Austrian Parliament Votes To Ban Glyphosate Becoming First EU Country To Do So

3년 전

The Austrian parliament has recently sought to approve of a total ban on glyphosate in the region over suspicions and fears that the product might be causing cancer.

There are thousands of lawsuits that Monsanto has racked up over the years, with many claiming that their exposure to glyphosate gave them cancer, and the battle continues to go on with many consumers, farmers, and others, who are convinced of the dangers that these chemicals pose.

Some farmers insist however, that glyphosate is totally safe and that there is nothing to worry about, just as Monsanto and their scientists have for years, along with others.

Regardless, that hasn't convinced skeptics and they simply want the choice and are seeking awareness so that they can voluntarily avoid those products in the market. Others though, are seeking to use the state to bring about a total ban like this one in Austria.

There are a few farmers who are arguing that this ban will put them at a disadvantage and Bayer has noted that the recent decision from the Austrian parliament goes against extensive scientific research suggesting that glyphosate is safe.

The EU has approved of glyphosate to be used for at least 5 years, that was back in 2017, so the new ban appears to obviously clash with those rules. There is also still a chance that the upper house could object the ban, if not then it's expected that the bill will be signed into law.

Monsanto, which Bayer previously acquired, has already been ordered to pay billions for settlements involving victims who claimed that glyphosate gave them cancer, and there are still thousands of more victims waiting to have their day in court too.


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Finally some thinking again..

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I think having the option to choose one over the other is better than forcing a ban. There should always be a choice. If some want to take chances, then they should be allowed to.

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crazy numbers

Hopefully it gets fully banned in Austria and this leads to a ban being rolled out throughout Europe. This will make European food safer by removing this carcinogen from the food.