Enter to win 100 Steem Power Delegation (90 days) For You and a Friend 12/22/18

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There was no winner in the Enter to win 75 Steem Power Delegation (90 days) For You and a Friend 12/21/18

For this contest i will be giving away 100 steem power delegation (90 days) to the winner and to one of their friends!!

Rules for this contest

Make sure you
follow me
Upvote this post
Resteem this post
Comment with your friends name @example

I will be picking a random winner from the comments below. You and your friend must do all of these to win!! So you will need some teamwork here. When your friend also comments they can retag you or use someone else. (but i will be using only the 2 names by the original person commenting and whoever their friend is @example

If there is no winner because you or your friend didnt do one of the 4 rules for the contest then i will start a new contest and add more steem power delegation (90 Days) each to the next contest.

Entry for this contest can be done up till 7:59pm eastern standard time on 12/22/2018.

Good Luck


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that gif you have is so annoying, so distracting

I'm going to get carpal tunnel from trying put all these flag comments. This is the last spam contest I'm flagging this round. I'll leave the rest to my colleagues.

source - https://steemit.com/faq.html

Flagged for spam @steemflagrewards

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Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved! Thank you for reporting this abuse, @anthonyadavisii.

  • spam
    You are repetitively posting the same content or recyling contents after a period of time.

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Follow on flag for bid bot abuse


Follow on flag for spam @steemflagrewards.


Follow on flag for spam @steemflagrewards.


But, but, @smartsteem has a whitelist to prevent spam from scams,...


We're going to give this guy a break. He said he is going to change so going to give him that opportunity even though he's made a lot of headway and earned rep using these questionable methods for some time.

I hope he really understands why what he was doing was manipulative and wrong. Even though the network is agnostic to morality, it does not mean people cannot evaluate the moral implications of their actions.

I am not sure if people just don't or don't care. It seems morality does take a second fiddle when people compete for power and influence at any cost using sleazy
gimmicks, tricks, hype and any other tactic under the sun.

It's disconcerting sometimes and I would be curious to know the number of spammers that have been built and established into the community because of smartsteem and other bid bots.

Makes me question what the hell I am doing and why. The reason being is , while I work to reduce the profitability of abuse, the bid bots do the opposite. I often ask myself why I should try to improve a network while they continue to diminish and degrade it.They just don't get it.

Then, I remember this peculiar thing about loving my enemies. Maybe Ralph will turn things around and not be like the others.

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Here I'm again. This time with @pawpawpaw

This is a good initiative. I'm glad @benedict08 let me know about it. We'd like to join the fun together. Thanks! ^_^

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The luck of Christmas spills over us, @alejo1996

@franciscana,para los usuarios de steemit,los mejores deseos en esta navidad y año nuevo.

Thank you for contest !

@summisimeon should enter also.

The Joy of the Season's giving - @lmon

Thanks for the free giveaway!
I participate with @osso

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  ·  2년 전

Oh yeah, thank you!
I participate with @yelbosco! :)

Done tasks. I am pretty sure @mermaidvampire deserves the 100 delegation. Stay awesome.

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Muchas bendiciones para todos los usuarios de Steemit y que tengan una Feliz Navidad @petrarodriguez de verdad que ya nos toca. Good Luck Everyone

Hello everyone. Again I visit your blog, and recommend @jennimorillo

I play with @crmilazz :)

@wandrnrose7 are you up for this again? 💕

Luck @perlanacarada, this contest is great

I'm with @wonderwop on this 😁

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Let's rock this! @joshua18

This post has received a 23.3 % upvote from @boomerang.

Me and @otom

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Stay Pulchritude... Am going with @mbj

You got a 6.67% upvote from @booster courtesy of @ralph-rennoldson!


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