[TeamOCD] Gods Unchained Steem Weekend Tournament



Hey everyone! Time for the 4th OCD Gods Unchained Steem Tournament!

Play to earn Steem!

Each win during the usual weekend tournament will get you 0.2 STEEM!

Only enter your username in a comment on this post and we will go through some third party sites to check your win amount!

Rare chests!

1 rare chest will go to the participant with the highest MMR at the end of the weekend tournament!
1 rare chest will go to the participant with the highest win amount at the end of the weekend tournament!
1 rare chest will go to the participant with the most referred GU players to TeamOCD/Steem at the end of the weekend tournament!
1 rare chest will be randomly given out to a participant with at least 10 wins this weekend, can also be a newly referred player!

Steem referral rewards

In addition to the rare chest for the best referrer, for each GU player you get onto our discord and they get themselves a Steem account through our channel, you will earn 0.1 STEEM extra for each of their wins during the weekend tournament!

So all they gotta do is join our Discord server go to #steem-accounts and request for an account and mention which Steem user got them to join. They will receive a Steem account during the weekend (will be eligible for rewards by signing up there as well for the tournament) and then they can chat in #general-gu and #gu-posts where they can promote their content for curation they post on Steem about GU.

This is also an open invitation to any other teams who would like to grow their community on Steem and use a censorship free blockchain platform to discuss things around the game. We currently offer them free Steem accounts and curation of their GU content (the latter is not forever but as long as we can cover them with our influence).

Join our Discord server and ask for more info if you are interested to start your own team or migrate your team onto Steem instead of relying centralized platforms, pretty much anything can be created here. :)

Good luck to everyone in the tournament and getting those legendary core cards while grinding. ;)

This post's rewards will go to @teamocd to help fund future tournaments and giveaways to our growing GU community.

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Welcome to You Deserve https://steemit.com/trending/hive-183209

I hope that you will invite friends to help the novices in the community. Hand in Hand towards the Imam, all greetings


Good Luck Everyone!

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I don't win a single one lol but anyway - @nelyp 🙃

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Im in!! Username: PedroMonteiro

I too play Gods Unchained !
Here's what I'm known by - ( silence-speaks )


  ·  작년

My GU username is now,
[steem] culgin


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  ·  작년

I haven't received last GU OCD Weekend Tourney Rewards

  ·  작년

Will check up on that thanks for letting us know!

  ·  작년

Rip, seems we sent it to the wrong Steem account. xD


sending you the Steem again. :)

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Let me know if you can't find me. I'm ready to get over 100 wins!

tonimontana Good lucky everyone! :)

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[OCD] Kaeserotor

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I'm gonna get my ass kicked - as per usual - but why the hell not.

Victories are quite rare but there are some !!

My username - steemer-sayu907



  ·  작년

WOW again Tournament in Gods Unchained!
I waited for it!


My GU username is kinakomochi.

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I also enjoy GU. The account name at GU is @yoshiko.

  ·  작년

Woops, posted this on the wrong account but oh well doesn't matter since beneficiaries go to another either way.

  ·  작년


Dont skip me this time :P

  ·  작년



  ·  작년


Thank you!!

Username : emsonic6

Now i Will play :D

  ·  작년

Have fun all! 😎
my nickname: Dirapa



Username: GreenGuy

  ·  작년

Couldn't find your gods unchained username.

Been away for a year, time to catch up things!

  ·  작년

Start playing gods unchained! :)

Awesome post. I like it

Thank you so much. I love it.

I am new user sir I request to you one time chak my blog and some advice to me

  ·  작년


Thank You!!


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