Steem Monsters Giveaway 11 - Revival Contest (Free Beta Packs?)

3개월 전

Revival Event!

For those of you who don't remember me, I'm the dude that had given away hundreds of cards and booster packs to lucky winners up until 4 months ago. Due to health reasons, I decided to take a short break from Steemit and ended my 10th giveaway with a BANG! Now, I am back and hope you guys will continue to support me. This is my first event in 4 months, so please go easy on the downvote please :(. Btw, I've been collecting more and more gold cards hehe :)

For today's event,

I will be giving away 3 beta packs! One beta pack will be distributed to each of the three randomly chosen winners using a randomizer app, so that more people will have a chance to win my giveaway.


By completing optional tasks, you can earn tickets, which will increase your chance of winning! For example: After completing 3 tasks, you will earn 3 tickets.


  1. Leave a comment with your steem/steemmonsters/splinterlands account name. (Mandatory: This is not optional because I need to know where I'm sending the packs to...duh)

  2. Your upvote (Optional)

  3. Your Resteem (Optional)

  4. Tag one friend (Optional)

  5. Screenshot of you winning a battle (Optional)

  6. Tell me how you like the "new" steemit so far?

When will I get my cards?

After 7-8 days of this post, I will give out the prizes. Remember, I will not be responsible if you give me the wrong steem name.

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Upvoted, resteemed andTagging @gregory-f. So far I have mixed feelings about newsteemit, but more positive than negative.

Great giveaway! Hopefully you're totally recovered?

Still not sure what I think of the new Steemit, actually only playing Steemmonsters every now and then and for that it doesn't do any difference compared to the old Steem.

Steemmonstername is: @dikkie
Would like to tag one of my guild members @guchtere



Congratulation! You are my first winner!!! I will be sending you your pack shortly. I just realize that some of the function on steemmonsters had change. I will send the pack to your account via steemengine. From there, you can send it to steemmonsters, which will appear in your account. If you need help, hmu.


Wow thank you very much! First ever win for Steemmonsters giveaways☺️

Did bring me some nice cards to play with


Awesome! I don't make any profits from the giveaways, it's mainly for you guys haha. Good luck with your future battles!

Thanks for giveaway
Upvoted, resteemed and tagging @harpreetjanda
Here is my winning team

I was not well during the hard fork so not used much the platform after hard fork.
My SM I'd is @guurry123

I just want to say Thank You to all the participants so far! Your votes mean a lot to me because they will be use to buy more beta packs for the next Giveaway! I will start picking names on the 7th and will start handing out prizes on the 8th. Whooo!!!


I want to tag @axeman
I didn't decided rather I like new Steem or not coz all this time I was in vacation and can't try it in full force.

Upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for running the giveaway Revival Contest and Welcome Back.

Tagged @mist3ry
new steemit now i see the curator author rewards at 50/50 i like it. not sure about the downvote rule, i haven't used one.


Thanks for joining!

Not a big fan of latest hardfork.


Any reason why? I'm just trying to gather information for myself and i'm curious as to what everyone think about the fork


Less incentive to post. Half your reward is given to the voters. Anyone who isn't a whale had their vote value decreased.


True. That makes sense

@ewkaw, tagging @brumest


I can't say I am liking it. It is good for those curators that have big stacks. But I am losing quite a bit of Steem with this HF.


You are my 3rd winner! I will send the betapack via steemengine. From there, you can send it to steemmonsters, which should show up to your account.


Yayyy Thank you!! I was gonna ask what to do with it next?
How do I send it to steemmonsters?
I am complete noob in that matter :p

My steemmonsters account name @alinalazareva
Tagging @cranium

Screenshot_20190907 Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle .png

New steemit for beginners with a small SP has become clearly worse

Thanks for giveaway


Congratulation! You are my second winner! I will send your betapack via steemengine. From there, you can send it to steemmonsters, which should show up in your account. Ty for playing!


Im glory. Tnx

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