฿฿฿ Bitcoin Giveaway Game The most Faster Win the Prize 100K sats ฿฿฿ Game Over Code Activated waiting for Winner in Comments section.!!!

4년 전

Rules of the Game

  • We need at least 3 Resteem to release the code, for more exposure and more people can participate.
  • Be fast, the more faster will be the Winner.
  • Have Fun, don't feel bad if you're not the winner you will have new chances to win in the next Giveaway.

About the Game

To win the Prize you will need to Activate a Code in Yobit.net , I will change one number of the code with the number 5, so you have to change this 5 with a number from the 0 to the 9, The more faster in guess the correct number will activate the Code and will be the winner.

Steps to activate the Code

  • Log in to Yobit.net
  • Click on your Username
  • Click on Yobit Codes
  • Click on Activate Yobicode

3 Resteem Donde.!!!

The Code


Winner = Code Activated waiting for Winner in Comments section

Good luck and Have Fun.

Game Over Code Activated waiting for Winner in Comments section.!!!

I will increase the value of the prize as more users begin to participate, so if you participated let me know in the comment section.

Please if you are the lucky Winner let me know in the comment section to update the post with your username.

Stay tuned for more Giveaways.

Please Upvote & Reestem

Last Giveaways Winners: @steemreporter @rxhector @climatechange @betamusic @luke490


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Yobit looks good, do you know if they plan to support:
Sia Coin: sia.tech
Maid Safe Coin: maidsafe.net
Storj Coin: storj.io
NXT: nxt.org
Ardor: ardorplatform.org


Hi @luke490, I really don´t know if they plan to support this coins, I love yobit for trading hunting everyday P&D sometimes give you real good profits. :-)


hahaha a little late but thanks and stay tuned for the next giveaway :-)


haha :D
I am ready for next round! :))

well s***, somebody got it , at least i didnt miss the chance today ;)


Thanks for playing @rxhector stay tuned my friend... :-)

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