There is Still Time to Enter - 10 SBD GIVEAWAY


SBD Giveaway.jpg

I started a contest a few days ago to giveaway 10 SBD! That will be worth a LOT in the future, because we all know the price will rise very soon. (this is not financial advice)

Here is the link to that post

The rules for it are so simple even a caveman could do it. (who remembers those commercials?)
Follow me. Resteem that post. Comment on that post giving me constructive criticism about my videos.

It's all much better written in that one, so what are you waiting for? 10 SBD is on the table. You don't want to leave it there.

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Congrats!!! I missed both the video and the last posts. Oops, great consumer right here LOL but yes, again, Congrats!!! ✌️

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Ha, latecomer. But thanks.