Giveaway! - In the course of this celebration, i am giving away 20 sbd.

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Hello amazing steemians, @yandot here.

With joy and gladness of heart, i wish to announce my birthday to you steemians. God has added another year to my years and i am so filled with joy and happiness. I won't say much on this, but i wish to acknowledge some good people here on the steem platform who has been amazing to me.

@good-karma, i will never forget what he told me when i started steemit, he said ''Steem-on'' and that word has helped me a lot till date. I love you sir. In no alphabetical order, i wish to list some good people who has been showing me love on this platform, always encouraging me, always assisting me. Here they are


The names above have been so good to me in all ramification and i feel bad if i don't acknowledge them. Although so many of you have been good to me but no time to list them all.

Am giving 20 sbd in total. 3 sbd to 5 winners each and 5 sbd to one winner.

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In the course of this celebration, i am giving 20 sbd in total.

In not less than 150 words, tell us how u spent your last birthday.

Rules of this contest

  • Participants must upvote and resteem this post
  • Plagiarizers are not allowed and will be disqualified if caught
  • Participants are to post it in the comment section, no links please
  • Participants must be my follower @yandot
  • Participating must be join with us on eSteem Discord!

Selection process

The winners will be selected in 48 hours (approximately 2 days). @oghie will select 5 winners with 3 sbd each. @yandot will select 1 lucky winner with 5 sbd. Hurry now and tell a friend to tell a friend about it.

Have fun!

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Wish you happy 22nd birthday @yandot. Have a good one.
I celebrated my last birthday a bit differently. I earn enough money now and understand the importance of money in everyone's life. I have been grateful to god for parents. Unlucky are the ones who don't have them. It gets difficult to understand the difference between right and wrong. You don't learn things in the right age.
So I decided to help some of the slight unfortunate ones. The orphans.
I visited an orphanage and donated 28 kg of basic meal ingredients for them. Since I had turned 28 then. I just donated and left because I cannot face people thanking me. I get kinda awkward when people thank me on my face. I don't understand how to react.
And evening I spent chilling in my holiday home. A very lazy one. Just had a pizza, coke and some me time. I generally don't get enough time to be with myself. Instead of being with too many people I preferred giving some time to myself. Not everyone liked it but I loved it. Hope everyone understand it. A change is good at times.


Thanks a lot! Thanks for participating and explain with us about your story ! have fun!


Happy birthday, friend..@yandot
The increase in your age will decrease as well as your age. but do not make it your weakness, you have to get stronger in life to get to the ladder of your success.

How do I celebrate my birthday ...?
Most people celebrate their birthdays by going out for a meal or having a party. Others do not do anything because they think that the birthday is the same as the other day. Or because they do not want to be reminded that their age increases, especially those who are already many. The little boy is of course happy when his birthday is celebrated by his parents. While the elderly people are usually celebrated birthday by his children. but if I personally sometimes there are some things that happened on my birthday

  1. Getting a gift from my wife.
    almost every my birthday I always get gift gifts from my beloved wife. and this became something very happy for me.

  2. Eating
    after I get a gift from my wife and then I invite him and my friends to go to the restaurant and order pizza hut with a large portion and that's where we are happy and celebrate my birthday while making the race who ate a lot hehe. this is very fun for me

  3. Picnic
    And the last thing I do when celebrating my birthday is to take a picnic to the beach while spending the afternoon until the evening and his new night to come home.

so this is what I do when celebrating my birthday, sometimes I celebrate it for up to three days, with my wife and friends.


Wow awesome! Thanks for participating and explain your story with us !


ok you welcome my dear friends

Happy birthday to you @yandot.
Before I make any comment to this I must confess that this is a very generous move that's rare in this platform, again thanks for an opportunity to share a view on how my last birthday went.

It was the 26th day of July last year, I wasn't a steemian then, just a student living his normal life. I had nothing on me to celebrate my birthday with. I got many texts, calls and few gifts from both my families and friends but I never knew something was in the cards for me. To be honest, I've never celebrated any of my previous birthdays before, I only give thanks to God for a successful 365days and looking forward to another successful year. I went for my football training that same evening (July 26th) and guess what!? My teammates already bought some drinks and snacks for the celebration and immediately I got to the field, I was showered with water and everyone congratulated me on my birthday. Later that evening, we went out and had a little get together and that was how I celebrated my birthday.


thank you have to tell about your birthday with excellent! celebrate uoang year with friends is the very beautiful and has a moment of the right to celebrate.
Thanks for great comment!


You're welcome bro! Do have fun.

Happy Birthday 22nd @yandot hopefully your life gets better and more useful. I have a birthday on the 20th of March and two months ago I just turned 21. On my birthday I was given many surprises and gifts by my friends and family. Even my family had a dinner party and invited my best friends to celebrate my birthday. That night we gathered into a great family with great joy. This warmth and joy and togetherness is an event that can not be bought.


Thank you for participating ! Have fun

Happy Birthday Yandot !!!

I wish you all the best
Thank you for holding this contest. And I want to partition this contest. This is my entry

The 6th of June this year is my 28th birthday. I'll tell you a bit about my birthday last year. Last year I celebrated my birthday with great simplicity.This is because my financial factor back down. And I always celebrate my birthday with luxury. Previously I often make food to eat with friends and family. But last year I just celebrated a very simple event. I ordered some rice boxes and invited the orphans.This is something new in my birthday activities. Here I find a deep spiritual spirit. The happy feeling I feel here. I think I have done a very good thing. Why did I forget them. And they desperately need us. Friends and family are also important to celebrate with them. But we also need to share with the less fortunate and orphaned.
Simplicity is beautiful. In addition to celebrating the birthday we also do charity activities. And I believe that I do that is a very rare thing to do for others. All they know is to celebrate and have fun when it comes to the day of birth. Though we should be much grateful because our age increases. And I will repeat last year's activities on my 28th birthday. And that's the story of my birthday last year.

Thanks @yandot for this contest
Stay blessed and steem on !!


it really is really amazing! you are really a very nice person! I hope you can do this in the future as well. thank you for telling your birthday story! I am deeply touched by your story! Thanks a lot brother


Thanks brother.

"The past is history, today is a scratch, and the future is hope. Happy birthday, carve your history, scratch your day, and hope for the future "
Dont forget to visit my blog


Thanks a lot !

Belated happy birthday @yandot. Hope you had fun.

Some of us can't afford some extra money to celebrate our birthdays. Hope to earn enough from steemit to be able to celebrate this year.

Have fun☺


Thanks a lot brother!


Nyan ka loen vote, neu vote loen beh @boytaufik

Hello Wish you happy 22nd birthday @yandot. Have a good one. I celebrated my last birthday a bit 20th birthday I think it was the best in life since it was on a beach, with my friends from college, my cousins and my family. It was a Saturday, June 4 and it is almost a month before I would win to celebrate. last year with my savings to be able to make a cake and my friends paid for the ticket and the entrance of the park that is a freshwater beach. here the picture with my sister @angelishi and my best friend

Thank you for participating and have fun!

Happy birthday @yandot, hopefully your age is a blessing and always protected by god. what you are doing @yandot is one of those amazing birthday events and I really like it, usually celebrating my friends' birthdays is invite friends to eat and drink in the restaurants. But I love your idea @yandot. great ... great ... great @yandot


Thanks a lot for your support!:))

Happy birthday day man

My birthday is not always grate hope it will be the best that you ever had


Thanks a lot! Wish you all the best in the future!

happy birthday @yandot

Everyone has a special day in his life, and everyone also has their own way of celebrating it. There are meraiyakan with luxury there are ordinary, but no doubt there is also on the other hand do not celebrate it and even there is not want at all.

But I am among the people in the middle, I look forward to my birthday, because I know that day is the day I am there and the first day to use oxygen which is made rich by God, so always waiting for that day. And now I am waiting for next June but there is no plan for partying yet. A year ago I also commemorated it at a shelter of Rohingya immigrants in northern aceh, I took the time to teach them to read and write and give them a small gift of healthy snacks. Because that day I've got there (older age), besides I also often reflexsi self, reviewing last year usually I took myself to write, sometimes small notes and sometimes poetry, of course for my motivation in living the rest of age. Besides, as my coworkers come home from work my children and my wife have prepared a simple event, eating together and chatting together about life.

On this occasion I pray that @yandot be blessed always by God in the rest of age, may we be the first people who care before others.



Thank you for participating and explain your story with us! Awesome

Happy birthday @yandot. I will always pray that your days in the future will always bring new hope to you. Although there are many obstacles ahead, you have to get stronger in life to get to the ladder of your success. May Allah always bestow you the gift and long life on you @yandot.


Amin! Thank you for your pray and thanks for support brother!


thanks again @yandot i really need guidance from you

Last year was my bad moment when i selebrated my brithday. Two days before my birthday i should stay away from my love, i cant talk about it. It's my sadness.

Hope you will selebrate your birthday in happiness @yandot


Thanks a lot!
I'm sorry to hear it. it is the worst moment you experience. hopefully in the future you can celebrate happiness:))


Thanks u bro.



Thanks a lot for this picture is beautiful:))

Happy birthday

My birthday was on 25th October 2017 last year. Nobody knew it not even my parents but it was the best birthday I ever had since I was given birth to.

My parents stopped celebrating my birthday from the age of 9 so eventually I got used to it. But my birthday last year was awesome because I was in school.
That day started out normally like any other day, me just going to school, coming back home late in the evening. On my usual birthday before getting admission into school, I just stay out a little late alone and then come back, eat get into bed and sleep.

At times I am reminded by a friend’s happy birthday messages to me that it is my birthday.
I went home to my lodge outside the school environment planning to just eat, rest and finally sleep(the usual). When I reached my room, I knocked and my roommate opened the door for me.

Everywhere was kinda getting dark since it was late in the evening. Immediately I entered the room, I heard a happy birthday scream behind me and suddenly the whole room lit up. I saw all my friends from my department and lodge all gathered there to celebrate me. The feeling was so amazing. It turns out my roommate was the person that planned the whole birthday thing.

Before the main celebration began, they poured me a lot of water. This is the norms in Lagos where I grew up (they believe you were bathed with water the day you were born =, so the same should be done on every birthday of yours).

Later on we had food and drinks served and we played music and danced to our hearts content. Despite the fact that we didn’t have cake still it was the best birthday I ever had, One with my family in school (friends).


A very special and extraordinary birthday! of course we are very happy to get a surprise like that. Thank you for sharing your birthday story full of surprises. Thanks a lot!

Happy belated birthday @yandot.
Since joining college, I have never celebrated my birthday with family. It was always going to with friends and chilling with them and partying late night.
This year, I suddenly felt that I should be spending some quality time with family on special occasions. Don't know whether that's maturity talking but I kinda felt nice and rally enjoyed with none other than my family :)

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Birthdays are special and they are to be celebrated with those we love. I guess you love us so you choose to celebrate this with us and for us, Happy birthday @yandot

How I spent my last Birthday

It was some minutes to 6 PM.
I had been busy all day. It was so painful that my Birthday fell on a working day and we had an incredible work load I didn't think I was completing anytime soon.

My phone had been ringing non-stop. It was expected. It was my birthday and so calls were incessantly coming in.

I was supposed to spend the evening with family but it was obvious it wouldn't be possible.

I bit myself as I acknowledge that reality.

"This would be the worst birthday ever", I said as I fought back the upsurge of tears that welled up in my eyes.

There'd be another next year..

I said, consoling myself.

As I rounded up work at the site, the only thing on my mind was what I'd be having for dinner that night in my lonely abode.

I pushed myself and headed home, so tired.

I always left my key at the corner of my window but couldn't find it there when I arrived home.

I decided to turn the door knob and it flanked open.

"Happy Birthday to you".....they sang amidst the cheers while I was baffled.

It turned out that they understood my plight and Mom aand siblings along with a few friends decided to come over instead and give me a surprise birthday party.

May 19th 2017 turned out to be a fun filled day instead.


Thank you for telling your birthday story and have participated in this event. The amazing surprise you get from your friends is very moving! Have fun!


Thanks much, turns out that we are birthday mates in terms of month.

Before I tell my story, I will say happy birthday to @yandot.

I was born in February, this year my age to 29 years, on my birthday, I never celebrate like people in general, I do not like to make a troublesome event. On birthday celebrations, there's no cake show and blowing candles, I just celebrate with some close friends (about 10 people), the show I made was pretty simple, just hanging out at the stall while enjoying a plate of fried noodles and a cup of coffee.

Birthday events that I can convey almost the same as the reunion, because it can be gathered with close friends who are busy with their respective jobs.

That's the only thing I do when it's birthday. Although impressed simple but I am very happy. Enjoyment is extraordinary and difficult to express in words.


Thanks for taking the time to read my story.


Thanks for participating and explain your story with us!


ok, thanks also friend, have read my birthday story

Happy Birthday friend


Thanks a lot my friend!

First of all, Happy birthday to you!

Background design using Canva by Legend Chew

I usually celebrate it with my best friends. Normally they will book a luxury hotel and invite me secretly to the place for the celebration. That is what makes a surprise birthday party.

There will be a party with music all night long near the swimming pool. The usual one will have barbecued together with friends. We will talk about life, the future and all kind of stuff. Birthday gift? Normally we do not have this stuff unless we specify what we really want before the birthday.

As time passed, the birthday party become less and lesser. My last birthday is the easiest one. I went to watch movies and have fabulous meals with my best friends. Lastly, we do a shopping tour and find things that I want to buy for my birthday. If I not able to find it, I will just forget about it. As simple as that.


Wow amazing! Thank you very much for participating ! Have fun

Happy Birthday to ; @yandot


I hope your Success at steemit.


Thanks a lot for your support always! @aronnaawe

22nd birthday? Wow!

I'm glad you've scaled through the years, alive, and in good health.
Today is the celebration of yet another year, and I join the multitude of your friends and well wishes to say

Happy Birthday @yandot

Now my story

Today makes it exactly thirty one days since my last birthday, and the memories of it are jewels I won't let the pigs stomp upon. March 31 was the day.


As it is with every anticipating celebrant, I nursed and nurtured thoughts of nothing but a euphoric birthday anniversary. if not for anything, the joy of experiencing a new birth year and the happiness that comes with it.

Few days, prior to my birthday, I got an offer from a friend to take pre-birthday photos with him at a discounted rate, and that happened to be my first birthday gift.

Here are few photos from what I took;



Then finally, the D-Day arrived, thereby announcing the expiration of my anticipation. I couldn't keep my calm, my friends neither. The calls, Goodwill prayers, Goodwill messages, posts on various social media. God.

For once, I felt like a celebrity, and also perceived the fragrance of true friendship.

My birthday fell on an Easter Saturday, a period characterized by numerous religious meetings. In addition to this, my bank account was really not smiling, so I thought it unwise to stretch beyond my limits in order to throw a big party.

In the end, I hung out with friends, ate, had fun, and also reflected on the reason for the season. I won't fail to mention the fact that I used my birthday to reconcile relationships which were at the verge of collapsing.

I got some tangible and intangible gifts that day which made me happy. One of the gifts came in form of this graphic design by @lifewithtee


I felt blessed.


Thank you for participating and explain your story with us! Really amazing

I wish You Joy And Happiness , and good times with Your loved ones!!!


Thanks a lot brother!

First of all, happy birthday. As for the tale of my last birthday...

It was one I would love to forget. I had a big picture in mind. I had just joined Steemit, and i had made some cash. I was hoping to pull off a grand celebration, as it was to be my last as a college student (university). Drinks were in order, there was minced chicken, with peppersoup. However, tragedy struck when, first of all, the small generator we had hoped to use, refused to come on. After fixing it up, it finally came on. But our joy was shortlived as it had fried the sound system and there was no source of music.

However, I would be forever grateful to my friends who understood quite well that it wasn't like me not to throw a good party. And guess what? I did make it up to them, with another party!


Thank you for participating and explain your story with us! Have fun :)

happy birthday long and healthy always. good luck always and always on give health


Thank you!

Selamat Ulang Tahung Bg @yandot 👏

Semoga dengan bertambahnya umur bertambah pula kebahagiaan serta memiliki tanggung jawab maksimal terhadap keluarga, semoga selalu dalam lindungan Allah. SWT dan diberkahi umur.

Setiap orang memiliki banyak cara dalam merayakan ulang tahunnya, begitu juga dengan saya. Dalam menjalani kehidupan berbagai macam masalah dan kebahagiaan yang didapat namun setiap hal tersebut perlu evaluasi, nah..saya merayakan moment ulang tahun saya untuk mengevaluasi prilaku saya yang lalu, setiap aktifitas yang saya jalani selalu saya sempatkan diri untuk mengisi halaman diari saya, pada malam ulang tahun saya membaca kembali beberapa tulisan saya yang lalu, saya merenungkan setiap hal yang saya tulis, semua tentang :

Apakah salah saya...?
Apakah saya benar...?
Sudah bahagiakah orang yang saya sayang..?

Saya telah berkeluarga dan memiliki 2 orang anak, moment ultah saya menjadikan satu moment wajib bagi saya untuk meminta maaf pada keluarga saya, atas apa yang telah saya lakukan 1 tahun yang lalu, terutama pada suami saya, moment meminta maaf tersebut selalu menjadi moment terbaik bagi saya untuk berbenah diri di hari berikutnya untuk saya menjadi lebih baik. Air mata dan pelukan selalu menjadi bumbu perayaan ultah saya sejak saya telah menikah, semuanya terlihat sempurna bagi saya dan saya bahagia selalu ditemani orang-orang yang saya sayangi, yang selalu membimbing saya dan memberikan teguran kepada saya untuk menjadi yang lebih baik, begitulah perayaan ultah saya setiap tahunnya, semua sederhana tetapi saya rasa berkualitas untuk berbenah dan mengintrospeksi diri atas hari-hari yang telah saya jalani.

Puisi Malam Ultah saya 22 Oktober 2017


Gelap, Sepi dan sunyi
Hening mu membuat aku sadar
Meratapi berbagai macam permasalahan
Akankah esok menjadi keberuntungan

Waktu ke waktu telah aku jalani
Aku mendapatkan kebahagian
dan Aku mendapatkan kesedihan
Bukankah itu proses yang harus aku lalui

Termenung aku berpikir
Akankah esok aku akan bahagia
ataukah esok menjadi hari terakhirku
Apapun itu,,,,aku harus tetap semangat

Kini aku bersama orang-orang yang aku sayang
Sedihku akan berlalu bersamanya
Semoga senyapmu dimalam ini
Akan menjadi irama indahku di esok hari.

Semoga tulisan saya bermanfaat dan menjadikan moment terbaik dimalam ini.

Maaf.... saya menulis dalam bahasa indonesia karena saya kurang dalam berbahasa inggris.😁



Terimakasih banyak telah berpastisipasi dan menceritakan kisah anda kepada kita . Sangat luar biasa dan puisinya juga bagus . Thanks !


ia bg @yandot terimakasih ya...telah memilih komentar saya yang terbaik 😊😍

Happy birthday @yandot I hope you had fun today?

My last birthday started off as no fun at all. I was depressed for half of the day. At midday, I decided to go see a movie at one of the cinemas around. To my disappointment, the cinema only had wack movies slated for the day. Not wanting to waste my transport fare, I decided to see one of the movies any way. As expected, it was nothing to write home about😥😥.
But then, on my way out of the cinema, I mistakenly bumped into a cute guy.
I apologized and one thing led to another and we became friends. He ended up taking me to a really cool party where I was validated by strangers like they had known me forever. All in all, my last birthday was not totally ruined 😍😆.
I hope your day does not go like mine, unless you would like to bump into a cute girl too 😉😉.


Thanks a lot for participating and have fun!

happy Birthday my best friend @yandot
hopefully long life and become a better person than ever


Thank s lot for your support my friend!

Happy birthday bro. Live long my best friend


Thank you man! Thanks for your support!


Happy Birthday bro!
My 23rd birthday meant so much to me cos I woke up with so much joy and happiness to a long and lovely text from my girl . That gave a nice kick to my day but going into my day it was filled with birthday wishes from friends , family, colleagues, and neighbors. The day was so delightful and ended with a get together where my friends and loved ones came to celebrate me. It was more than anyone could ask for: having the people you love celebrate you is what really matters and we should all look forward to that. Thanks


Thank you very much for participating and tell us about your birthday!

hi @yandot, it's great to have you tell us, how we celebrate our last birthday, it reminds us how happy times are there.

how you spend your last birthday
it is a very good question my friend.

I am a man born on 17 January 1992, and coinciding on the 17th of january 2018 ago I was 26 years old.
That day is a very happy day for me, because I was still given the age by Allah, and also still given a chance by god to improve. nothing special on my birthday, no birthday cake, no birthday prayer, not even a birthday present I found, be it from family, close friends, even social media. I do not mind it all, because I do not think it's about how big a birthday cake is, not about how many birthday greetings, and it's not about how merry the applause is, because it's about how we are to be grateful for life very short. celebrating a birthday with gratitude for the life that is still given is very beautiful, only the big souls who can be grateful.

and do not forget, I wish you a, happy birthday @yandot, hope blessing age, more success, be a better person, and be a thankful person with every given.



Thank you for participating and tell us about your birthday! Really awesome :))


thanks @yandot, happy to participate with you.

previous. I want to wish you happy birthday @ yandot, hopefully what you aspire to achieve.


Thanks a lot for your always support @aronnaawe

Happy Birthday @yandot. Wishing you a happy 22nd birthday. I really like this contest and it is a wonderful one at that.

How did I celebrate my last birthday??
My last birthday was on May 15 2017 and it started all cool. The weather was cool and calm. I prayed and thanked God for adding another year to my life and was prayed for by my parents too.. I was introduced to a sumptuous meal by mum and everyone in the family gave me gifts..
That early hours of the morning I took some items I had bought to our community orphanage since when I became a beauty queen it has always been a norm for me to celebrate with them in my own little way.. The joy in their hearts already made the rest of the fun and worthwhile..
Later in the day calls and text came in from friends, family and loved ones.
I was just a normal university law student but my faculty had surprised me with a cake and another surprise birthday party. And that last year I got my phone as a gift from my friend.
I was happy with all the gifts and good wishes. I was so loved.
In the evening my friends took me out again for a party and we had fun.. It was really amazing to be in the midst of people who care for you and put your happiness at heart..
I got amazing gifts like a lovely Barbie gown with a black Italian heels from my BFF.
To my surprise it took me two days or more to reply to all the DMs, phone calls, messages on social media and the rest..
Birthdays are one of the most important moments or time in our life where we reflect on our past life and pray to be better.
I really enjoyed my last birthday and can't wait for this one on May 15 .. Wow
I hope to get a wonderful birthday celebration..


Thank you for participating and tell us about your birthday ! Have fun

Selamat Hari Lahir Bang @yandot. Semoga Allah SWT melimpahkan Rahmat dan Hidayah-Nya kepada anda. Di beri kelapangan serta sisa hidup yang bermanfaat untuk keluarga, sahabat, juga untuk semua orang.

Saya tidak begitu bagus dalam bahasa inggris. Sehingga saya harus menjawab pertanyaan tentang bagaiman saya menghabiskan hari ulang tahun terakhir saya dalam bahasa Indonesia. Semoga dapat dimaklumi.

Saya dari keluarga yang serba berkecukupan. Sehingga tidak ada istilah perayaan ulang tahun di hari kelahiran saya. Tepat pada tanggal 5 April 2018 yang lalu adalah hari kelahiran saya. Sama seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya tidak ada perayaan yang besar atau megah di hari itu. Biasa-biasa saja, tidak ada yang spesial. Mungkin ini terdengar kampungan atau semacamnya. Saya memaklumi akan hal itu.

Sedikitpun saya tidak berharap agar supaya di hari yang bahagia itu dirayakan dengan sederhana atau bahkan bermegah-megahan. Biasanya di hari ulang tahun saya, saya sering merenung diri, sisa berapa lagi kah umur yamg saya miliki. Juga disertai doa kepada Allah SWT agar kiranya sisa umur ini tidak sia-sia.

Kebetulan hari kelahiran saya adalah hari jumat, saya juga tidak lupa membaca surah Yasin sampai saya benar-benar letih. Hanya seperti itu setiap tahunnya.

Demikian saya melalui hari-hari saya pada saat ulang tahun saya bang @yandot. Terimakasih sudah membacanya.

Semoga Allah SWT memberikan kita umur yang panjang dan tentunya bermanfaat.


Terimakasih banyak bang atas ucapan dan doanya semoga dikabulkan oleh Allah Swt , Amin terimakasih juga sudah menceritakan cerita anda dengan kami . Maaf telah mendengar ini tapi saya harap anda selalu bahagia dengan apa yang anda lakukan . Tetap semangat


Hee... Gak apa bang. InshaAllah akan indah pada waktunya. Semoga ababg sehat selalu, dipanjangkan umurnya oleh Allah SWT. Amiin.

My last birthday was fantastic.... How it started was I woke in the morning of February 22 2018 and I was not having any money to take my siblings and friends out so later on that day a Friday called me to come around.... So I went and he said we should go out and that how he called some closed by school mates and we went to the mall watched jumanji and then we ate... He funded all this bills and my day was a blast
Am the dude I big laughter


Happy birthday to you @yandot... Wishing a long life with prosperity in Good health


Thanks for participating and tell us about your birthday! Awesome you spending your time with your friend

Happy birthday @yandot!

Well my birthday was not as fun as the other steemians. Working in the hospital is not easy and I have to work on my birthday. Yeah I know it's not a big deal but, it is a time to spend with your family right? 1 of my colleague had an emergency and can't go to work so I had to cover for her. Sigh.. but, nevermind. As long as her problem was settled and the all the work was done without much problem. And that's how I spend my birthday this year. :)


Thanks a lot for participating and tell us about your birthday and have fun !

Great way to celebrate your birthday @yandot, never seen before on this platform. Either way happy birthday to you, many more years and happy returns


Thank you for your support! I want to give love to my followers :))

Happy birthday to you!!!! :) :) How old are you now??

And yes, my birthday was last January 7, 2018. :) It really wasn't a grand birthday celebration but it was the most memorable birthday I had. My parents invited some of my church mates and my friends and my cousins, aunts and uncles in the house and we had dinner together. :) We don't have that much food but it was just enough. It wasn't just an ordinary birthday because it was birthday + thanksgiving. Thanksgiving because I already graduated college and passed the board exam. And what I love about it is that, they made a tarpaulin for me. :( And in the tarpaulin it says,

"Happy 22nd Birthday Christine Jane! Congratulations for passing the LET. We are so proud of you."

Which was really very touching.. We don't normally celebrate my birthday and invite many people but that was different and it was memorable. <3

That was how I celebrated my birthday. :) Simple but fun! :)


Thank you for telling your birthday story. I am 22 years old now :))
it is a beautiful moment. although it was very simple but it was so much fun!


Oh really?? You are also 22 now?? Wow!! Welcome to the club. Haha.. We're a year older now. :) You spending it with your family?


Wow we have same years:)) awesome yes! I am spending with my family yes!


Ohh, that is cool! :) How was your birthday celebration? :)

Dear @yandot

Happy birthday.

I am very happy for your day.

I can see that you have learned many things from all good mentors.
Main things we have both learned from our biggest leader @dobartim and I thank @dobartim that he has introduced me to you and your work.
In last few weeks leadership program that we are both students for best steemit work and best communications .
You and me as students at Leadership Classes at #steemschools we know that this seminars are key of best solution and ultimate results how to make more sbd without investment if that is only option.
I am proud of your work and your achievement with knowledge that we got from @dobartim and his teaching to all of us.
I can only follow good example and good work.
This Happy Birthday will be for amazing excel in your steemit path.
May all your wishes come through. I hope one day you will be our teacher for steem at #steemschools so more people can learn from you how to make more sbd and better results.
I can learn and respect all the work that you do for all of us and your friendship.

Happy Birthday

Thank you for invitation to birthday party


Thank you for this .i am really glad join with us in steemschool . You and @dobartim is really amazing person! Thanks a lot for everything:))


Happy Birthday my friend and may all wishes come through

Happy Birthday @yandot ...
Wish you long life and good health always...


Thanks a lot!

I would like to say Happiest Birthday to you sir @yandot! I hope you just have a blissful day on your very special day: the day you were born. Thank you for this contest you have given to us God Bless you on this and to share the story of our birthday, thank you. More birthdays to come and candles to blow and of course, more blessings to come. Happiest Birthday once again :)

I celebrated my birthday last April 21, 2018, together with my two younger sisters because we had the same birthday but was born in a different year. In the morning we just had a normal breakfast while my grandmother hugged me and greeted me a happy birthday. On the afternoon, my two younger sisters went to the city because they had an art workshop for that day (our birthday), I turned 20 years old on that day, 15 years old to my younger @kirei, 7 years old to my little sister while a 20th birthday and death anniversary on my twin sister who died on the day we were born. I was at my meeting on the afternoon on that day since I am running for SK Kagawad this coming May 14, 2018, my teammates in SK didn't notice or they just forgot that it was my birthday on that day, they must fail to greet me happy birthday but they were the ones who make me feel the happiest birthday girl on that day because our meeting was full of laughs, jokes, seriousness while sharing ideas with each other. When we finished our meeting around 7 in the evening, we just happened to pass by on a sari-sari store, then one of my friends like to eat a bread because she was hungry so I gave him 20 PHP or 0.39 USD, then one of our friends asked me if he can by it a sardines and I said go ahead by for it cause I know they were hungry, I wanted to treat them a food but I only have 0.38 USD or 20 PHP. I was still laughing at that time because they are still making jokes that would make you cry for laughing, your jaws and your stomach for laughing. But they asked again if where are we going to eat with rice, I told them that we will be going to pass by on our eatery (my family's eatery) and gladly there was a rice left in the pot and I thanked my mother for that and she told me to go home early. We were supposed to eat with my friends but they are dancers and it was their dance rehearsal on that night so while I was waiting for them while holding the sardines and rice it was suddenly raining and it's getting dark I told one of our friends that I am going home because it is getting late and my mother told me to go home early, so I went running home because the rain is slowing down. When I got home I was surprised that there were a spaghetti because I told them that it's okay if we are not going to have an extravagant celebration as long as we have a spaghetti: my favorite food, then my mother told me to prepare our food for the dinner because they were actually waiting for me so I prepared the foods and we have a family dinner on that night, it is rare for us to eat altogether so I was happy for that even though my elder sister wasn't there because she is still travelling to go home but when she got home we put the candles on the cake, the only cake for the three of us while our elder sister @kneelyrac kept capturing the moment when we blow the candles for the three of us. I was so happy and so full on my birthday, I know my siblings were too but I just can't help feeling sad because it was the death anniversary on my twin sister and I forgot to visit on the cemetery because I was on my meeting but on the next day I visited her and my grandfather on the cemetery with my grandmother and my little sister because better late than never.


Thanks a lot for participating and tell us about your birrhday! Have fun and have a good day ! Your story is awesome !

Happy birthday @yandot, hopefully on your birthday your family, friends, friends and even everyone will help and pray for you to gain success from today, getting great from today and adding dream manifestation in the future. So at that time also you will be tested with patience and humility to hold in the feel of the greatest and most things hopefully at that moment bang @yandot will remain a @yandot always good, humble and patient. Perhaps at the age that has stepped into the 22 years is the age that is said to be not too young anymore, hahaha but certainly have a power that is still so great new thoughts of course great and quality. Staying always eager to encourage each other to support each other and mutually happy human beings even anyone and wherever bang @ iandot stands today or later. Greetings from one of the steemian Indonesia @ditop


Thanks a lot for participating and tell us about your birrhday! Have fun


sama-sama bang

Happy birthday kawan.izinkan saya bergabung dengan dengan kamu @yandot.
Netulong vote sigoe.terimakasih..


Thanks a lot

Happy birthday @yandot semoga sehat selalu dan dengan bertambah nya usia prestasi nya semakin bagus dari hari hari byasa nya


Terimakasih yaa :))

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Congratulations and Happy Birthday @yandot!


Thanks a lot! @yuriks2000

Selamat ulang tahun @yandot ... Semoga hari-hari Anda lebih bahagia dan penuh kegembiraan dan harapan meskipun ada rintangan di depan Anda, anggaplah itu hanya kemenangan yang berlalu untuk memperkuat iman dan pikiran Anda .. Semoga semua baik selalu bersamamu "

I do a few weeks and days before my birthday, I will visit some of my favorite websites to see if they offer something special on the birthday of their customers, and if they provide me immediately sign up to be in the mailing list or more many from the customer list. however, I often ask directly to the service (customer service) I can tell if they have a special program for birthdays. Usually Many restaurants or coffee outlets (coffee houses, etc.) provide special offers for birthdays and I also print other places, such as my hairdresser or my masseuse for a "Birthday" gift. Maybe you can apply @yandot.

It is undeniable that this journey of life has taken a lot of time. From time to time, things have happened. There are likes, there is grief, there is cheerful, even there is hurt. However, it is all a colorful life. Stay the best of all. And remember, age may increase. But it signifies our reduced allotment rations. In the end, we will all leave this mortal world.

Happy birthday to you, my brother 😃


Thanks a lot brother!
That is very correct . we are in the world only temporarily so use the time as well as possible and be useful for others!

First of all let me wish you a happy birthday
And it’s nice to meet ya.

my 33st

The year was 2017, the month was July and one man was about to turn 33. Yes that’s right father2b turned 33.
So me and my mates decided to take the tent and to a beautiful seaside campsite for an overnight stay and a trip into the seaside town of Scarborough for drinks and celebrations. 2B75492F-1A64-48DF-A726-A91B6D1611AA.jpeg
The day and night was great. We had a drink, A dance, even a little sing song.
We took some random guys wig of his head for a great photo opportunity and stole some owl hats.
It’s safe to say we had a fantastic day although, taken the tent down next day with a hang over I don’t recommend.

There is not the greatest pleasure that you receive, there is no greatest gift you can save except a blessing of the health and longevity that god gives you. Happy birthday @yandot .. Hopefully In your age that now makes the more blessing and hopefully all your wishes can be achieved immediately

In the past, my other way of giving thanks and celebrating my 28th birthday was to enjoy my birthday in a different way that I did charity . I started collecting money from a month before my birthday and I invited some people, like friends and family. try this way maybe your birthday will be very special @yandot, Believe me your birthday will feel different and this is impossible you can forget.


Thank you very much! Thanks for participating and nice comment as well!


Every year I usually celebrate my birthday with my family. Although simple with just brunch or dinner, this is the unforgettable part. This moment can feel the warmth and love of the family. usually I choose to eat at the restaurant, but usually family choose to cook together to feel more kinship. After the night passed usually I also celebrate my birthday by going out with friends. I used to go by bus with my friends out of town. Stay a few nights by renting places. In addition to refreshing, I can do things I have never done. with this all i have experience and new memory along with my friend. Believe me this will be a moment that will never be forgotten. Maybe you can try it @yandot on your birthday this

happy birth day to you @yandot , as increasing your age, i hope god always give you a pleasure and i wish to god for give you successful in the future


Thanks a lot! Thank you for participating with my contest and have fun !

A big birthday shout out to you @yandot, wishing you long life in good health. A trouble free life is a fraudulent life, May you be grant the power to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. Bigger you I pray for, your peak is your beginning stay blessed bro.

The last birthday I remember celebrating was when I was 8, everything was going
on fine. Then dad was alive, mom was doing pretty well too but ever since dad died things drop drastically. Well that a story for another day. Back to the topic how I spent my last birthday, I was born on the 15th of may and I also have a sister who was born on the 10th of the same month. I lost my sister some years back. Whenever we're in the month of May I feel very bad because I always remember her and it dent my heart so much not to see her again. My last birthday wasn't special, nor was it normal because it was just there. Birthdays come and go and i don't celebrate it because it just like a normal day, I have this thinking that life is a debt and not a gift and since life is a debt it can be taken at any time.

May 15 2017 was just a normal day for me, nothing special about it, my birthday was celebrated by me, myself and I. No special gift, no girlfriend to give me a kiss or a blow job, families were too busy to remember, not even a text from a single friend of mine(oh do I really have a friend), Colleagues at work were just to busy to remember. The only person that wished me a happy birthday was my bank Gtb(Guarantee trust bank). I know you would be thinking if I am the crazy type? No am not, but am just the gentle, easy going guy with a lot of secret on his head.

After work on that day I moved to the street and share some love with the less privilege on the street with the little I have on me. That how my birthday went. I was so shocked when I started getting birthday messages and calls from my friends and family on the 16th of may and that made me ask myself who's to be blamed for this? I guess their brain just got restored (lol).


Thanks a lot! Thanks for participating and explain with us about your birthday ! Awesome

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I will always remember my last birthday. It was on June 18 2017, when I will be 23 years of age. That day was exceptionally unique and the best birthday that I have had, in light of the fact that there were numerous things that made my last birthday essential for me.

That day I woke up ay 6:00 am, on account of my folks sang me an exceptional melody and they gave me a few presents, additionally my kin and my folks gave my numerous embraces, at that point my cousin Gaby touched base to my home and she gave me a case of chocolates and a CD of my fovorite vocalist, it was the most delightful present and thus Iwas extremely cheerful that morning.

Well toward the evening a significant number of my companions called me and let me know "Congrats! you are old, now you can go to the dance club, drink lager and you can do numerous things that before you couldn't do, for instance you can drive,vote, etc...". These words fulfilled me exceptionally, becase now Icould go out with my companions to night clubs and I could arrive late to my home. In any case, Iwas somewhat miserable, in light of the fact that my closest companion did not call me and Ithought that she had overlooked my birthday.

After at 6:00 pm Iwas with my folks when I recived a messag, that was from my closest companion Vere and she let me know "I have a shock for you, Iwant to know whether you can go to my home", and Itold her "obviously, I felt that you had overlooked my birthay", and she said "Did you trust it?, How ? in the event that you realize that you are my closest companion and thus I need that you gone to my home", Itold her "yes, Iwill go, at what time? what's more, she let me know "at 8:00 pm I will lift you up, see you!, and I said "alright bye".

During the evening Vere lifted me up in an excellent auto, it looked extremely decent, at that point when we touched base to her home, she opened the entryway, and every one of my companions were inside with numerous blooms and balons, after every one of my companions gave me a major embrace and they sang me an exceptional and lovely melody that I loved and it was my main tune. At last, we ate cake,drunk lager, and we moved in particular, truly appreciated it.

Therefore I will never forget that day as the best birthday in my life and it has been the most essential, since I would be 23 years of age, likewise my family and my companions were extremely adorable with me.


Thank you for participating with my contest and explain with us about your story birthday!

happy birthday Buddy, hopefully long life and given good health @yandot


Thanks a lot brother!


u`r welcome brother :)

Happy birthday @yandot !!


Thanks a lot brother!


continue to give the best and be the winner :)

Happy birthday @yandot Hope you enjoy your day :)
Let me describe how I celebrated my last birthday.
It was a memorable day for me.At exact 12 am of Nov 9 my day started.Everyone started wishing beautiful wishes and their words , I still remember.And then in early morning of my day I started selecting to wear which dress to look pretty as it was my day 😜.I weared dress that was a gift for me given by my mom

Then went to university and same their friends wishes and teachers too. Then the time arrived when I got birthday party from my mains. I was a memorable day as my one of the close friend with whom I was angry from last three months she came and gave a hug and she wished me with great love :) I felt so happy ..then finally there was a big treat for me , all my friends gathered after a long time we had a great time at lunch . I got chocolates too😍

After that lunch made a snap with girls group

, finally came back to home also cut cake with family got gifts and at end thanks to everyone for making my day.

Wow amazing! You celebrate your birthday with your mom and your friend! Thanks for sharing your story birthday with us!

Happy birthday @yandot semoga sehat selalu,sukses terus kawan


Thank you :))

Happy Birthday @yandot! You would be happy,healthy and peaceful life from till present to next many years.


Thank you!

Happy birthday sir @yandot! May God bless you more! And more blessing shower upon you.😊 in health , wealth and spirituality also!


I celebrated my birthday last january 22, and my age right now is still young huh..😊, on that time im not steemian, im happy on my birthday just because my hubby is the on whoo cooked my" handa", he cooked for me a buttered shrimp, pork and chicken adobo and naturally the one special menu that will never be vanished.. a long life pansit.😊
On this my birthday im in wor, so i was surprised that he buy me a cake and a necklace gift and a dress, he makes me happy on that time. So i celebrated my birthday with my friends and co-workers. We eat happily together, but wait before we eat pala i blow the candle of my birthday cake.😊 simple but happy.
And heres the other pictures of my birthday.😊

Yours Truly;
Marigen aka. @greatwarrior79






Thank you very much for your explain your story birthday ! Awesome


My pleasure sir @yandot!😊

Birthday is a clever event with everyone. It has numerous approaches to commend our birthday. We can hold party, go out with companions or family. I had 19 birthday celebrations adjacent to my companions and my family. I frequently hold little, basic and warm gatherings. I recollect them since they are best recollections throughout my life. Up to this point, the birthday that make me fell unforgetable is my nineteenth birthday celebration. It was held last May. It was an exceptional birthday since it was the principal birthday that I live a long way from my family. In that evening, I went out with my best schoolmates. We ate dessert, "xèo" cake, and some delecious nourishment. We talked togerther about numerous intriguing things. We snickered a considerable measure. Ofcourse, we took numerous photographs to make memory. They are better than average companions. I am so fortunate when I meet them, ponder with them and move toward becoming companion with them. Despite the fact that they are for the most part my new companions at college, they are so kind and well disposed. I recollected that they gave me an excellent T-shirt and a card. I cherish them. Moreover, I was gotten numerous superb wishes from my folks and different companions. My father messaged a telephone message to me. He said salutation and trusted I am dependably heathy, wonderful and contemplate well. At that point my mother called to me. She said the same my father and asked me how I hold my birthday. I expressed gratitude toward my folks and I wished they can come there with me. It was more important. I felt so moved and glad right then and there. At night, I hosted a little gathering with my companions in my dormitory. They sang birthday'song noisily. We likewise ate sustenance, drank Fansta and tuned in to music. That was all our main tunes. My room was so energized and uproarious. We talked until midnight. We cleaned the room and the gathering wrapped up. Despite the fact that I felt somewhat achy to visit the family, it didn't make a difference. I generally have my family and my companions close by. It's sufficient. That was extremely a significant birthday and I was so greatful

Happy belated birthday @yandot. Rise above hate. I wish to participate in this.

My birthday. Actually, I had never celebrated my birthday in a big way, until the last one. Prior, to the date, the awareness was quite much unlike the other years. That beautiful morning, still on my with trailing the tail-end of my sleep, I felt a tap on my shoulder, upon opening my eyes I was greeted with an birthday song composed by him. It was a real surprise by my roommate.
Shortly, my neighbors had come knocking, ready to perform the popular water-cleasing custom in school. I was dragged down the stairs due to my with shouts of "Happy birthday" and sprinkles of water. Under the chilly morning dew, I had splashes buckets of water hurled on me, I nearly froze.
In the afternoon, visited the orphanage home with my roomie and close friends. It was awesome spending some time with the kids and supporting them in our little way. Finally, I had a mini-party which was fun. Best ever birthday experience!

Happy birthday


Thanks a lot! :))


Happy birthday @yandot ... May your days be happier and full of joy and hope despite the obstacles ahead of you, suppose it is just a triumph that passes by to strengthen your faith and your mind .. May all good always be with you .. Amiiin "

yang saya lakukan saat beberapa minggu dan hari menjelang ulang tahun saya, saya akan kunjungi beberapa situs web restoran favorit saya untuk melihat apakah mereka menawarkan sesuatu yang istimewa pada hari ulang tahun pelanggan mereka, dan jika mereka menyediakannya saya segera mendaftar untuk berada dalam suatu milis atau lebih tepatnya sebuah daftar pelanggan .namun, saya sering bertanya langsung ke konter (layanan pelanggan) sehingga saya dapat mengetahui apakah mereka memiliki program spesial untuk hari ulang tahun.biasanya Banyak restoran atau gerai penjualan kopi (coffee house, dll.) menyediakan penawaran khusus untuk hari ulang tahun dan saya juga memeriksa tempat-tempat lain, seperti penata rambut atau tukang pijat langganan saya demi mendapatkan sebuah hadiah " Ulang Tahun ".mungkin anda bisa mencobanya @yandot jika nasib anda sama seperti saya yakni "JOMBLO " he...he...he...he..


Terimakasih banyak telah berpastisipasi dan menceritakan tentang cerita ulang tahun anda ! Itu adalah hal yang biasa dilakukan oleh semua orang . Have fun!