Dcity Giveaway: Get a chance to win Factory and Basic Home

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made by @zaxan from Dcity collections

Hello City Owners! How you doing today?

This is the third edition of Dcity Giveaways, you can read about the contest here

  1. This week Rewards are Factory and Basic Home
  2. The contest starts 00 IST (UTC+5:30) Monday and Thrusday
  3. The contest is open for the next 36hrs on the Dcity Giveaways discord
  4. Rewards will be distributed next day after contest finishes.

If you are new to Dcity

Dcity is a card game by @gerber, It will allow players to optimize their cities in terms of buildings, population and income. It is a city simulator game based on Hive-Engine Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The individual NFTs represent assets in the game and the total collection of your assets is your city.
[taken from gerber's dcity intro post]
You can read more about the game here:
Dcity official website: http://dcity.io/

Beginner's Tutorial: https://peakd.com/hive-174578/@apprentice001/dcity-beginner-s-tutorial-contest-a-comprehensive-guide-on-how-to-get-started-as-a-potential-new-imaginary-city-owner

Latest Updates: https://hive.blog/gaming/@dcitygame/dcity-update-17-000-hive-bought-for-the-rewards-pool-tutorial-contest-results

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