Giveaway: I will give 0.10$ upvote to 10 people who comment on this post😊

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Hey guys. I hope you all had a great New Year.😊
Its time for the first giveaway of the year, and rules are still very simple.

All i want you to do is post a comment.

In 3 hours I will give 0.10$ upvote to 10 people who posted the best comments.

Good Luck.

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I want to write a small poem called : CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN

The chosen people were doomed to scorn,
from the day they wandered into exile,
but once they put on the locals’ clothes
the banishment in them was final.

I will like to encourage every readers of my comment to have the spirit to endure in all areas.

Endurance involves determination, dedication, discipline, patience and persistence.

  ·  3년 전

Great success always comes as a result of contact with people in one way or the other.
When you identify the right people who can help fulfill your purpose, give them a kindly treatment. People who help you climb the success ladder, deserve only one kind of treatment first-class.

Your little giveaway mean a big giveaway to me. Happy new year

I read your profile and want to know where the happiest country in the world is.

Also, I upvoted and resteemed to give more folks a chance to see this. Thanks for sparking conversation on Steemit on back-to-work day after New Year's Day.


I am from Denmark :) Where are you guys from?


I live near Houston, Texas. It might not be the happiest place on earth, but Houston did win an award once for being one of the fattest cities. It's a combination of the positive benefit of plenty of diverse and affordable places to eat AND a very spread-out city that's lacking in bike paths, side walks, or even good options for public transportation in many places. <3 - Nice to meet you, and HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Nice to meet you too, and Happy New year to you:)

Fattest cities LOL that was a good one :)


Yes ! I too read thats and was curious . You cant make that bold of a statement and NOT reveal lol


Maybe he thinks we'll all move there and make it unhappy. :(

Happy New Year. No matter if I get your reward or not I want to admit that it's a great way to attract readers and voters. Nice step. Keep it up.

Great 2018 giveaway. I'm sure this will help a lot of us ("minnows") with continuing to grow. Thanks for the opportunity. All the best for 2018, Happy New Year!

Christmas May be over but I am Glad Santa Stayed Back in the form of @macbaren
Wish you a Happy New Year

doing you a great job for steemians friends who follows you. Such a tremendeous work u have done all the day. Thanks and happy new year. long live you

amazing bro you are working great hope next post will be mine lol

I hope we all have a productive and fruitful 2018 in all areas of our lives. I hope people will pursue a work life balance. I sense this is the year to declutter,resist haste and breathe. I’m turning 40 this year so I have begun to see things in retrospect. Well you are an inspiration. Happy New Year to you, your own and Steem. How about Steem.Starting the year with a enormous price boom.

Good Luck Bro!


The modern man's dream is having what he wants right now without having to go through a lot of inconveniences to get it.

Thank youuuuu!!

Happy new year

Horoscope marked today as an unlucky day for me, you have the power to prove it wrong ;)

Happy new year! Thank you for being so generous!

Happy New Year!

2018; the year of Steem, the year of dreams

Thank you for that.

Happy new year !

You are essentially giving away a dollar! SBD is up and I'm loving it! Comments Really Do Help A Post Get More Exposure. So Worth It! Good Job!

10 comment like that..... Keep on the good work sir

make it 15 and count me also :p

Thank you. Steem is going up! Whee!

hope i was in a luck and this is awesome

Oh man! We've missed the chance! Anyway, we'll try our luck once again soon!

Upvoted :)
Thanks for the opportunity.

postingan yang bagus..good luck salam kenal dari @fadil94