Vote for Dropil to get listed on KuCoin and get FREE DROP tokens!

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I'm super excited today because my favorite token Dropil is in a competition to get a free listing on my favorite exchange KuCoin plus an advertising package! As of my writing Dropil is sitting in 4th place out of hundreds of competing project and is gaining steam. If Dropil wins people who voted for it get 5 BTC worth of DROP tokens sent to their KuCoin accounts. Plus Dropil will give 1,000 DROP to everyone who voted for them. If Dropil loses, they'll be giving away 20,000 DROP to 100 people that voted for them! (You don't need a Dropil account, just an ERC20 Ethereum address.) Dropil posted full details here.

How to participate:

  1. Create a KuCoin account
  2. Join this KuCoin Telegram channel
  3. Chat with the KuCoin Telegram bot
  4. Answer its questions with "Your KuCoin Email" "Dropil" and something like "Dropil is an excellent cryptocurrency investing platform."
  5. Chat with to get your bonus Drops. Forward 3 messages including "Project Name You Want...", "Dropil" and "Your vote was registered..." from the KuCoin bot to this Dropil bot. Right click the message to see Forward Message.

What's great about Dropil?
Dropil is an automated cryptocurrency investing platform. It has a team of hundreds of bots that trade currencies on multiple exchanges and pay back profits to investors in DROP tokens. Your tokens are never locked up and you can withdraw at any time. Create a Dropil account and get $5 free with $50 invested.

What's great about KuCoin?
It's a profit sharing exchange that gives away 90% of trading fees to people who have referred others and those who own ther KuCoin Shares KCS token.
Create a KuCoin account to participate in the voting competition.

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Great article! I'm so excited for this opportunity both from and investor standpoint and a community standpoint.


Yeah I think whatever coin gets listed will see a lot more investors.

Dropil is by far the best crypto hedge in a down Market as well as a great long term investment with 8% gains monthly :)


It's definitely been my best investment this year!


Love Dropil, and our tight knit community! Great instructions, hope we win the contest!


We're #4 right now, so we have a chance!

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CoinPrice (USD)📈 24h📈 7d
KCSKuCoin Shares3.208$-1.75%21.49%

I lost my 1500 dropil in tidex


What happened?