🔥 Bitcoin Price Competition, Guess The Price and WIN 2 x STEEM [Wednesday December 26th]



The long-term survival of Steemit is dependent on new users signing up, activating them and community interaction.
This STEEM giveaway is designed to help grow the Steemit community a foster involvement from all members.
If you have just signed up for Steemit and want to start earning your first few STEEM coins then this is for you! Participating in this giveaway takes less than 10 seconds and helps grow the Steemit Network. Guess the bitcoin price now!


  1. Comment your guess for the closing price of bitcoin (BTC) today
  2. Upvote post
  3. Resteem pot for three additional entries, giving you a total of 4
  4. The comment with the closest guess wins 1 STEEM.


-No editing comments
-If more then one person has the same guess the first person who commented will be chosen
-Price prediction must have two decimals, no more and no less
-A minimum of 10 people must participate for in any given day for the daily prize to be unlocked
-If there is no winner for a given day the 1 STEEM is added to the prize pool per day until there is a winner.

Comment below, Good Luck!

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Merry Christmas, enjoy the vote!



Don't forget to Resteem this post to unlock 3 more votes.
Good luck



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