My first giveaway

2년 전


I will keep this blog as simple and easy.

50% of SBD earned from this blog will be kept for giveaway among 3 winners equally.

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To participate in a giveaway

  1. Comment (Must comment coz the winner will be picked randomly from comment)
  2. Upvote
  3. Resteem
  4. Follow @samm6in

That's it. Best of luck guys.
Result will be announced next saturday i.e 4 August, 2018.

If you don't have account on the following exchanges than please do signup with my referal links below.

Join this discord group for free blog upvotes.

Happy steeming.

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Okay then... Am in! 😆😆


Guys please do follow the rules of the giveaway to qualify.



Great initiative contest..
All done...


You are absolutely right sir @prince121


We have won this giveaway, check out the results sir.

@samm6in First of all, would like to congratulate you for the awesome work you are doing on #steemit. Your posts are highly valuable and very informative. Please keep it up! you are doing a great job.

I have been following you for 3 days, but it is the first time, that I have written any comment on your post........LOL :) #nice #good
You have decided an awesome way for the giveaway, I will greatly appreciate you.

Keep up the good work! I have completed all the required tasks. Hope I will win this #giveaway

Is there any advice or suggestion do you want to give us to #newbies ??



Wow... Very sweet comment.
Yeah I would love to give suggestion to #newbies, I myself being a newbies we all should work together to follow each other, upvote and resteem each other posts in order get seen my other steemians. And never give up on youself.


@samm6in Awesome brother. Hope every #newbie will follow your suggestions.

BTW, it's a very simple and kind advice. I am following the same. But I have a question, why my steem power got stuck at 15 SP. How can we increase it, is there any ideA?


You can increase your SP from buying option or by earning rewards in SP.


Thanks for the suggestion.

It's really great work done by you brother..... awesome stuff done by will make a difference.

Good luck with the contest everyone! Not entering, but responding about randowhale not working. Didn't vote my post either.


thanks man... appreciate ur comment.

I am confident I will win


@kismetlueur what makes you confident??? hahahahah just kidding

wo0ow itS aMmAzZinG dear m won done upvote follow etc now said randomly pick up me

Sure ....already done 😊

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Hi. How are u

Hope i will be one of those winner..

Upvoted, Followed you, resteem done.

Hi. %6 upvoted. Send 0.5 SBD To capari URL as Memo , Resteem to 20.110+ Followers ,and upvote,Upvote with min +34 accounts Upvotes. Good lucky...

Complete your all condition

Follwed, Resteem and upvoted done