Cuby cosmos (Posably the first moba made in godot)

2년 전

Cuby cosmos is a Moba I've been working on. All the characters are cubes.

Screenshot from 20200304 163010.png

Screenshot from 20200304 163013.png

I've been really exited about finishing it but it has lots of work to do. Like finish the lock in screen, make sure the only characters on the lock in screen are the ones you own. Though I have lots of things done like making the buttons work. And i also have the map three characters and one skin. I'm thinking about calling the characters shapes. So we have that down too. And what you get shapes with are vertices.

Screenshot from 20200304 163019.png

Screenshot from 20200304 163027.png

Screenshot from 20200304 163030.png

Making the map was easier than I thought but i have to add other models like rocks and bushes.

Screenshot from 20200304 163037.png

I will start with fifteen shapes three of all lanes. Support, bottom, middle, top, and jungle. There will be three starters I showed one and his skin. The other i only have his splash, and the third I don't have any pictures of.

Screenshot from 20200304 163111.png

Screenshot from 20200304 163113.png

My favourite part was making the the art but the programming is also fun.

Screenshot from 20200304 163228.png

The next post about Cuby Cosmos will show the updated map with rocks and bushes. So stay tuned to see Cuby Cosmos.

All images are owned by me and the content on them are mine.

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Good post Seamus, I look forward to getting @openseed to the point you need to finish the game!

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