Our Expectations About the Efforts We Make to Achieve Our Goals...

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Hi, dear Steemians!

Once you start doing something, the next difficult step is to keep up your spirits and continue despite all the negativity and failures that come your way.

In this stage, expectation plays a huge role.

If your expectations of what you want to achieve are not realistic, it is easy to lose hope and forsake the entire pursuit.

But if you understand the truth about expectations, nothing will surprise you in this path.

Expectations are, after all, one of the most important incentives in the minds of people.

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Expectation and hope are dangerous weapons that could both benefit you and harm you in more ways than you are able to count.

You have obviously experienced this in your lifetime; raising hope in your life for something you know is supposed to happen, and to have that hope shatter as things do not go the way you have planned.

This is a devastating defeat and something that not a lot of people can bear.

What can only be worse are expectations. When you expect something to happen or expect a certain attitude from someone, you can easily get disappointed.

Some even believe that the source of many of our miseries can be traced back to expectations and the disappointments that follow.

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While I could suggest that you should never have high hopes or maintain expectations of people, this is not a practical approach to solving problems.

After all, who are dreamers without hope and expectation for the future?

Today I want to share yet another truth that helped me during the long nights of endless endeavors to achieve my goals.

The thing about hope is that it is essentially a blunt knife that you are always exposed to.

There isn’t much you can do about hope, unless you decide to forsake it altogether.

But there is still something to be done about our expectations.

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When you start to do something, you should adjust your expectations in a manner that will never surprise you.

For instance, in any new business or project, you need to estimate the measure of difficulty that you are going to face until you achieve success. After that, you should double or triple your original estimations.

This is not merely a play with numbers.

What I mean by the previous statement is that you should understand deep in your heart that the job you are doing is going to be much more difficult than you originally assumed.

As an example, if you think that you are going to fail 3 times before you succeed at something you are doing, be sure that you are going to fail more than 9 times.

Understanding that will prepare you for almost anything.

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Managing expectations might not be a great issue at first glance, but it is an important factor nonetheless, especially when it comes to dealing with the problem of difficulties and failures we face along the way.

Always be prepared for the worst, but keep hope alive in a corner of your mind.

Eventually, everyone will accomplish what they set out to do.

It is only a matter of time and perseverance.




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Saludos @chbartist. Soy venezolana. Supongo que sabes de la situación que estamos pasando en mi país. Aquí vivimos con la esperanza de una vida mejor y nos llenamos de expectativas pero cuando nos hacen creer que vamos a salir de la fosa y no pasa nada nos sentimos frustrados. Sin embargo, nos volvemos a llenar de esperanza.


si eso suele pasar pero cuando uno cree fielmente en algo tiene que defender lo hasta el final así que hay creer en que Venezuela va a superar esto y va a salir adelante hay que tener fe..!!!

I love surprises.
I never expect anything good to happen on my part, so everything that happened are all surprises. This is wonderful right?
God or bad surprises are all surprises, all are welcomed.

Expectations are our mind making up possible scenarios without a plan on how to make it happen, choosing the "best" one, and ignoring all the others that could possibly be. And when something happens that wasnt in our "minds eye" then we reject it as if it was the worst thing that could ever happen instead of wealcoming a pleasent surprise.

Expectations ruin our ability to experience the true reality, the one unhindered by our projections and judgments upon what we think should be there. When really if we zoom out we can see that everything is there all at once and that the beauty of the universe is all that "is" including the dirty grime and greese that lubricates the world that we live on.

Blessings to your Open3ye and keep shining light!

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Very well said. "Are we there yet?" Yes. Arrival is happening right now.
A wonderful place that may not look much like it did in the brochure. Dealing with that can be fun or enriching.
-and filth! Indeed, lol.


😄 Quite so!

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Hola! Saludos desde Venezuela... Me gustó esta frase "Siempre esté preparado para lo peor, pero mantenga viva la esperanza en un rincón de su mente." Particularmente me toca el alma esa frase porque eso precisamente hacemos los venezolanos, especialmente los jóvenes, cada día estamos preparados para lo peor pero con la esperanza de que saldremos de esta crisis. Nos levantamos cada mañana muy temprano (desde la 4am o 5am) a luchar contra todo, sin luz, sin, sin mucha comida, sin mucho dinero porque el salario no alcanza, pero siempre con la esperanza de que algún todo será mejor. Pero lo que nos duele a los jóvenes es perder nuestro años de juventud en una Venezuela en caos, los viajes que no hicimos, la ropa de moda que no lucimos, las salidas al cine, todo lo que no hemos podido hacer...

Leer tus post @chbartist nos hace saber como mantener la esperanza viva, me encanta leerte. Solo puede decir "gracias"...

Y me gustaría ser mencionada en la lista, soy naza @nazatms .

Hello! Greetings from Venezuela ... I liked this phrase "Always be prepared for the worst, but keep hope alive in a corner of your mind". Particularly my soul touched that phrase because we are Venezuelans, especially young people, every day we are prepared for the worst but with the hope of getting out of this crisis. We get up every morning very early (from 4 a.m. until 5 a.m.) to fight against everything, without light, without, without much food, without much money, but always with the hope that everything is better. But what is not due to young people is losing the years of youth in Venezuela, the trips they have not made, the fashion clothes that we do not wear, the movies, everything we have not been able to do ...

Read your posts @chbartist lets us know how to keep hope alive, I love reading to you. You can only say "thank you" ...

I would like to be mentioned in the list, I am naza @ nazatms.

Greetings @chbartist

The expectation to achieve the objectives keeps us on constant alert, so, it is a good idea to maintain high expectation levels.

The problem arises when the objectives are not met, when we must understand that we are not always going to be efficient, but we can learn from our failures, turning the weaknesses into strengths.

I feel like vision would fit better in the place of expectation there because i believe that you can hold a high vision in your mind but never "expect" that to happen and understand that it is not only a desire for that to happen but there is also a strong likelyhood that it will, but also understanding that any number of things could also happen and when you "expect" one thing your typically unprepared for the other.

Our words mean so many things so I like to choose what feels best and for some reason my high expectations have always lead me to disappointment.

But if I focus on this optimal "vision" that I want to create and hold it in my mind with the knowledge and understanding that the opposite could happen and anything beyond or better than that is success!

Just food for thought!

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It has happened to me many times that I have positive expectations of something, and then it does not turn out that way, that has disappointed me, it has happened to me with people ... I will do it as you recommend here, not have such positive expectations, just in case it does not turn out to be I expected it, it did not affect me too much.

This is without question, something that everyone needs to understand to avoid continued hardship resulting from being completely crushed. Like apathy.

For every perceived success demonstrated by others, there is alot you will not see supporting the achievement. A gradual build is one that lasts the longest while adjustments can be made to results you desire. Whatever it is- there is more to it than meets the eye. Success where much material reward is involved- is also very demanding. It may take away more of what you find is more important to you than an image of privilege.

I like the simplicity but the depth of writing. Thank you for sharing the true life philosophy @chbartist.

@chbartist slow and steady win the. Most of your life time a bearish and keep calm enough concept work some extra for you. In that way the most beneficial thing is "increase in will power" who helps you to decide at every typical turning poit of your life and I think 🤔 it should be enough for you to achieve your goals

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No expectations... No disappointments!

It can't be easy, but it's effective.

great motivation @chbartist be blessed

Always be prepared to get ,whether it good or worst it depends on your efforts and determination
but keep hope alive in a corner of your mind.
The thing is really matter which is HOPE

It is the expectations that cause anxiety- well for me. I have my plan my friend and thanks for the insight. It is all such a fabulous adventure.. all in which I need more coffee to survive. Good night my Steem friend and once again a great post.

I find that post very inspiring and source of learning. Thanks again @chbartist. There is no limit of expectation. The more we have the more we want. We have to learn to be happy with what we have as you've meant.

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Set realistic goals by getting around other people you like and admire! Or people that the same goals as you, then the tough times will be a little easy to make it through as challenges arise! Thank you for this post! and please keep it up! I think you have inspire me to write a post of my own! How do you guys set realistic goals?

Great motivation @chbartist and I totally agree with you, we should always expect the best on our way! Each of us aspires to something and how we will relate to it, in the end our achievements will depend. Patience and work, that's the key to success!

Que buen post! Vale la pena leerlo. Totalmente cierto lo q dices!

Remain resilient in all you do and never forget that adopting to changes in our surroundings are an important part of achieving goals and objectives. We can always find our way back but need to never give up and try our best at all times!

Hi friend @chbartist you are sharing here your advice how can achieve a successful life still with excpectetion with good manege planning I like your suggestion I think you have lot of experience great sharing here I appreciate your job nice blog keep motivate.👍

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Thank you so much for such encouragement. I was also giving up on some thing I was doing. I had become fed up and disappointed at the same time.. But time, my expectations are new and my hope for the best is high..:))

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The expectations are low Attempts can be made more and more

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