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Greetings to everyone! Another strong prophecy crossed my way. I wished to share it with you for a while so there it is finally. Prophecy on March the 16th 2020 given to Dr. Maurice Sklar. Time for our sinful compromises is obviously over.


Latest prophecy

God just spoke to my spirit:

"I have warned and warned the world for the past 120 years, but so few have come to me through My Grace and goodness. Now I must allow judgments to fall on them. Time itself cannot be stopped the entire world will soon know that I am the Lord God Almighty and there is no other.

Read your Bible, My Holy Word is true. I do not change. Turn to me, repent of your wickedness and idolatry, oh wicked generation.

Now you must choose. I am not mocked, for you shall reap what you have sown. Only under the blood of My Son is there any redemption or hope for man. Only the blood of the Lamb of God can wash away your guilt and sin.

If Baal is God then go serve Him. If I am the Lord, I will only accept total surrender of your life to me. There is no middle ground. Choose you this week whom you will serve.

This virus threat is a warning to America and the world.
If you turn to me and repent of your sins, I can extend mercy a little while longer. Do you want to escape the wrath to come? Then humble yourself before me in the next 6 days you have been
arrested in your homes by me. Now you must choose this week whom you are going to serve. Me or Satan? My angels of separation are now going to and fro marking the foreheads of those that tremble at my word. The way forward is now in your hands, oh reprobate nations.

You once honored and feared and served me but now have turned your back and cursed the one who loves you the most.

Fall on your faces before me now and weep over your wretched condition and the multitude of your abominable sins. Cry out for mercy before my throne of grace. I have now separated the wicked from the righteous and my hand and sword is outstretched before the nations even now.

Shall I remove peace from the earth and release the horseman of war down upon you? How long must I endure your mockery and lawlessness? It is a stench in my nostrils.

Nevertheless My people shall have light in their dwellings and I will spare them in the day of my wrath for the day of reckoning is here. Turned to me and live! For why should you perish o Israel and backsliden Church. For the next six days and nights I will bring you face to face with your sins. You and I shall be alone if you do not repent you shall surely perish. My eye is on you. Eternity is approaching rapidly. You shall have six more days to respond then I will judge accordingly. Oh earth, earth, earth, hear the Word of the Lord. "

God have mercy on us even in his approaching wrath. Amen.

Previous prophecy

There is also short prophecy from Maurice Sklar given little bit earlier on 21th of Feb 2020

The LORD says, “Everything is accelerating now! My Harvest is coming in faster and faster. The end of the Time of Grace is upon the earth now! The darkness is also invading the earth as never before! The Bride must awaken and prepare for my Appearing for her. Great judgments are on the horizon for the earth. The wicked will no longer be able to explain them away, but shall cry, “This is the finger of God!”Three major catastrophes will hit one after the other in the next few weeks!Repent and turn to me, oh wicked idolaters. Humble yourself and turn to me so that you may escape the wrath to come. I am willing that none perish. Turn to me, and live! Satan has come to earth with great wrath, for he knows his time is short! Remember Noah! Remember Lot! Wake up and cry out for My mercy! The doors of grace are still open! Can you not see that the Tribulation is nearly upon you! The Bible prophecies are ALL being fulfilled before your eyes? Are you so blind and deaf spiritually that you cannot see that the Day of the LORD is upon you?!!!Oh earth, earth, Earth, HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD! IT IS NOT MY WILL THAT ANYONE PERISH, COME TO ME NOW, FOR I LOVE YOU IN SPITE OF YOUR ABOMINABLE SIN! I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN SAVE YOU FROM ETERNAL DEATH!

That's is! God bless you all with His watchful and prayerful Spirit.

Therefore be watchful all the time, praying that you may be able to escape all these things that will happen, and to stand before the Son of Man.
-- Luke 21:36


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