GOLD to SILVER Ratio = 68.54..!! BEARISH dMAmapping⇘⇘⇘⇘⇘⇘

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One of the most important Technical Analysis Indicators around at the moment is the GOLD/SILVER RATIO..!!

Currently the GOLD/SILVER ratio is 68.54 and is FALLING..!!

That is each oz of GOLD costs 68.54 times more than SILVER.

Historically the GOLD/SILVER was set at 15:1 and the actually available GOLD/SILVER RATIO of the physical metal available on The Planet is 9:1..!!

Below are the Key Technical Stats for GOLD and SILVER this year.

Day 315 of 2016.
GOLD Price=$1,265⇗+19.30% YTD.
SILVER Price=$18.45⇗+33.70% YTD.

Growth and Jobs Report

DEBT remains growing at an unprecedented rate ⇗⇗⇗⇗⇗⇗

In a new 6 Year Bull Market
Triggered on 18-Dec-15 at $1,046oz.
Current Price=$1,265oz ⇗+20.89%.
Target at 31-Dec-16=$1,871oz.

In a new 6 Year Bull Market
Triggered at 18-Dec-15 at $13.60oz.
Current Price=$18.45oz ⇗+35.66%.
Target at 31-Dec-16=$27.08oz.

Gold/Silver Ratio 68.54.!!
Technical Analysis
dMAmapping ⇘⇘⇘⇘⇘⇘

GOLD Price=$1,265oz⇗
SILVER Price=$18.45oz⇗

Keep an eye on this critical GOLD/SILVER RATIO which is clearly showing signs of weakness and is expected to drop dramatically in the coming weeks/months.

Thanks for reading.


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I've been adding Silver (over Gold) expecting Silver to outperform Gold in the coming months/year. Silver comes out of the ground in a roughly 10 to 1 ratio to Gold. Will it reach that maybe not but as Stephen indicates it's way undervalued versus the yellow metal.


Over the long term SILVER will be used more in electronics and I expect the GOLD/SILVER RATIO to close rapidly as the Paper DERIVATIVES are forced to migrate on to the BLOCKCHAIN. Thanks for the support. Stephen.

Speaking of ratios, here's one trick I picked up years ago from a veteran analyst in a podcast: When the price of Platinum is below the price of Gold, it's time to buy Gold. You're near the end of a bear market at that point, so buy and accumulate.

(Funny how she didn't recommend buying Platinum, but that's what I remember her saying.)


Thanks for the support I appreciate it. Stephen

thank you but for an amateur there is an information missing. is gold / silver going up down? whats the meaning of your analysis... always expect the readers here to be not involved into gold or silver.


Thank you for your comment. Both GOLD and SILVER are in a rising BULL MARKET which were both triggered on 18 Dec 2015. The GOLD/SILVER Ratio is a very important Technical Analysis Indicator which confirms the BULL MARKET is firmly in place. Thanks. Stephen


thank you for the explanation.


You're welcome. Thanks I appreciate it. Following. Stephen

The only thing that is important is how many oz of silver is really in above ground existence.

Silver is getting SMASHED down today. The ratio has once again changed.

Hmm. Very interesting. I have a few gold coins I was given way back in like 2006, but haven't done anything with them..