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Very tall and spindly. How long have you had this for? I've been tempted to buy one of these for a few years. I thought goji berry is an outdoor bush.


You can grow your own goji plant from seed! The seeds are contained within the dried berries. I have this one for about 8 months. I germinated some goji seed in June 2017. When the plant is older (and transferred outside) it can grow like an outdoor bush. Until then i will have this plant at the window. Thanks for watching!

Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed your video and hope this little goji plant keeps thriving! Would you say it prefers to dry out between watering or maintain relatively moist soil? Thanks again:0)


Thanks for watching! My goji plant doesn't like very wet soil. When the soil is too wet, the leaves will start drooping. Don't give it too much water, but do not let the soil be dry for too long either..:)


Will keep in mind. Thank you much:0)