Blog #010: New reward structure! Spotted: Levitate

3년 전

So the GU team just announced a new reward structure, and what shall I is more rewarding :D You need lesser wins to get to a higher reward tier, and you get more prizes. See the updated images below.

I think this is a great improvement, because it's now realistic to get a legendary pack even for people playing premade decks only. Of course it's still tons of work, but 100 wins at gold are achievable. But what I like most is the fact, that at Tier 3 you are not only getting one epic core pack, but two rare ones as well. Two weeks ago I had to stop playing, because I knew I wouldn't hit Tier 4 and I preferred three rare packs over one epic pack. Same for Tier 5. These times are over! Really nice changes.

Spotted: Levitate

I am playing a lot of Mage Control lately, and one card that I really appreciate by now is Levitate:


It is so versatile! Not only can you use it to make cards like Rampart (0/6 Frontline) or The Portable Fortress (0/8 Frontline) completely useless, you can also make those nasty backline creatures your enemy plays vulnerable to attacks if you don't have the right spell at hand atm...AND you can draw a card. This means if you feel like Levitate is useless in this match, you can still get another card and only "waste" one mana. Bonus: If you have another creature with Frontline on the field, remove Frontline from your Cursed Caipora (1/2 Frontline, Deadly, Protected) to make it less vulnerable to the attacks of your enemies so that you can choose two creatures to kill via its Deadly effect. Seriously, Levitate is the shit!

Stay tuned for the solution of GU puzzle #003 later today!

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