Tips to become an High-Flyer

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Achievement is the success of yesterday and assurance of tomorrow`s success.
it should be noted that nobody is born to fail because failure cannot happen in your life without your permission.-Mike Murdock,and nobody wants to be associated with a failure but everybody wants to be connected with an achiever in responce to what someone wrote that,
"Man will not join us in licking our hands if it is bleeding but he will if it is covered with sweet oil''.-anonymous
there are some things we need to examine before you can become an High-Flyer:

Firstly, The gifts and talents given to you by God and working on Gods plan for your life gives you the right direction and focus.In knowing Gods plan, you need to enhance it by prayer which is very vital because,

''Prayer is the smallest of all arts but the greatest of all forces''.-E.M.Bounds
in the long-run , do not neglect the giver of the gifts after receiving the gifts.
secondly,The greatest mistake you can ever make after knowing God`s plan for your life is to try to imitate others instead of being yourself which could pose a threat as you move higher in your trends of achievement because ''A man who follow a crowd will never be followed by a crowd''.-John Maxwell.
In your ply to becoming an achiever , you need to have a mentor that you emulate to guide your steps and actions.''A mentor can fail but his/her principles still stands.'' Having a mentor helps you to avoid the same mistakes your mentor made which enhances your quest for achievement quickly.

Thirdly,goals which can be expressed as
You need to continuously set goals to accomplish , so as not to have a snail movement achievement because ''Every level of success could be the beginning of a fall,so aspire to go higher''.-Prince Momoh

Fourthly, You are a product of what you hear ,so you have to be extremely careful of you listen to because the greatest thing in life is WORDS. By words, the world was created;great men have been made ,etc.You can be motivated by attending Seminars, Conferences, Reading and listening to inspirational words because could either make or mar you. these words will help you to work on your mind because the mind is the driver of your life.

Fifthly, The greatest achievers in these world are great philanthropist
whatever achievement you have got or aspiring to get is incomplete without learning the art of giving which could fuel your achievements into greater heights.

In conclusion, Diligence is a watch word for every achiever and never wait for your next level to come to reality before you get there.You are born not merely to make a living ,you are here in order to make the word live more amply,with greater vision ,with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.
Do not forget 'Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly''.-Robert kennedy.

the best time to begin your quest for achievement is to START NOW.

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it's a nice way to look at it. but achievement is working 90 hours a week. or in other words working and sleeping to get to your goals


that's true to an extent but achieving your goals is not time bound but a measure of your input in attaining your goals.


What a nice piece!!