The Best Movies About Quests for Gold

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Who hasn’t dreamt of finding a gold treasure – preferably accidentally, with lots of gold coins in it? The more ancient, the better! Cinema studios keep churning out films about treasure hunters and gold fevers. Here is our list of the most interesting ones:


The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

IMDB rating: 8

Even though the movie was made over 70 years ago, it hasn't aged an ounce (pun intended). The plot can seem banal at first: two poor guys, called Dobbs and Curtin, meet by chance in the small Mexican town of Tampico. An old man tells them about a gold vein in the district of Sierra Madre, and they decide to try their luck. Getting to the destination is difficult, but it turns out to be even harder not to be driven mad by the gold fever and come back out sane.
It's the characters’ emotions that make the film so memorable. When one of the protagonists starts losing his mind, you realize how limitless human greed really is.

Fool's Gold (2008)

IMDB rating: 6.7

This movie is much easier and more fun to watch than The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. There are no complicated emotions, but still enough to keep viewers entertained.
It's an unusual story about a divorced couple of treasure hunters who decided to go on a quest for the lost treasure of the kings of Spain. Light humor and fantastic views of Australia and the Bahamas make it perfect for a fun movie night.

Treasure Island (1990)

IMDB rating: 7.3

The film is based on Robert Louis Stephenson's famous novel – and it's one of those rare cases when the screen adaptation is just as good as the original.
Jim Hawkins finds himself in the possession of a real treasure map that used to belong to the old pirate Flint. He tells Squire Trelawney about it, and they go off searching for the treasure together.
The movie is particularly memorable for its soundtrack and seascapes, which look very impressive for a 1990 film.
Of course, there are many other films about quests for gold, but these three will surely please the whole family. Pick the no.1 on our list if you like serious drama; no.2 is great for comedy fans; and no.3 is great for kids.

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