Things about helping,people do not still understand

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Hard to know who deserves your help if you had to choose?
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Now you want to help someone out of two people, one is someone you know nothing about and other you know almost everything about.
You tell these people to tell you why they need your'd like to consider that person you know because you were there in certain phrases of their suffering,let's assume the reason why the other person needs that help is more touching than the other you're human and there's a high probability you'd be more touched by the person's reason of whom you know because you were a part of it therefore you felt and recognized every bit of the story and that might cloud your judgment but can barely say anything about the other.

  1. You have to consider if their story ends up with them succeeding already or still in the middle of the struggle, must time people might tell you about how bad and tough things were but at the end they tell u how merry it is now and how they have managed to cone out of it! You need to consider that because if they're already out of it then your help isn't exactly needed.
  2. You have to consider if they are high means of survival if you didn't offer this,between the both individuals,most times its not about the bad the past was its about what can, have been done or is being done, you need to know if they have means of getting what they want without your help,some have what they want already or can be given by someone else whom they know but others can't, others don't know who to ask.
  3. You need to understand that people you know shouldn't be part of this because its difficult and takes a whole lot of integrity to look past them for someone else,I say they shouldn't because for u to be able for give to others then you must have or is also capable of doing same for them,therefore there's no need for them to snatch the opportunity to touch a life in need.
  4. You need to look at their success rate,if the person you want to help already have a way to fetch income them I'm sorry to say that your help will just be a hip of there already made ones when you can touch a life with that and change something different, a life that'll be so grateful.
  5. You have to be sure you aren't doing this for what u can get,few people give to you because they know you can give to them back or even more,because of what they can get from can't expect something surprising to happen because you have placed yourself that way,that your reward will be gotten from men.
    If you can help both parties then great,but if you can't then make sure you're doing it rightly
    Notice that theirs a joy of giving,there's a blessing attached to giving,but with giving rightly, truthfully, selflessly, with integrity knowing full well that you need to do this,that you touched someone, that you make someone not only day,but week, takes a lot of integrity to say no to corruption and do what's right.
    Know that what you give is what comes back to you,if you give out you receive more.
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its only with good heart and straight mind that one can use to open their third eye which facilitates wisdom, knowledge, kindness and humility that enables one to see beyond their being. @jtoption


Okay this is great
If you can keep up with these comments on bloggers posts you're sure to make it here on steemit,keep it up and join the steemschools on discord to learn more


@rosestar well received and noted.


you never really know a person