GU puzzle #004 solution: And the winner is...

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This one was pretty easy. Five guys took part this time and sent me their solution via discord. @vertolka, @cryptoznewb, @dookis, @nerdtopiade, and @greenguy654 all got the right solution. Congrats!

The intended solution looks like this:

  1. Play Fury Disciple and Hippolyta with Blitz
  2. Play Pack Stalk
  3. Play Firewine
  4. Attack with all of your creatures. Notice that you have to attack with Green Giant last! Otherwise it might happen that your newly played creatures can't attack because there is no target.

I chose the winner randomly via python script:


And the winner is @cryptoznewb! You will receive the 2.5 STEEM right away. I would be really pleased if you guys also take part in the next puzzle, which will be published in two days! Please also consider upvoting and resteeming to support me doing this contest :)

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Congratulation to @cryptoznewb .

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I love these puzzles! Keep them coming!