[TeamOCD] Gods Unchained Steem Raffle winners + @teamocd funding!


Hey everyone, we ran a weekend Gods Unchained tournament raffle for players here on Steem, you can find the post here and here are the results. We are growing a nice gaming community of Gods Unchained players and many are very excited about the game even though it's still in the balancing beta. If you also are a player or would like to check it out then feel free to join our Discord and connect with us in the Gods Unchained section. We are currently also curating #godsunchained content and you can promote them in our Discord. We are looking forward to host some tournaments of our own as soon as it is possible to battle against one another for Steem and GU Card prizes!

Winners of the 4x 500 SP delegations for 3 months are as follows, use them wisely :)

  • pppnim
  • buggedout
  • kaeserotor
  • atnazo

Winner of the 10k GU Raffle tokens, congratulations and good luck with pulling the Mythic :)

  • enjar

(please DM me your ethereum address or link it here if you don't mind sharing it, raffle ends soon so time is of the essence ;))

Video recording of the raffle draw:

This is the Steem Raffle for players with wins during the weekend tournament, congratulations!

648 wins in total this weekend with a Steem prize of 1000 Steem which means 1.543 Steem ($0.22) per win! Compared to the GU Raffle system which currently is valued at 0.013 ETH per 1000 tickets and an average win would get you about 160 tickets which would add up to 0.00208 ETH ($0.35) we were pretty close to match it. ;)

Steem UsernameWinsSteem

Now we would like to hear from you, would you be interested in another Steem Raffle + delegations for next weekend tournament?
Have any other ideas in mind beside tournaments since they are not possible right now, let us know in the post or on our Discord!

If you know any GU players who would like a Steem account to post about GU, come through our discord to receive a Steem account creation link that you can give them and we will create the account as soon as possible or tell them to sign up through Steemit.com!

Thanks for reading and participating, see you next time!

PS! The account @teamocd was created so part of these post rewards are sent to it to fund future prizes, feel free to set beneficiaries to that account if you would like to help fund it, thanks!

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Nice one. Appreciate the delegation and steem prizes. Good to see a bit of a community building around this game too. Keep up the good work.


I had no idea why you wanted to know our wins.


and now I need a better deck for sure :D

seriously, it is wonderful to have a place to ask questions and most importantly get answers in a nice small group of people that all love to play the same game.

Thank You for inviting me and telling me about the game LOLL

It was just what the Doctor ordered.

Maybe do interviews with all the people on the team so we get to know them better? Just an idea because not everyone is from Steem.

I am really looking forward to future events! I had good fun on this one ;)

I missed this tournament, but I love the idea of this raffle. I'd be very interested in another like it in the future.


Next time! :) Feel free to invite other friends and hopefully we can grow the fund weekly over time!

Awesome! Gratz to the other winners.

  ·  지난달

kinda awesome, and kinda sad I missed it. Needs a Linux client urgently :(

I love those competitions, keep them coming!

Its great that we can actually monetize the wins like that when the raffle is out , I didn't have a lot of motivation to play 150 games

WoW I am so excited!
Great prizes and I am the lucky winner!
Thanks for made that awesome tournament :)

Congrats everyone! Hope you're having as much fun as I am! And Hecks to the Ya, this is fun, I'd play every weekend with you all! Except @snook. She beats me. Bwahahahaaa 😂

Oh, and you're missing a 'g' 😝



Maybe if you closed your 37 tabs your game would not DC LOLLL

It's okay little brother, someday you will grow up and kick my bum :D

someday LOLL


Haha woops, will double-check when sending out the Steem but in your case I would have noticed as I know your username from before. :D

Hey, when is next tournament?
When the rewards for winners will be distributed for this past tournament?

Hi, thank you but my username is wrong... Is @pedromonteiro, not @pedromenteiro 😝
Please do another tournment this week! Thank you!


Damn another one, thanks for the correction, good thing I didn't try to send the Steem out just yet. :D

Thanks for this tournament!
That was amazing, all are the winners!

giphy (1).gif