100 Books of Ancient Egyptian Magic Topics and Information (that are very hard to find)

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Donations are welcomed as to i actually pay for these books to give you a inside look at some info that can help you see through the many layers of lies in society and assist you in opening your mind. I usually post half or less of a book per week, reason being is because some are very extensive so as i get more support i will do more and videos will as be coming into the loop really soon. I have to juggle both in order to build this little local channel up a bit. Any support is appreciated i understand everyone doesn't have the means financially and that is alright. I really want all to feel welcome to grow and learn here.

btc : 13ZrfhYECbDwn2pLqGvCvhWdScnYysyvvp
eth : 0x404e66f279aa00edb40e0e6b9a2ae09d16dfcc81
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ltc : LXRv7gc2awfNt6zRU1Q6TqQiPLq4a1Mv7x

This first book will be complete copy in a shared link. It is called " A Handbook of Egyptian Religion" if you wish to purchase a copy i can help you with that but i only accept crypto currency for these. Enjoy and please feel free to comment and share your thoughts!!!

Book Link: https://mega.nz/#!u5cVXYiC!QvqU8A_oP0ZXYLTlbJRr9yLRI0UMxus2rIRfEnrhL-E

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