GU puzzle #004: Can you solve it? Win STEEM and get better at Gods Unchained!

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Can you beat your enemy this turn? Improve your game, get to know the cards and win some STEEM!

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Here is how to solve it: List the necessary steps to win the match in the correct order like this:

  1. Summon Wicked Fae from hand and use its effect on x.
  2. Use God Power on y.

And so on, I hope you get the idea.
I don't care about grammatics, but make sure to describe your steps accurately enough for me to know what's going on.
Please send the solution via DISCORD @Kaeserotor#3731. The winner will be chosen randomly among all participants (only correct answers) and will receive 2.5 STEEM.

I put some effort into this and would really appreciate feedback in the comments. Also support via Upvotes or by Following me would be really appreciated. If you want to sponsor this contest even further, then get in touch with me. If there are enough participants I will do it more often.

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If i get this right we have 9 Mana and 4 Live right ?
Ok lets try
1)We play Fury disciple and Hipolyta from Hand. We have 2 Mana left

  1. For Hiplyta we chose +1/+4
  2. We play Pack Stalk and now have 6 Mana.
  3. We play Firewine
  4. We attack with Fury Disciple Tomb Blademaster
  5. Know we have 3 Enemy Creatures with 6 Toughnes on Board
  6. We attack with Hippolyta one of the new Frontline Creatures! Hippolyta has 7 Strength so the 2 Other Creatures should die.
    8 ) We attack with Green Giant the God of the Enemy
    That should be the win!