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Giveaway Announcement

Hey guys, today I am starting a new giveaway. My giveaways are not just normal giveaways. They are special. Why? Because I created a system in which you decide what the winning price will be. The way you can rise the winning price in this giveaway is to get more people in. That’s all, it’s that simple. You must get in as many people as possible so that I can give more and to more people. I want to do this because I want to help everyone get rich by supporting them.

Here is how it works

I am going to give 5SBD to the winner. Then for every 15$ on this post I am going to give another 1SBD. To make this giveaway even more special I will choose one more winner who will win 50% of the final winning price for every 30$ on this post.

Example: Let’s say there are 30$ on this post. I will giveaway 5SBD (the original winning price) + 2SBD (because there are 2 times more $). The final winning price is then 7SBD and I will choose another winner who will win 3,5SBD.

Rules to enter the giveaway:

  1. Upvote
  2. Follow
  3. Comment “Done” and say something nice

I will post winner/s in the next giveaway announcement which will be next Wednesday. This way you have time to get most people in. So please resteem, tell all your friends to participate and promote this post as much as you can so that you can win more. I wish you all luck!

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Fact... Thank you for making this contest again, good initiative to people who want to improve their income by participating from the comfort of your home or office.

Good luck,,i wan participations in your contest,,this is very good.

Done, I am so glad you are honest about your giveaways! Maybe ill be lucky enough to win again sometime ;)

Fact - What great news, a new contest, more people like you with a desire to help should exist. Thankful

done , Great initiative happy to compete thank you brother.

Done, just continue your good attitude, may God bless you.........

Done! Great initiative, I'm really happy to see these things on Steemit! 💕

Done ,,
I want to say that I really hope you make me so rich .. haha

Done,,your is great

Hopefully I'm win it are very worthy of appreciation for having a good purpose of the contest you created, that is to make people happy ..


I am curious about your contest, it looks like this is very interesting ..

Done..and I like it

Continue so you have a lot of success, Good morning.

Done,very exciting contest, I very happy to be able to win it ..

Done,Although my voice only produces wind, I do not mind following your contest ..:)

Success for you every time..


Congratulations!! You are the winner of this giveaway!


Thank you very much,,I'm very happy..💏

Hopefully you is dont forget me..😊😊

Done! ... hello @patrik.malinsky thank you for allowing us this, totally grateful, I will tell some friends, I hope more people join, greetings!

I'm upvote,resteem and follow you.
Nice contest..


Thank you ! And good luck to all participants!

I think your initiative is excellent again for this contest to give players the opportunity to win or lose, but to learn. regards

Done ...

I reestem right now !! thanks

Done, excellent initiative @patrik.malinsky keep it up



Nice idea to add value to the readers

Done! hello @patrik.malinsky I am new to the platform and I saw its publication, I think it is a great initiative for those who are starting, you are a great person for allowing us to participate, thanks and regards.

Done! hello friend thank you for this opportunity you are giving us, I find it interesting your post. Greetings @patrik.malinsky