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So I found this project @platforms. They are a team that does marketing and helps build communities for new steem projects. Their website is here: and it explains more in detail about project. But the main reason I wanted to post this is for the giveaway I'm doing.


Since I like @platforms so much, and since they have a stale bitshares market I decided to do a giveaway. For everyone that buys at least 40 BTS (around $10) of PLATFORMS token here: I will send 20 PLATFORMS to them. But heres the catch. It's first come first server, I am delegating 500 PLATFORMS for payments (if I run out, I won't pay you). That means buy now.

How to redeem

To redeem comment in the section below your bitshares handle and once I verify you bought some, I'll send you 20 PLATFORMS.

Why and what for

Well I believe Platforms does good for Steem, and I want to spread the word. Their website also says token holders get a % of profits every last day of a month. (More information here:

Also you can resteem this to your friends and let them know :)

And finally join their discord:

Oh and for redeeming at the end of every month, make sure you log onto bitshares and send any amount of any token to platforms1 and in the memo include your steem username.

Thanks, @kennybll

It may take me a day to send you the free PLATFORMS. It's late here, and I need to go to sleep.

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Thanks for the mention @kennybll :)