Next piece of puzzle for the Mark of the Beast

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It is well known what the Mark of the Beast will be and what kind of technology will be probably used for it. What was always unclear to me is how people will be forced to accept it and why cash will be completely prohibited?


So far the battle against cash was in name of money laundering and such things. And arguments for bio-electronic implants were mainly in terms of comfort. But I always thought: that is not enough to force it. Not strong enough arguments to put it into a law and make it mandatory. At least not in all countries.

Now we know. Global epidemy (Covid-19 and those that will follow soon) will trigger the global urge. Fear and so called "good intentions" will trigger it. Very soon, cash will be prohibited as a too risky tool spreading diseases. I can imagine even now that cash usage is on its lowest levels. Ignorant majority of population will accept it as a good solution and create pressure on the rest of the population. Banks are already silently preparing digital money utilizing fragments of Bitcoin technology.

Now we can see people coming with "smart" surveillance plans to track and eliminate epidemic spread. These tools will create framework for detailed surveillance of every man, woman and child for the future even in those countries where people would not accept surveillance as such.

Many people will try to avoid their digital trace and will switch off or shield mobiles for various reasons and therefore "chip implants" technology will rise and will be recommended first. And in few months or years, they will tell you it's mandatory for safety of the overall population. Similar false arguments as those forcing mandatory vaccination will be used.

With combining of digital money (blockchain-like stable coins issued by central banks) , they will try to lock you into system where everything will be naturally connected to the device you will be holding under your skin and central system point of control. Again, in pretense of your greater good and greater good of the society.


But that will not be all. This itself would not be the the Mark of the Beast. There must be some kind of technology that will cut you from God, Jesus and His Salvation. Something that will influence your heart and mind, that will influence your thinking and your belief system. Something that will change you internally. Something that will put "the abomination of desolation" into you. I assume it will be like the the strictly world government controlled internet/virtual or augmented reality connected to technology like the Neural Link developed by Elon Musk and those following.


And that will be the end for your soul. That will ultimately cut you form God and condemn your soul forever. You will be joined permanently to Satanic world and destined to eternal torture.

So beware! Be prepared! Strengthen your faith while you can to endure deception coming for all and persecution coming for those unwilling to take the Mark of the Beast. Time is close. Based on current event and technological development and available prophetic world.... it is coming very soon. I expect necessary moves will start next year with new waves of epidemic and other events (see the Book of Revelation for the details). Technology is ready, now it's all about pushing several triggers. Good news is that Jesus is coming also very soon... yet these events will come first.


We cannot avoid these things. They will come. The scripture must be fulfilled. It is written. We can just pray, fast and follow the other parts of the will of God to strengthen our faith, to help others to escape, to persevere and to minimize destruction to lowest possible extent. But we cannot avert these events completely. Therefore:

Do not take the Mark of the Beast!
Do not take the Mark of the Beast!
Do not take the Mark of the Beast!

For what does a person benefit if he gains the whole world and lacks his soul? Or what will a person give to regain his soul?
-- Matthew 16:26

Have a blessed Easter, stay with Jesus, meditate on what He did for us, bear the Seal of God and not the seal of Satan no matter the cost!


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