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WHAT IS Glow Wars™? Glow Wars™ is the world’s first ever glow fight. With hundreds of people using everything from Liquid Glow™ Water Balloons, Glow Soakers™ and Glow Balls™ to create a one of a kind experience in a Glow Area™ filled with the most blacklights you have ever seen. Each Glow Fight is 10 minutes long and allows participants to go all out and Get Glowed™. After the horn sounds each area will become a glow masterpiece. During the glow fight there will be special features of GLOW FOAM shooting out of cannon's and Glow Launchers shooting Liquid Glow™ all over the Participants.

Want to bring the kids? We have a kid Glow Arena setup for children under the age of 8. All children will be able to particiapte but must be at least 4 years old.

You can choose to betweeen one session, two sessions or get our VIP Experience and have the night of your life. During all the GLOW FUN™ there will be a DJ spinning beats at the main stage, vendors, food, drinks and an after party that will go all night until the event is over.



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