World Economic and Social Survey 2020: how to secure a prominent place for Steem.


IOTA, Ripple and Ethereum have been frequently mentioned in the media coverage of last year’s World Economic and Social Survey, published two days ago by the United Nations.

Why is there nothing about Steem?

There is a huge gap Steem could fill in: become the global social blockchain. Let Ripple or Ethereum become the means for financial transfer and IOTA help machines communicate with each other.

Steem is the blockchain for the people.

How could Steem become a global social blockchain? How does it fit into global developments?
The world has given itself a development framework towards zero hunger, fighting inequalities and dealing with climate change: United Nations’ Global Goals. These Goals may only achieved in a joint effort of civil society, businesses and nations. There is even a goal covering this topic:

Enhance the global partnership for sustainable development, complemented by multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources, to support the achievement of the 'Global Goals' in all countries, in particular developing countries.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-17.png

Steem is the blockchain to build communities - multi-stakeholder partnerships - for these Global Goals. Its incentive mechanisms may be adapted to direct financial resources towards meaningful projects. Its participative setup supports building partnerships and exchange knowledge and expertise. Steem community is already anchored in all parts of the world.

Let’s bring these assets into the game. ImpactN has already worked out some ideas to start with: We would love to bring these in as part of a

joint strategy of the Steem ecosystem

to make Steem the global social blockchain. Let’s use today’s situation of transformation for a big step forward!

Everything is already in place to make this become true. Now, it is a question of strategy and marketing. Therefore, why not cover this topic in tomorrow’s SOS-forum with @anomadsoul @clixmoney @dcooperation @coruscate @jongolson @mcfarhat @ned @paulag @pennsif @rhondak @starkerz @surfermarley @ura-soul @whatsup and @elipowell (?) on board. Tune in at 08.00 PM UTC.

Let’s give a meaningful answer to the question:

Why would anyone use Steem longterm? It’s unique selling point is social.

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Resteemed. This is an amazing idea and I’d love to take part in making it a reality: is there anything I can do to help you with this project?

Thank you for this initiative! Hope they will discuss it on SOS Forum tonight...

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I hope so too. Things mentioned in the chat are sometimes included into the discussion. This could be a possibility of pushing it forward.

We could build a database of marketing tools for steem: PR, video teaser, flyers,tweets... you are welcome to use the Ventureo wiki to store these tools
or use the tag #marketingsteem and include them in a steemit post.

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Hi @shredz . Many thanks for your offer. Starting to read through your posts on communities I get the feeling here could evolve a field of cooperation. At the moment we're setting up a mock-up of our MVP. As soon as it is ready, I'll let you know and we could look for overlaps of our activities.
Apart from that - resteeming, spreading the word. All this helps since we already started to look for delegations.