna dan bau yang sangat indah karena juga bunga ini banyak orang yang menyukainya

this flower stalk has thorns that protect the flower and its trunk which become the main defense fort.this is all I can say more and less I apologize to my friends all thanks for the time

This image of a sun flower was taken with my Android phone in the garden section of our school's arboretum


Sunflower is a symbolism of longevity, adoration, loyalty and vibrancy.
Much of this symbolism and meaning stems from the sun itself. It is a perfect gift to bring joy to someone's day.

Undoubtedly, most men often present women with sunflowers, some of them oblivious to the fact and meaning of the sunflower.. But to me, i bear in mind it symbolism of:
longevity....... Women are the only source of procreation of mankind, scientist have tried and failed in their quest to clone human beings.

In vibrancy, they are energetic and spur a man to realize his potential

as a symbol of adoration and loyalty... I adore my mum, my sisters and women all over the world..... they are committed people, though they are much gentler, you find them at the receiving end of bad things (crime, wars, rape etc) but yet they comprise the majority of number in war zones giving out aids to men, women and children

Sunflower is associated with happiness. If women are happy, then everyone in the world will be happy, therefore, this is my gift to all women around the world...

Happy Women's Day to all beautiful ladies here! Here's a tribute especially for women, be it big or small, young or old, all of you are unique and special in your own way.


To all mothers out there, you are the source of inspiration and motivation to your family (not to mention, the treasurer in the family), always stay happy, always stay healthy!

To all the little women out there, you are stronger than you thought you could be. Always believe in yourself and most importantly be yourself!

May all of you continue to grow in a colourful world! Women's POWER!


I took this photo years ago and I don't even know what kind of flower it is! I found this flower outside my dad's house in southern Michigan, USA.

I took it with my Canon 350D and the kit lens it came with. I also had a cheap macro lens attachment in place. I processed the image in Adobe Photoshop. Even though I've taken thousands of photos since this one, including plenty more nature photos, I still really like this image.

this is the flower that thrives in the wilderness wilderness.
for a while I do not know what the name of this flower in english, if in aceh this flower is called flower (BOH DRIEN). I found this flower when I went to a forest near my friend's house. by chance my friend's house was in the interior and close to the forest. that's the story I found this flower.

I am going to win this contest. But how to give me upvote?

this is a pink snail flower in my yard.
This pink snail flower is easy to get because the flowers thrive without being treated.
This flower is a type of flower that is popular in rural areas that exist in Indonesia.
I took this photo myself with my hp camera, and I use it to advance the platform or the steemit site.
although the picture looks still amateurish but this my own work is not the work of others and accept because I am still a beginner.


"A society comes from two kinds of people, men and women, as long as one half of a society is bound to the earth by chains, and the other part can rise up to the sky!" Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

I chose this flower. This flower is the flower that the women have the happiest day, the day they will be married. They feel great in whites. I always feel like that.

This was on the back porch of a villa in Olbia, Italy. It's on the island of Sardegna (Sardinia). I spent the summer there and was visiting with friends. The evening I took this photo, I was helping set out dishes on the porch table. We were preparing for a fiesta di compleano, a birthday party :)

aa DSC_0188.jpg
No puedo evitar maravillarme porque para tener coraje tienes que sentir miedo, pero el coraje de dar vida por otra vida se traduce en ser grande sin tener una gran estatura, ir muy lejos sin tener que viajar, ser admirado sin ser famoso, ganarse el respeto de cualquier hombre sin mostrar rudeza, es el espíritu mágico de la mujer que puede debilitar a cualquier hombre fuerte, hacerle rendirse sin importar lo grosero que sea, es el que es capaz de convertir una sonrisa en tristeza o tristeza en la alegría, que llena el alma cuando está vacía o que simplemente da vida con o sin ilusión.

Ella es la mujer que trae consigo la magia de la belleza, ella también es la que te ayuda a levantar, y también la que te inspira para ganar. Es el que te hace nacer y crecer, así como el que te enseña a caminar y caminar, es el que construye la base de tu camino y también el que ilumina tu destino, es el que lo hará En general, duele más pensar en no verte cuando te despides de la vida.

What would we do without the women!
A woman gave me life (my mother)
A woman taught me to write and to reason (my teacher)
A woman was my friend, my confidant, my refuge and sometimes my opponent (my sister)
A woman accompanies me, helps me fight and survive (my wife)
For a woman I fight, work and struggle (my daughter)
Among women I have grown
What would I be without them!
What would have happened to me without them!
Congratulations to you woman
You are the most important thing in the world for me and for all of us ... although some do not confess it.


Taken with Nikon Coolpix L830

For this lovely challenge, I bring this beautiful rose with two tonalities, I found it in my neighbor's garden, where I always find some new pretty flowers to capture.

The result of this edition I liked a lot, because it has a touch of elegance and delicacy, I hope you like it!

Thank you very much @czechglobalhosts for creating this beautiful contest for International Women's Day.

This is my entry as originally posted here.

This is a night-flowering cereus. It is short lived because it only blooms at night and then dies as the morning comes. It is likened to the dragon fruit. However, unlike the dragon fruit this has no fruit at all. As per google, this belongs to the cactus family. They also give off a hint of certain pleasant smell. Of all the flowering plants my mom has in our yard, this is my favorite. It doesn't bloom all year round but when it does, it's such a spectacle to behold.

A wild rose taken at a rest stop after crossing the Confederation Bridge from PEI to New Brunswick, Canada. One of my oldest daughter's middle names is Rose because the wild rose is the provincial flower of Alberta where her father and I met.

@czechglobalhosts Thank you for this contest. Upvoted and resteemed!

As a woman, I love roses. The beauty of their form, the fragrance of their essence, the silky texture of their petals, and yes, even their thorns remind me of what it means to be "Woman".

This beautiful white rose bud grew on the climbing rose bush in my garden. I took this photo with my Samsung Galaxy S-3 cellphone.

white rose bud (3).jpg


Here is my entry. I've been taking care of this Orchid for months and it's great to see it in full bloom. I love Orchids because they are easy to take care even indoors. I like how its flowers last for months. Just like women, Orchids are symbol of love, beauty, class and strength.

Here is my entry.
Happy Women’s Day to all women on steemit.
This photo was taken last year in spring, in Miami. I went for a walk with my friend to the beach and it started to rain a little bit. As we walked by some park we noticed these beautiful flowers. They looked even better with rain drops on them. We liked these flowers so much that decided to take photos of them. Later my friend printed out her pictures and made nice cards. Hope you’ll enjoy my flowers.

A few days ago I gave this flower to my daughter-in-law. I shared this moment in the picture here today. It is very nice to think about the day after seeing the picture.Thanks for create a nice contest.


Here is my entry.
It used to be recognised as a day for the senior ladies when back to my childhood time. Then now after all these years, I start seeing the true meaning of this activity. Thanks to my mum and the education I have reciveved. I am able to maintain my self-esteem & never look myself down. Every female shall bloom as bright as they wish.

These are the flowers I take care of on my own garden. It is really very beautiful. I want to wallet her beauty as the women I love. And especially my mother. Send this photo to all the women in the world, wish them the best

This Flower symbolizing women.


The Yellow the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness has conflicting associations. On one hand, yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy, but on the other, it represents caution and jealousy.

those 5 white dots represents an inherently positive color, is associated with purity, virginity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, sterility, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection.

And for me, this is the right flower to describe women.

Thank you for reading! God bless you!


Ni resteem kuneman ing post hahaha. Kaya mig expect naku na ikit mune hahaha :)


Hahaha. Joke yayta kamuti. ^_^ thanks


Ni resteem kuneman ing post hahaha. Kaya mig expect naku na ikit mune hahaha :)

This is my entry for this women's day of @czechglobalhosts
Camera : iphone 7

Hi Thomas, I already created blog post for this and you did checked it yesterday. So I give link and flower photography here. 50 words already entered my created blog. Thanks.


Love this post. Upvoted and Resteemed. Here is my entry of flowers for women's day - Cheers to Women. The theme for women: BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED.


This is called Rosacea Flower. I took this flower at the Zoo of Taiwan.

Can you see how beautiful the front flowers are blooming. You see lots of white petals wrapping around the flower buds coming forth. Look how peaceful the whole picture looks. I made it that awy so that you can see clearly how the Rosacea blossoms at the front. It is a quiet scene. This is what is needed for women, to show forth their quiet nature as they bloom where they are planted.

Whether it is at home or at work, or any place that we don't like to be in, we know that there is a reason for us to be there. We know that that is the place God wants us to be there.

Even though we do not like the situation we are in, we are reminded of this flower, that we just BLOOM and show forth our beauty of silence and quietness that will amaze everyone around us.

That's it! When you bloom where you are planted, you open up with lots of buds that are budding forth! Do you see in the middle how those buds come shooting up.

Don't ever waste your energy to complain. Don't ever waste your life with noisy words of negative energy.


BLOOM where you are planted.

Happy Women's Day!

Its a nice contest will participate tomorrow


Submit only your own photos. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

This is not your photo. Please remove it from the contest.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 7.10.03 AM.png


Omg so bad!!!!


You're welcome.

i remember this day when I walked in Singapore near some malls and iv'e seen this not ordinary Bird standing beside of this beautiful Flowers.
It’s like a combination of beauty and love .
I think both are the majors signs of beauty and love, and that’s why the Flower is the most common gift that men can gift the women on every occasion
Wish that every women had wonderful and special moments on the women international day



Last year, on May, I was rushing home from the library, and felt super stressed out about a huge exam I was about to have. On my way home I noticed that the apple trees had started to blossom. I found them absolutely beautiful, and as soon as I saw the blossoms, all my stress faded away. I'm glad I took the time to capture the moment, since this picture is a wonderful reminder of that how one simple positive thing can make such a great difference. 😊


This is a photograph of a flower in a supermarket. They were all lovely and beautiful. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Like women, we come in different shapes, different colors and sizes, but we are all unique and beautiful in our own perfect way. I believe, women, girls and ladies are the backbone of society. Every woman is perfect by er imperfection. A flower (girl) that soon blooms and grew to be a lovely flower (girl) that adds beauty and color to the world (society).

Thank you very much for this initiative @czechglobalhost

This is the flower I chose -Ixora Flower. Firstly I was caught by the seemingly heart-shape of its arrangement, hence my love❤ for every woman here. Also every tiny flowers has nectar/extract which is edible and is believed to aid menstrual disorder as well as helping in nice skin complexion. In fact Ixors Flowers have some medicinal value too. So I think Ixora Flower is very women-friendly therefore I enter it here.😉 Happy International Women's Day to everyone.


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Un saludo amigos steemians. Aquí mi fotografía de flores de Araguaney, en lo personal me encanta las flores amarilla es mi color favorito me parece vibrante, elegante, de buena suerte, alegre, me da felicidad verlas. Por eso Les voy a citar unas palabras que me gustaron mucho del reconocido Escritor y Ganador del Premio Nobel, Gabriel García Márquez.
“Nada hay más bello en este mundo que una mujer bella, de manera que el gran conjuro de todo lo malo sería una mujer bella, pero como uno no la puede poner en un florero, ni colgarla del OJAL, entonces lo más bello, después de una mujer bella, es una flor amarilla.

Arbol floreado del Araguaney
la Flor mas cerca del Araguaney

Many thanks for the holiday and for your attention to women! We like it very much. And as proof of love, you do not need to present expensive gifts. for example, this rose, was given to me by my husband. We had a holiday and I asked my husband not to buy me a bouquet of flowers, but to buy a flower that I could grow myself. And so beautifully the flower grew! I hope you like it too.


Here is my entry for the contest!
This picture was taken by me about 3 years ago. I was on a photography tour at "Zeche Zollverein" which is a world heritage in the Ruhrgebiet, Essen, Germany!
I really love Zeche Zollverein because it combines the rusty remnants of this industrial culture withe the beauty of nature. I love the contrast!

For International Women Day I chose the beautiful Hyacinth because it has one of the loveliest scents of spring. It brings me sweet memories of childhood. My grandma was very fond of these flowers, she had many in her little garden. Unfortunately, those adorable flowers attracted the mean mini-me toddler... I always tried to pluck them and stick them in my mouth... They smelt so good... good enough to eat them :)


My rose has grown to a memorial of the women of Lidice, a Czech village burned by the Nazis during the Second World War. I dedicate this photograph to all women who could not live in peace and rejoice in life, as a memory of women in wars.
And I wish all our dear women, never let these horrors ever repeat, let the love and happiness rule the world. Ladies, thank you for being here with us, and for keeping us alive. Thanks!

Lidická růže.jpg

good day everyone! this is my entry in Flower photo contest. it is my bouquet when I celebrated my 18th birthday (debut) last november 22 , 2015 , And I am hoping that my fellow steemians will appreciate this flower photo of mine . Good luck to everyone! :)


I choose this bouquet to give my beloved girlfriend as an act of love. I could't decide what kind of flowers she prefers I choose one small bouquet. I don't have a special day when I offer her flowers, it's just something random, and every time she ask me? "What is this for?" And I tell her..It's Monday and I love you!

@czechglobalhosts Thank you very much for your beautiful words for this special day.

On Saturday 10.03.2018, I was visiting the house of my cousins. All of them are orchid lovers [whose scientific name is Orchidaceae]. All these plants need special care including water and light. Also, are very important details for their prosperity and evolution: the place where they grow, also the humidity of the environment.

The beautiful orchid that I present here is one of many, but it was the most liked. It's the salmon color.

orquidea salmon.jpeg

Photo taken by me with iPhone 6s in Venezuela

this orchid flowers i photo in front of house using camera Samsung android J1

sorry it was my misunderstanding of the post