Enter to win a chance to win 2 Steem 12/21/18

11개월 전


Thank you for all of yesterdays entries the winner for the 2 steem on 12/20/18 was @ronaldoavelino

I will be starting over with 2 steem

Enter to win a chance to win 2 Steem 12/21/18

Requirements to win


I will randomly pick a winner from the comments if the person that commented didn't do the 4 requirements then i will start a new contest and add more steem to the next contest.

Entry for this contest can be done up till 7:59 pm eastern standard time on 12/21/2018.

Good luck


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Thanks for the contest and making steemit fun😋😋😋

If you know, you know!

Have a great weekend Ralph.

Good luck guys. Thanks again Ralph for this initiative

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Entry is there

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Thank you for contest

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Thank you for the prize!

Happy Friday! :)

I'm in game!

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I hope i will win this time.

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These feel extra fun around the holidays !! Love these thanks for doing them !

Your very interesting blog besides trying your luck in your different contests, I wish a lot of luck to all participants and thanks to @ralph-rennoldson

Happy weekend and happy Christmas.

Merry Chistmas!

Game is ON

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I just discovered you have good contests here so I want to participate
Merry Christmas friend a pleasure to meet you

I am glad I found this hope I get lucky