GU puzzle #002 solution: And the winner is...

3년 전

Eight guys took part on the second GU puzzle and have sent me their solution via discord. @Acidyo, @Dookis, @cantdenyit, @heroic15397, @cryptoznewb, @Vertolka, @GreenGuy and @kippl3 all got the right solution. Congrats!

The intended solution looks like this:

  1. Play Rat
  2. Play Clone to get another Fury Disciple
  3. Play both Fury Disciples and attack Rampart with them
  4. Use Swashbuckler to attack Rampart
  5. Use Tracking Bolt to deal 1 damage to each enemy creature. Rampart dies
  6. Use Blastwave to kill both Felid Protectors
  7. Attack your opponent god with both Oni Spellsword and Swashbuckler

I chose the winner of the 2.5 STEEM randomly via python script:


And the winner is @cryptoznewb! You will receive the 2.5 STEEM right away. I would be really pleased if you guys also take part in the next puzzle, which will be published in two days!

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Awesome! Thanks! Checking out the new puzzle now...