Steemit Roulette Giveaway #26 Results!

2년 전


Hi all, time for the results of the steemit roulette game! spin #24!! this is a new spin, remember this is the results post - please do not try and play here

The total SBD prize today was 0.185 SBD!

So let's now see what the lucky number was!!

"spinning wheel.."

and the winning number is - 27!

We have no winners today so the funds will rollover to tomorrows draw

Thank you for playing everyone:)

you can find the current spins here

#steemit roulette spin 27
#steemit roulette spin 28
#steemit roulette spin 29

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3, 16 resteemed


Hang on mate, this is results from a previous spin, new spin coming in a min




please dont play here its the new game open now

  ·  2년 전


Good Game!