Enter to win 100 Steem Power Delegation (90 days) 12/14/18


90 day.PNG

For the winner of this contest i will do a 100 steem power delegation for 90 days thru blocktrades to the winner

Requirements to win

Upvote this post

Follow me

Resteem this post

Comment (done) in the comment section and if you have done all of these you will be entered for a chance to win

Entry for this contest can be done up till 8pm eastern standard time on 12/14/2018.

The drawing will be held between 8pm-11:59 pm eastern standard time on 12/14/2018 where a winner will be declared

good luck!!!

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Saludos amigo como está usted y es una gran oportunidad que nos ofreces de poder tener un poco más de Steem Power, a través de su concurso. Muchas gracias y suerte para todos

Done all step ....
I think I winner .....ha ha..

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Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks. Done.

done bro @ralph-rennoldson hope me lucky and be the winner of this event


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you are not following me


Pardon started follow you

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concursando gracias por toda esta oportunidad que nos brindas.


didnt resteem this contest

You got a 28.33% upvote from @booster courtesy of @ralph-rennoldson!


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